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5 Best Places to Camp in Jacksonville

These are the few and carefully chosen best places to camp in Jacksonville:

1 Flamingo Lake RV Resort

Families that have been riding for a long time and need an extravagant campsite can visit the Flamingo Lake RV resort. It is one of the best camping sites for both the family and for the RV. It has around 280+ sites with all the necessary requirements for camping, but even more, with featuring electricity, sewer, TV cables, fresh water, and let’s not forget internet Wi-Fi. Everyone can enjoy the gorgeous and comfortable lake-beach environment, go for a swim and be refreshed, dine at their favorite cuisine in the restaurant, and stay comfortably in the well-furnished cabins. There is also a huge outdoor space where the entire family can play and make great memorable moments.

2 Riverfront RV Park and Marina

Located in the northeast Florida RV community, Riverfront RV Park and Marina is where St. Johns River and Sisters Creek meet. It is surrounded by many preserves, both wildlife and aquatic, and is popular among some locals as the hidden gem of Jacksonville. One of the best places to camp in Jacksonville, The Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve’s visitor center is located in the Park and is one of the main reaches of richness and exploration for the ocean, flowers and plants, and the marine lives for the park. The land has been taking great control and boasts the magnificent scenery, along with its history for everyone welcome there. Experiencing the family weekend, while also discovering about history, and appreciating the view is one weekend that will be unforgettable for anyone.

3 Huguenot Memorial Park

Imagine spending the evening under the bright and sparkly night sky, composing wonderful and thoughtful memories within families, rising with the sun as it does for an early stroll, and walking along and capturing the glistening clear streams. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? It can be made a reality because these are one of the many pleasures and benefits of camping in the Huguenot Memorial Park. Along with all of that mentioned, it also has guests from exotic birds and fishes which can be viewed and sighted by many visitors, both young and old, to bond and experience over together. It is the place to go at least once in a lifetime so you can experience the joy of life.

4 Pecan Park RV Resort

Now, let’s say you don’t want to travel far and you just landed at the famous Jacksonville International Airport. Where would you go? Where would you get stunning and beautiful views, perfect weather, and a very nice atmosphere? That is right, Pecan Park RV Resort is one of the best places to camp in Jacksonville which would offer the tourists all of these attractions, as well as that, you can also cool off that jet lag in the fenced in swimming pool. They offer the perfect base camp, while also you can spend the day at the many Museums of Arts, Science, History, and Gardens. And should I even say more after telling you that it has the famous Florida beaches just nearby?

5 Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

Let’s say you want to have the greatest family camping get together, let’s also add the fact that you have a pet and you want your cute little dog to enjoy the weekend with you as well. Well, I have a surprise for you, go to Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park, which hosts marvelous cabins, adventuresome campsites, and owns 20+ miles of trails for you to hike and bike through the deep, lush forests, all the way across to the passage of white sandy beaches, which you and your pets can experience, fancy and have fun. You can also fish for hours at the lakes, do fun boating together, and play at the kid’s water parks. This is one park that you will remember and wouldn’t want to miss. It’s your choice to experience this great adventure.

Florida has been one of the most popular states in the United States of America. Known famously to have been hosting Walt Disney Studios as well as Universal Studios, there are many cities in Florida which is a famous site amongst tourists. However, Jacksonville (or JAX as it is dictated by the locals) is one such side of Florida that is different from all the buzz and chatter of the city. It is a combination of relaxation, adventure, as well as hosting numerous activities for the indoor and outdoor. It has a range of extended parks, fishing, olden neighborhoods, artistic cuisine, and so much more vibrancy. It has also been under the list of the “10 best value destinations for 2018”, and is the only city in the US to make that list. How wonderful is that? Now, an easy vacation at Jax can be enjoyed by camping in the many resorts and campground available for the public, with cheap prices, credibility in resources, and no less wonder for the entertainment department.

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