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Best RV parks in California

The western part of United States is famous for its scenic beauty. But to point out a single state that has it all, one would have to pick California. It has a beautiful array of sights of mountains, landmass, forest and ocean. No wonder it comes as the topmost destinations for RV. The Hollywood is located there too which only adds to the attraction and buzz of California. The Alcatraz Island and the Golden Bridge located in the state of California. They provide uniqueness our experience for the Travelers in their own way.

From the numerous RV Parks that are present in California, it is really a difficult proposition to figure out the topmost ones among them. Although all of them are unique and have their own charm, some of them stand out as the best of them. While some of them a totally landlocked among the forest and hills others are by the coast. Let us take a glance at the best of them.


Ponderosa RV Resort

The beautiful Park is located by the Sierra Mountains. In almost all the sites of the RV, partial and full hookups are available. Additionally, there are also plenty of amenities like shower facilities and crystal clear restrooms. Some of the most attractive destinations are nearby like the award winning wineries, world class skiing and the red Hawk Casino. The place is of pristine beauty and has loads of room for roaming about.


The reason to love Ponderosa RV Resort

If valleys are your thing and you like going up and down the slopes, then Ponderosa will definitely amuse you. This is because it lies at the foothills of none other than the great Sierra Ranges. You can go and perform a number of fun filled activities in the area. You can go on a hike on some of the numerous trails that are present at the Ponderosa or might choose to try gambling at the red Hawk Casino. Otherwise you may even choose to have a taste of homemade wine buy visiting one of the nearest vineyards to your location.


Best of features

  1. Number of sides for RV -146
  2. Daily rates-$65
  3. Full hookups – Yes
  4. Showers – Yes
  5. Pets allowed-Yes
  6. Wi-Fi – Yes.


Feedback from the People

People have deemed the staff and members of the place to be very friendly indeed. The place also has been held as beautiful and scenic. The most exciting part up coming back again and again here is because of the numerous trails that never cease to amaze.


Jumbo Rocks campground

This is located at a very short distance from the Pacific coast highway. If you love camping in the deserts of US and at the Joshua tree then the Jumbo rocks campground is tailor made for you. The place is located at the border of Colorado just to the east of Coachella Valley. Both the Colorado Desert and the mosaic desert can be enjoyed by coming to this campground. If you visit here, you would be able to see a number of the iconic Jumbo rocks which are the main attraction of the place. The ecosystem of the desert is very much evident up close in this place. The sunrise and sunset at this place all wallpaper material.


Specialty of visiting Jumbo Rocks Campground

Prior booking for visiting the compound is not required. The campground gives you the experience of true desert wilderness. The scenic beauty and authenticity overcome the lack of features and facilities here. The most iconic rocks can be viewed here.


Best of features

  1. Number of sites for RV – 22.
  2. Partial Hookups -Yes
  3. Full hookups-No
  4. Pets allowed-Yes
  5. Other facilities- picnic tables, grills and fire pits.


Manchester beach Koa

The RV Park is located right at the base of Manchester, California. At the beach of Mendocino coast of California, the treasures galore. There is a famous short access trail that starts from the campground and go till the Sandy coastline.


Best of features

  1. Number of RV sites – 55.
  2. Pull through and back in sights:  yes they are available. The maximum length is till 65 feet.
  3. Availability of full hookups – yes
  4. Cable and Wi-Fi – Yes
  5. Full hookups – yes
  6. Pets allowed? – Yes.


Reasons to love the RV

You would find yourself exposed to some of the best the natural pleasures in the middle of the RV. There are also incredible redwoods that constitute a mandatory attraction for the visit to northern parts of California.



Mountain Gate RV Park and Cottages

The park is located near the town of reading, in Northern California. It is an extraordinarily luxurious and award winning park. In terms of campground, this is not only one of the best in California, but in the entire United States. It has some beautiful lakes close to it like Lake Shasta, Lake Shasta Caverns and Lake Shasta Cascades.



Best of Features

  1. Full Hookups – yes
  2. Hot tub/Pool – yes
  3. Pets allowed -yes
  4. Showers – yes.
  5. Number of RV Sites – 108.


Reason to Love Mountain Gates RV Park:

This is a luxurious RV Park and offers great comfort in all the activities. It comes with the most beautiful bathrooms, fenced Pet Park, hot tub and a pool. You can easily visit one of the wineries and breweries in a day if you are looking to have the taste of some breathtaking beer. Otherwise going shopping in the city of Reading is not a bad option either.




You can already feel that the all the parks are worth visiting because each of them has something of their own to offer. Whether it is the iconic rocks or the seaside or the trail, you just need no special reason to come here. Or maybe it’s the dual entertainment that might get you going. By that you would be amused by The Spectacular beauty of the nature and keeping in touch with the city at the same time.


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