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5 Advantages of Space Blankets

Space blankets look like silvery metalic sheets are also called as emergency blankets and they have become widely popular among campers and outdoor survival experts.

The best thing to know about these blankets is that they are light in weight and easy to carry or store. No matter how far you are traveling to set up your camp, space blankets can help you stay comfortable all the time. Pack one in your car and backpack, they are small and only cost a few dollars.


  1. small space saving

  2. low cost

  3. available online and stores

  4. keep long time

  5. will keep you warm

When you are setting up a camp outdoors, especially in the winter season, you are more likely to suffer cold. The emergency blankets can help you stay warm during these conditions so that you can have a memorable experience at camp.

Those who are new to the concept of space blankets are advised to go through the details below. Here we are going to present some detailed discussion on these special types of blankets.

What material is used to make up space blankets?

The thermal blankets were originally designed by NASA in the year 1964 for their US Space Program. However, the big companies soon became aware of the interesting benefits of this new technology and they started designing this type of blankets to serve the community.

These space blankets are made up of insulating material which is created by depositing vaporized aluminum on some thin plastic substrates. This flexible material helps to design a thin blanket with superior thermal properties. The aluminum coating further helps to deflect the harmful infrared rays while conserving the warmed inside.

In simple words, the material used for emergency or space blankets can help to bounce off heat or it can also preserve the existing heat. Hence, it is the best tool for maintaining the perfect temperature inside.

Picking up a space blanket for camping:

Well, you may find many different types of space blankets in the market from different brands; but in actual, all of them work in a similar manner. The main goal of these blankets is to prevent heat-loss while retaining almost 90% of the body heat. Note that they are not designed to create additional warmth.

One side of these blankets is likely to have a metallic, shiny appeal and the other is of entirely unique color with the dull appeal. You can find them in olive green, orange, or camouflage colors. You can pick any of these blankets with ease to meet your requirements at the campsite.

The shiny side of these blankets is likely to reflect heat. People that are suffering from hypothermia are advised to keep the shiny side of the blanket inwards so that body heat can be reflected back towards your body and perfect warmth can be maintained inside.

Many people even prefer to use these as an emergency lining to their gloves, boots, jackets, pants, and sleeping bags as well. They can keep you warm while enjoying a good night’s sleep at the campsite. These blankets also work as an emergency shelter while offering you complete protection from the sun. Other than this, they are waterproof so that you can stay safe and dry during the rainy season at the campsite.

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