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How to Keep Geese Away from Your Home or Campsite?

You can get rid of geese with a dog, not feeding them, using decoys, using air horns, deterrents, and growing the grass taller. You need to make them uncomfortable so they will leave.

They are wild animals that need shelter, food, and water. If you take those things away they will move on.

Studies reveal that Canadian geese are some of the most abundant species that can be commonly found in North America and they are always ready to invade residential properties. Although they may appear beautiful at first sight; they take just a few minutes to destroy the lawn, they poop everywhere, they are noisy and annoying. Therefore, it is important to follow some trusted tips to get rid of geese.

Here we have listed few trusted tips to help you get rid of geese from your backyard and garden:

  • Grow grass taller

Experts advise growing your grass more than 6 inches as it may prevent geese from invading your area. As geese are more attracted to the open spaces where they can easily identify predators; tall grasses create unsafe premises for them. If you have ponds in the landscape, it is good to grow grass above 20 inches to avoid geese. It is also good to limit the use of fertilizers on your premises.

  • Use dog for scaring geese

There are several dog breeds that you may find in your area and many of them can be easily trained to scare geese. Make sure you allow your dog to chase geese so that they can run out of your landscape. The presence of some other predator animals can also create a scary atmosphere for geese.

  • Do not feed geese

If you want to get rid of geese from your premises, there is no point in feeding them. In case if they find some good food sources in your yard, they are likely to consider it their favorite place and may return time and again. It is good to remove all the food sources from your yard including trash cans as well. One can also consider using goose repellents to deter away these birds.

  • Consider decoys

Many plastic decoys can also deter geese from your property. Experts advise using fake alligator heads or plastic dead goose to scare geese. Sometimes, it is also good to use swivels as they appear more realistic.

But it is important to mention that geese become familiar with these decoys over time; therefore, you may need to consider any other option to get rid of them in the long run.

  • Use sound to deter geese

Another trusted way to deal with goose problems is to use loud noises. The clanging sounds, air horns, and even human voices can scare these large birds away. Note that geese may slowly adapt to those voices; it is better to use alternate noise over time.

Other than this, you can consider installing fences around your yard to block the entry of geese to your premises. The homeowners can also take help from experienced professionals to deter geese away.