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10 Best Places for Exploring and Camping in Georgia

If you are bored with your life and cannot find any interesting place to spend some of your free days after a long stressful week, here is the solution. Camping in Georgia with some fresh air is what you will love and will cherish your entire life afterward. So, pack your bags and do not waste any more time, book your tickets and go on a short camping trip with your family or friends. Hence, to help you plan an excellent camp trip, we have come up with some of the best places to camp in Georgia.

1. The Peach State

A visit to the Peach State will offer you with numerous traditional sites and parks like Sweetwater Creek State Park and others. Why not make your trip a unique one with exploring the hidden exotic places in Georgia?

2. Stephen C. Foster State Park

This place is very near to Atlanta and is the first Internal Dark Sky Park in Georgia. From here, you can have a wonderful night sky view, moon gazing, star gazing; comets can be viewed from this area. The beauty of this place lies in the fact this place is absolutely low in pollution. There are about 60 campsites and rent cottages available for camping in here.

3. Blythe Island Regional Park

Blythe Island Regional Park offers fresh water for swimming and fishing, along with hiking and biking facilities for the land lovers. Many attractions like golf courses, sea Island, shopping courses surround the Park. This park attracts too many people due to the facilities available here. You can make advance booking for this place to avoid any future problems.

4. Skidaway Island State Park

Skidaway is another one of the best places to camp in Georgia. It offers an amazing escape for hiking and cycling lovers and is located near Savannah. Spanish moss, deer and much other wildlife are found here. It is a perfect place for camping in the lap of nature.

5. Vogel State Park

After exploring one of Georgia’s oldest state park people enjoys the singing of the busy waters out there. It provides excellent scenic views to the viewers as it sits below the Blood Mountain in Chattahoochee National Forest. There are non-motorized boats available for the recreational activities. A visit to this place in the warm weather will make you feel cool and refreshed.

6. Panola Mountain State Park

Panola Mountain State Park was created in the protection of the 100-acre granite monadnock, an important ecological entity. Hiking, archery, climbing trees and geocaching are the available services provided here. It is open to campers and provides some of the best camping experience to the individuals.

7. Indian Springs State Park

This Park is named after the Indian who used the waters of the hot springs to treat the ill. This place will provide you with historical views and visitors can enjoy the water flowing inside the House. This house for spring was built at the time of the Great Depression by the Civilian Conservation Corps.

8. Little Grand Canyon

The other name of Little Grand Canyon is ‘Providence Canyon State Park.’ The place is full of colorful flora, and if you camp at night, you will get an amazing opportunity for stargazing. It is situated in Canyon Road, Lumpkin.

9. Altamaha Park of Glynn County

This place is in Brunswick. If you want to relax in the banks of a river, camping on the Altamaha Riverbank is the ideal place for you.

10. Cloudland Canyon State Park

West Rim Campground is the best in the Cloudland Canyon State Park. You can enjoy the magnificent beauty of ancient water- carved cliffs if you camp here. The mesmerizing beauty of nature will make you feel that you are in a new world.

These are the top 10 places you should visit if you are planning to camp in Georgia. Some of the other places you can visit too are The Martyn House Farm, Tallulah Gorge State Park, Mistletoe State Park, Chattahoochee Bend State Park, and many other popular State Parks.

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