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Camping in Idaho – 6 Best places to visit

Idaho is a well-known state for its farm and vegetable harvest. The state is often neglected in the part of its beauty which it carries, and people miss out some outstanding places of tourism. Idaho has some beautiful forests, huge fishing areas, and great mountains. There are so many attractive places one can visit, and yes, it has to be said that it is a great place for a camping trip. Camping to Idaho in summers will give your friends some great camping goals, and they will burn in jealousy for sure. Below mentioned are some of the best places to camp in Idaho during your visit to the place.

1. Sun Valley Area

Visiting the Sun Valley Area will provide you with the beauty of mother earth, the purity of nature and wilderness of the wildlife. The area is guarded by five huge mountains namely, Boulders, Smokeys, Sawtooths, Whiteclouds, and Pioneers. This place will provide you with many fun and recreational activities. Besides camping out there, you can enjoy biking, fishing, river rafting, and hiking. The Sun Valley area has some restrooms arranged for the tourists too; people can hire those and can spend their quality time experiencing the beauty of wildlife.

2. Ponderosa State Park

This Park will make you go crazy with its beauty. The park is full of wildflowers and wildlife. Different kinds of birds like Canada geese, bald eagles, wood ducks, songbirds are found here, which is enough to blow your mind. The structure of the park is huge, and it offers camping in four locations with a centrally located bathhouse. Not only camping, but this park is also ideal for short picnics and has two covered picnic shelters. There are various fun services available to spark up your camping trips like biking, boat launch ramp, hiking, volleyball and wildlife viewing.

3. Mann Creek Reservoir

This reservoir is famous for its huge acres of water body and miles of shoreline. The Mann Creek Campground is very popular for boating and fishing activities. It is situated in Western Idaho near the Payette National Forest. It is one of the best places to camp in Idaho and is also well known for its picnic spots. The area is covered with huge shady trees which block the intense sun rays in the summer days. It is a perfect place for the ones who are hydrophilic. This place offers some exciting facilities like swimming, water sports, boating, trout fishing, and canoeing.

4. Hells Gate State Park

This is the most exciting place to visit in Idaho. It offers some exciting jet boat rides, Snake River trail, and biking on the lap of the water. It is an awesome place – to camp, picnic with your friends or just enjoy the nature beneath the shady trees and on the sides of the shoreline. This place is full of raw wildlife which will give you goosebumps, and you should not miss it by any chance.

5. Hot Springs

Soaking in the hot springs, doesn’t it sound exciting? Yes, this place will offer you taking a bath at the hot springs along with many other facilities that you will love. This place is located in the eastern region of Garden Valley, Idaho. The area offers with three group site and eight single site places for camping. Tourists visiting this place enjoy fishing from the South Fork Payette River, river rafting and kayaking. And the main attraction as said is the hot springs, which you can enjoy more with your partner.

6. Basin Creek Campground

Stanley Basin Campground is considered to be the ultimate and the best out there for camping. On the high altitude lake shores, between the pine trees, you will be lost in the world of peace, and it will make you feel dreamy. Not only for camping, but this place is also even ideal for short picnics.

These are some of the best places to camp in Idaho. There are several other options you can visit for camping and can have the best camping of your life. Some of the places are Redfish Lake, Black Rock Campground, Henry’s Lake State Park and Farragut State Park. These are the place which will snatch away all your stress and strain within a few seconds and will make you feel rejuvenated.

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