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7 Best places to camp in northern California

1. Emerald Cove Marina at Bullards Bar

If you are making your list of best places to camp in northern California, you should definitely put Emerald Cove Marina on that list. If you love water and water games, but also other camping activities this is the right place to be for you. There are so many options this place can provide you, and it is only up to you what you want to do first. Clean water will force you to spend day skiing and tubing on the lake. One of the things which make people like this place is a possibility to rent water toys and to go into floating restrooms, this can be an unforgettable experience. For fans of kayaking and canoeing, this lake is perfect, and you can reserve kayak in order not to worry if someone is going to occupy free canoes. This campground has five campsites with a lot of tent and RV sites within.


2. Sly Creek Campground

Sly Creek Campground is must mention place when we talk about best places to camp in northern California. It is located in Plumas National Forest, and it is not far away Strawberry, CA, and it is approx two hours from Sacramento. This place also includes water and water games, taking in consideration it is placed directly by the lake. It has 23 campsites, and they all are located alongside water or across the road. Sly Creek Campground is the perfect place to enjoy the swimming and sunbathing. It is close to the water’s boat ramp, and that makes it even more convenient. One more positive thing is that it is cheap. For only 20 dollars you can take a camp spot here. But remember that you should take care that there are free camp spots because here applies principle first come first serve.


3. Sugar Pine

Not only this place has a sweet name, but it must be visited at least once as one of the best places to camp in northern California. It is placed in the magnificent area of Lake Tahoe. By visiting it, you can enjoy in views of beautiful landscapes. You can go on hiking trails anytime you want, and you can do many other fun things. People very often bring great stories and memories from this place.



4. Scotts Flat Reservoir

Somehow it seems that you cannot avoid water in campgrounds in northern California. Here we have another lake, known as Scotts Flat Lake. This location is placed in Nevada City, and it has an enormous big number of RV campsites and developed tents. To be more precise we talk about 185 campsites of that kind. This is heaven on Earth for campers and fans of camping. Campsites that are nearest to the lake so often fill up in no time, but there are many campsites little bit away lake that is empty, and they are still close enough to the lake. The advantage of those campsites is that if you are there, you will have your privacy because it is not crowded. Conditions for boating are perfect, so if you ever dreamed about boating, you should come and visit this place.


5. Donner Lake

As I said, avoiding water in northern California campgrounds is almost impossible, and this is another location that supports my claim. There is almost no man that hasn’t heard about Donner Lake. It is not the case by accident. Conditions are one of the best. Hot showers, toilets and RV sites with electricity are just some of the facilities you can find in Donner Lake. It is the perfect place for long-term camping. You can basically stay there for a whole year if you can and want. Over 100 campsites are waiting to be chosen by fanatic campers.


6. Redwood National and State Parks

This place is about 30 miles north of Arcata in California. It is known by tallest trees in the world, or at least on our planet. There are so much of things you can see there. Riverways, coastline, and prairies are just some of those things. If you consider visiting this place you can choose two options. You can stay at a national park in order to support park systems, or you can choose one of couple camp options. If you don’t know where to begin your adventure, go to the Jedidiah Smith Redwoods State Park, it is always the best way to start your journey.


7. Consumnes River

Here is located Pipi Campground. It has over 80 sites of different types. You can bring your tent, or you can choose to bring RV instead. No matter what is your option, you will have provided the site you need. This place is ideal for fishermen. If you don’t like tiny, narrow campsites, this is the perfect place for you, given that

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