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5 Best places to camp in southern California




Do you live in southern California and you wondering what best places to camp in southern California are? Well there are many different options and if you are nature lover and fan of camping you surely can find places for you. Here I am going to provide you some of the best places to camp in southern California.



1. Camp Williams Resort, Azusa

If you live in Los Angeles this place could be very attractive camping option for you. Why, you ask. Well, it is set along the banks of the East Fork of the San Gabriel River, so it is not so far away of you. You have the possibility of getting back to nature by setting your tent right alongside a river or if you have RV, you can park it under the shade of oak trees. There is the option of full hooking-up your recreational vehicle in addition to hot showers. Another good thing about this thing is that every camping site has at least one picnic table. Many hiking trails lead you to the exploration of the beautiful environment, natural landscapes. You can watch birds or fish all day.



2. Dogwood Campground, San Bernardino National Forrest

If you have to name ten best places to camp in southern California this location just has to be on that list. If you live near San Bernardino you should definitely consider going to this place, because it is only 20 miles away from you. It has an unbelievable number of campsites, whole 87 campsites. They are suitable for camping trailers, recreational vehicles and tents. The choice is only yours. If you choose to visit this place you are going to have access to extensive hiking trails. If you want, you can fish, boat or even a water slide. Water sliding can be found just 15 minutes away at Lake Gregory. Campsites have all accessories needed, such as picnic tables, fire rings; even an electrical hook-up can be founded in some sites. There are interpretive programs on Friday and Saturday nights. Facilities such as restrooms and hot showers are accessible, too. Not too far away, in Lake Arrowhead Village you can use services of shops and dining restaurants. Booking a site is mandatory before coming to the Dogwood Campground; you don’t want to be short for a campsite when you arrive.



3. Emma Wood State Beach, Sacramento

If you are a lover of sea and ocean, you should definitely consider going to this location. It is placed alongside the ocean, and it is the perfect place for your recreational vehicle to be parked. You can enjoy the sounds of ocean and waves hitting cliffs. One disadvantage of Emma Wood State Beach is that it is suitable only for fully self-contained motorhomes, because there are no toilets, electricity or showers. But hey, camping is all about that, so even if you don’t have mentioned motorhomes, you should consider going in kind of adventure. A number of activities you can do is almost infinite. You can go surfing, fishing, swimming or you can just relaxing alongside the beach and letting your thought flow away. Booking a site is possible from May to October, but in the rest of year, if come the first campsite is yours.



4. Horse Flats Campground, San Gabriel Mountains National Monument

Here is another fantastic location for Los Angeles residents. It is placed in the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument. One of the drawbacks of the Horse Flats Campground is that there is no piped water, so unless you are a phenomenon and you don’t need water, you should prepare enough water for your camping adventure. Of course this implies that there is no shower. First come first served policy applies here, so better check if there is any free campsite before you arrive. If you love to sleep under the stars, this is the place to be for you. There are fire pits where you can make fire, and also you need to know that there are no pit toilets, so this is going to be real adventure. In my opinion that is the whole point of camping. It’s not fun if you have everything provided. But positive side of this camping place is that you can enjoy in beauty of nature and you can feel wild under enormous old pine trees.



5. Buckhorn Campground, Arcadia

This place is settled in the heart of Angeles National Forest in Arcadia. For nature lovers this is dream location to pitch their tents. The whole complex has 38 sites. If you ever heard about Burkhart Trail, and if you ever wanted to visited, you then should come here. Here also applies first come first served policy, but it has drinking water and toilets. This is also perfect place for your dog to get a little bit of freedom

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