Audi Q5 – Can it Tow a Camper?

The towing capacity is up to 4400 lbs (2000 kg) for 2013-2020 models of Audi Q5 depending on whether the trailer you are going to use has brakes installed or not. This is enough power to pull a small camper.

When you are planning a small vacation with your family, you would want to take your boat fishing. It’s easy to add such fabulous moments in life when you have Audi Q5. Audi Q5 is not just luxurious, but when you are using the right towing accessories, it can be useful for towing also.

What’s The Towing Capacity of Audi Q5?

For beginners who don’t know what towing capacity is, it’s basically the weight your vehicle can bear when towing a trailer or other such item.

When towing, you have to take into account the vehicle load and other accessories as towing capacity can be affected by all such factors. You have to check the owner’s manual of Audi Q5 to learn more about the towing capacity of the vehicle.

It’s possible that the trailer you are using has a braking system installed so you can expect the towing capacity to be 4400 lbs, but let’s say if the brakes are not installed then you can expect the towing capacity to be 1650 lbs.

When calculating the weight for towing, it’s important for you to keep in mind that the maximum towing capacity is 4400 lbs. The weight of people plus the cargo has to be considered. You don’t want to overburden your Audi Q5. It’s important to be aware of the right measurements so that you make the most of your vehicle!

Other than the towing capacity, the fuel tank capacity of your Audi Q5 is 50 L to 74 L.

Compare to q3 and q7

The towing capacity of this vehicle is up to 4400 lbs, so you can enjoy a day outside with your family while towing a trailer.