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15 Best Search and Rescue Dog Breeds That Will Save You

A good S.A.R. dog will be obedient, trainable, and have excellent smell senses. Most dogs have more than 200 Million scent receptors compared to 5 Million in a human.

Here is a list of of good breed choices for search and rescue:

Belgian Malinois, 225 M scent receptors


Labrador Retriever, 300 M scent receptors


Basset Hound, 220 M scent receptors




St. Bernard


Golden Retrievers


Giant Schnauzer



Coonhound, 300 M scent receptors


Bloodhound, have 300 Million scent sensors.


Beagle, 220 M scent receptors


German Shepherd, 225 M scent receptors


Australian Shepherds


Border Collie




Dachshund. 125 M scent receptors

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