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4 Best Places to Camp in San Antonio, Texas

Whether you camp with your family or your friends, taking a trip to your favorite camping spots just allows you to make more memories. There’s always a special camping spot that is connected to your heart. You must have tons of childhood memories attached to it.

However, if you feel like going on an adventure and exploring camping spots that you have never before, it’s best to do to some research. While it’s fun being wild and free, it’s better to know just where you’re going. And what’s even better is to find the best camping places in your target location.

If you plan on visiting Texas, we have some suggestions we would like to make. Hopefully, you’ll be willing to travel to locations from our list of best places to camp in San Antonio, Texas!


  1. Government Canyon State Natural Area – https://tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/government-canyon

Showcases the diverse wildlife, species of plants and canyons that San Antonio, Texas has to offer. While this area is highly protected by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, it’s open for the public to come and camp.

What can you do here?

While in Government Canyon State Natural Area, you have designated campsites for tent camping, you do get to enjoy a lot of hiking trails. The office of the department mentioned earlier also provides you with a helpful map, so you get a chance to do as much as you want here.

When is it open?

Because this tent camping site is under government protection, it is only open to the public four days of the week. The best attraction of this place is not just the rare species but the dinosaur tracks that you can explore!

When should you go here?

It’s best to call the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and find out the perfect timings to set for your trip. You might miss a lot if it’s during the breeding season of the species or when it’s extremely hot weather.

  1. Paradise Canyon

Located just outside San Antonio, near Rio Medina, Texas, Paradise Canyon looks exactly like its name. Once visitors come here, it’s impossible to leave without falling in love. This camping site is a little advanced. While the lake helps you to cool down your temperature, you’ll be able to find onsite stores for refreshments, and you can also find fresh ice!

Some rules to take care of

When you visit Paradise Canyon, you must know that you shouldn’t blast loud music because it will disturb the wildlife around while disrupting the stay of other campers around you. You can also not bring any glass to the campsite. Along with that, personal carrying tables or grills are also banned. There’s an additional no-littering policy.

What its best known for

This spot is best for a weekend camping trip with friends and family. You can enjoy a lovely picnic around the surreal space and take a refreshing dip in the river that captures the eye of the visitors right away!

  1. KI Ranch Camp

This campsite also makes one of the best places to camp in San Antonio, Texas. Although located just outside of San Antonio in New Braunfels, this camping ground is right on the river. This gives it the essence of peace, cleanliness, and relaxation.

What you can do here

As a weekend getaway spot, this camping site is quite the hero. While you have a curfew set here and you cannot play loud music, take your pets among other rules, this place is quite lovely to gather yourself together.

You get a shuttle that can drop you off near the river. You also have the option of purchasing a wristband for this service. That makes this camping spot a perfect example of nature meets technology.

Best time to visit

One of the issues here is that on the weekends it can get pretty crowded. So, if you plan on going camping, make sure you do so during the weekdays. Be sure to call the authorities of KI Ranch Camp to get the dimensions of your tent and find the perfect timings for a visit.

  1. Mountain Breeze Campground – https://www.mountainbreezecamp.com/

Another topper of the best camping spots in San Antonio, Texas is Mountain Breeze Campground located in the outskirts of San Antonio. Just travel a little outside of San Antonio to New Braunfels, Texas, and you’ll reach this scenic location from heavens.

What makes it an enjoyable spot:

Among the best places to camp in San Antonio, Texas is Mountain Breeze. With that, when its peak season for campers, the authorities also provide various leisure activities to make your trip fun. You can enjoy the bar while there are various BBQ grill spots. They allow you to sit areas overlooking the wide river while you enjoy your food.

You also have cabins available on the site in case you are not a fan of tent camping. The rates of quite cheap and you even get window ACs if it gets really hot among other services.

Camp Site of Mountain Breeze

Not only does it have the main river that is quite crowded by the campers, but you can also enjoy a beautiful trek with your group. Just make sure you don’t litter anywhere!



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