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Top 5 camping sites in Alabama:

1. Caney Creek Falls

The waterfalls are evergreen and never stop flowing. This is the main attraction in this place. You can reach this place by hiking 1.5 miles. It is one of the best places to camp in Alabama and is located in Bankhead National Forest. This place is also known as “land of a thousand waterfalls,” and this is a perfect place for the lovers of nature who want to fall asleep in the rushing sounds of the waterfall.

2. Cathedral Caverns State Park

If you love adventures, then this place is perfect for you. A bit of hiking is needed to tour the Cave. This campsite offers both primitive and modern campsites, with facilities of hiking and backpacking. Beside this, it is famous for the night views viewers enjoy in this place. This is a perfect place to fulfill your wish of star and moon gazing throughout the night, perfectly. This Park holds about 493-acres of land with varieties of facilities. Camping here is ‘a must’ if you are visiting Alabama for camping.

3. Bartram Canoe Trail

This place is perfect for water lovers. This is a specified place famous for canoeing. The area measures 200-mile and is located in the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta. This place is the longest and famous for its aquatic activities. This place offers multi-day adventurous activities like paddling, river rafting. The main attraction of here is that there are floating campsites available to visitors and camping is absolutely free out there. But there are some rules and regulations needed to be maintained by the visitors like, for group camping number of heads must not be more than eight. It is one of the best places to camp in Alabama.

4. Dismals Canyon

Dismal Canyon is located in the northern area of Alabama. It constitutes exotic locations offering bioluminescence. The natural bioluminescence is created from the blue-green glow emitted by the ‘Dismalites,’ a type of Glowworms. This phenomenon will be loved by kids. So, if you want to camp with your family, this place is perfect where your kids will find ultimate enjoyment in camping. The giant Canadian Hemlock trees covering the Canyon floor offers a tremendously mesmerizing view for the visitors. There are many primitive campsites present, but you need to do reservation to avail those and are available from the first weekends in March to the Labor Day.

5. Cheaha State Park

In the native Creek language ‘Cheaha’ means ‘high place.’ The place is full of plateaus above 2,400 feet. The scenic visual is perfect for nature photography, contemplation, and relaxation for some time. This place includes various types of campsites ranging from primitive, semi-primitive, improved, group site and pet-friendly site. So, if you love your pet and don’t want that baby to suffer lonely in your home while you are enjoying outdoors, take your baby with you to the exotic Cheaha State Park and enjoy your weekend with your lovely pets.

Other places for camping include DeSoto State Park which offers a thunderous waterfall, biking facilities and with modern as well as primitive campsites. This is an exclusive place to visit if you want to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall as well as want to enjoy hiking activities. Oak Mountain State Park is another place, which offers petting Zoos and is very Kid- friendly. Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park offers hiking, mountain biking, birding and with spooky and historic artifacts. Deerlick Creek Park and Gulf State Park are also included in ‘must-visit’ places.

Choosing from the list of best places to camp in Alabama is a bit cumbersome. If you are planning for camping in Alabama, go through this article. You will be provided with the best guide. Camping in Alabama needs to take some points in considerations; those are you need to find the appropriate place where main attractions, accessibility of necessary amenities with reasonable costs, must be looked for. But if you successfully find a place considering these points camping in Alabama will offer you things that are more perfect for outdoor camping. From amazing wildlife to amazing waterfalls, white sand beaches to exciting cave systems, you are going to get everything you are looking for in your life.

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