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10 Most Amazing Places for Camping in Iowa

Do you want to spend a nice weekend camping? Iowa is a place where you can go and spend some nice time. The best places to camp in Iowa will offer you some remarkable places for visit. Some of the places are mentioned below.

1. Maquoketa Caves State Park

Maquoketa Caves State Park is one of the best places to camp in Iowa for its 13 caves and limestone bedrock. It includes activities like bird watching, cave exploration, and hiking. It constitutes a dump station, modern restrooms, showers, picnic spots, playgrounds and a medical center for the visitor’s comfort. This place is considered as a must-visit among all the sites of Iowa.

2. Pikes Peak State Park

This camping site is situated nearby McGregor and the Mississippi River. The place offers some great scenic views. The park is provided with refreshment centers, restrooms, picnic area, golf course, and laundry. Apart from the park, the campground comes with 77 Campsites, most of which are with electricity. Recreational activities offered by this place include hiking, bicycling, boating, and golf games.

3. Lacey- Keosauqua State Park

The Park offers visitors with activities such as boating, canoeing, and fishing mostly and includes a dump station, firewood, restrooms, picnic areas, playgrounds, and a beautiful beach. There are 76 shaded campgrounds in the area. This place is considered as the second oldest state park in Iowa. It also includes a sacred burial ground for the people living there.

4. Little Wall Lake Park

It is located in the Hamilton County. This place measures nearly about 400 acres. It consists of more than 100 camping sites. It includes various outdoor activities like hiking, water skiing, boating, fishing, and snowmobiling. There is Wi-Fi access available with modern restrooms, picnic areas, volleyball courts, trails, cabin rentals and much more. Little Wall park is naturally made by a glacier many years back in Iowa.

5. Riverview Ridge Campgrounds

This is one of the best places to camp in Iowa and offers the visitors with many amenities like tube rentals, kayaks, showers, hiking trails, picnic spots, fire pits, firewood, volleyball, playground, beach, and fishing. The place is very pet-friendly.

6. Cherry Glen Campground

Cherry Glen Campgrounds is located near Saylorville Lake area. It provides with a variety of fun outdoor activities including swimming, camping, fishing, and shelters. This campground is one of the oldest known ones among all the camping sites of Iowa. It has many modern restrooms for the comfort of the visitors, water services, a dump station, playgrounds, vending machines, recycling systems, and trash collection. This place is very eco-friendly.

7. Lake Macbride State Park

This is the largest among all the state parks of Iowa. People come for camping here as it provides with some amazing outdoor activities including biking, bait, boat ramp, bonfire, fishing and cleaning place, playgrounds, restrooms, picnic spots, beach areas and much more. This park offers with 100 modern and non-modern campsites. One can have an amazing summer here, and it is located just beside Coralville Lake.

8. Backbone State Park

The Backbone State Park is an extraordinary park in Iowa. It is the first park in the region and is most topographically remarkable. The name backbone was given due to the narrow ridges and furrows just like that of a backbone in the bedrocks of Rive Maquoketa. Fun activities out here include bicycling, boating, climbing, fishing, hiking, and picnicking.

9. Coralville Lake

This place offers a variety of recreational activities like fishing, picnic areas, boat ramps, hunting, mountain biking, hiking, lake swimming, volleyball in sand and boating. Coralville Lake has five hundred campsites within three campgrounds.

10. Ledges State Park

Are you a nature lover? Then this is the place where you can fulfill all your thirsts. This place has been a must visit place in Iowa for decades. The area will take your breath away with its natural beauty as well as with its archeological feature. There are several historical structures which were made by the Civilian Conservation Corps, and this is the main attraction of this place. The scenic beauty here attracts a lot of photographers.

Though Iowa is not a popular place for tourism, there are some gem places hidden out there. You can explore them out, and there are chances that you will never want to leave.

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