Camping vs. Staying in Hotel

If you were asked to choose between camping and hotel, what will you go for?

Both are great and full of fun. They both have pros and cons, but one must outweigh the other. Let us compare!

One of the things I love about camping is that you get to meet new people and make friends. The problem with a hotel is that people tend to stick to their groups. Camping allows you to walk around and socialize!


  1. Accommodation:

Camping: Campsite fees can range from free to around $10-$40 per night for developed campgrounds with facilities like restrooms, showers, and picnic tables. The costs can be higher for private campgrounds with more amenities.

Hotel: rates can vary widely depending on location, time of year, and the quality of the hotel. On average, you can expect to pay around $80-$200 per night for a mid-range hotel, but prices can range from as low as $50 for budget accommodations to 500 dollars or more for luxury hotels.

  1. Food:

Camping: you can save on food costs by preparing your own meals. You’ll need to account for the cost of groceries and any camping-specific cooking equipment you may need (e.g., portable stove, cooler, firewood, utensils, etc.).

Hotel: you’ll likely eat out at restaurants or order room service, which can be more expensive than cooking your own meals. However, some hotels offer complimentary breakfast or have kitchenettes, which can help cut down on food costs.

  1. Transportation:

Camping: Transportation costs will depend on the distance to your destination and the type of vehicle you use. If you’re driving, consider fuel costs, vehicle wear and tear, and any additional equipment needed (e.g., roof rack, trailer, etc.).

Hotel: Transportation costs for a hotel stay may include flights, car rentals, or public transportation. If you’re flying, remember to account for baggage fees, airport transfers, and any additional travel expenses.

  1. Equipment and gear:

Camping: requires an initial investment in gear, such as a tent, sleeping bags, camping chairs, and cooking equipment. Depending on the quality and quantity of the gear, these costs can range from a couple of hundred dollars to over a thousand.

Most of the hotels have strong Wi-Fi connections. I love learning new things or watching physical elements around me. Having a strong internet connection is tempting and may make you be glued to social media. Although some camps also have a strong internet connection, there is much there to be done.

From my experience, camping helps to increase mental and physical health. There is a lot of fun and happiness. There is nothing better than sitting around a campfire at night. Spending more time outdoors has a great positive impact on an individual’s psychological well-being.

Hotels are cool places to be until that moment when you’re sleeping or meditating then you start hearing those annoying noises from the corridors. I love being cool and get some sense of getting in deep touch with nature.

To someone who loves frequently eating like me, camping will be your perfect match. While camping you can eat how and whenever you want, there is no limit, and there is no specified time. I can comfortably wake up at my own time and still serve my breakfast with a lot of ease.

I love seeing my kids having great fun. Being together while having entertainment together with my entire family is my weakness. Camping provides the best ground to have fun with your toddlers and spouse. My kids have the best chance to learn new things and to meet new friends.

Some hotels will give you, but I love it when I get immersed deep into the beauty of nature. Having the opportunity of getting closer and to touch some of these beautiful scenes is .

Camping gives people the best opportunity to learn new things and skills from other people. While camping you get to meet new people, tell stories and enjoy playing games. If you were asking yourself why you need to camp at the expense of a hotel, then there you go now.

I would say that camping is less expensive as compared to a hotel, but this may vary depending on some factors. For instance, most hotels have a single bed or two meaning if you have a bigger family you will have to book more rooms, and there is no fun of staying together as one family.

I love camping because it gives me a new experience and the most exciting thing about it is that I don’t have to meet the usual creature that I am used to, but instead I get to meet new animals and other creature. The life in camps is very enjoyable; sometimes it makes you become very creative and a fast thinker.

Some time back I went camping into deep woods where there is no bathroom, but it was great fun and yet less expensive as compared to a hotel. Setting up tents is a very easy and exciting activity. You will absolutely love it!

The craziest thing about camping is that you’re under no obligation; you can do anything you wished to. If you want to walk naked, no one will skin you for it. You have the freedom of doing anything you wish.

Camping is very exciting, and you get to watch your children as they play, you get the opportunity to watch and interact with animals and trees. If there is a stream or some water bodies around, you’re free to go fishing, and you can swim and even play hide and seek or any game.

I hate being caged. Hotels have some set of rules that times are really hard to abide by if you’re looking for great fun. For instance, some hotels have restrictions like you have to be quiet after certain hours, no loud noise or no running but no one will give you restrictions when camping.

If you are looking for luxury and comfort, hotels will give you the best. This is not guaranteed in all hotels. Enjoy yourself with cocktails. Unlike in camping, you’ll not have to tress yourself with cooking. You’ll be given your best delicacy at your comfort and no stress of cleaning the utensils used like in camping.

There are no noisy creatures in the hotels. Hotels offer the most comfortable place to have a peaceful sleep unless you have horrors that visit you at night. No battling with mosquitoes or those annoying wild creatures who do not understand the need of silence at night.

If the above arguments haven’t convinced you yet, let’s compare the cost differences.


Camping is considerably cheap as compared to a hotel. Did you know that some of these camps are free? All you need is to erect your tent and organize your sleeping bag. You can carry with you some foodstuff and cook how and whenever you want.


Though you will have to pay for some campsites, still it will be inexpensive as compared to hotels where you might be forced to pay for more than two rooms if you have a bigger family. Enjoying expensive meals and drinking cocktails by the pool in a hotel is okay but be prepared to break your bank account.

Cooking your own food is very cheap as compared to buying food in the hotel and eating your own food that you’ve prepared by yourself is more enjoyable. When going camping, you may consider carrying your pre-cooked food, which is still cheaper.

Traveling is another issue that contributes to the total expenditure. You’ll notice that most of the hotels are not located close to destinations; this means you have to plan for additional traveling which could be very costly. On the other hand, most camps have great destinations in most of them are located within parks which means they’re easily accessible.

When going out to camps, you’ll have to purchase or rent tents, sleeping bags or extra blankets depending on the weather. The cost of buying or renting these items is still cheaper as compared to booking a room in a hotel.


Rv Vs. Hotel

Long gone are the days when Rv travels were only left for retirees. Many people will agree that RVs are very economical especially those with large families of about six people. Imagine booking hotel rooms for six or more people and the cost of feeding them in a hotel with three meals a day.

After testing both, I came to realize that renting an Rv is much better than a hotel if you have a bigger family. For instance, it’s cheaper and convenient, but this depends on the place you’re planning to spend your holiday or long weekend.

When planning to rent Rv have in mind that most large cities are not very friendly to RVs. When going to very remote scenic wonders getting descent hotels that offer good comfort or luxury might be impossible and hiring an RV could be the best alternative.

When going for a treat or vacation, there are two major issues that will dig into your pocket that is fuel and meals. Again this depends with the distance you intend to travel and the duration your stay in the place you intend to visit.

If you’re planning to have a trip of about two weeks for example, then RVs could help you save a lot. You must have in mind that there are packing fees unless otherwise.

RVs offers varieties of fun; camping together with other travelers, good moments around campfires, telling stories, comparing notes of the past and future travel and the great peace of mind with no one knocking at your door that they want to clean your room.

Having your own Rv could help you save almost half of what you will have to spend in a hotel. If you don’t have one, renting could be another cheaper way of going out to spend great times with loved ones and have the rare opportunity of making new friends from all over.

  • Which is more comfortable, camping or staying in a hotel? It depends. Do you find comfort in nature, starry skies, and the sound of crickets, or do you prefer plush bedding, room service, and a lack of mosquitos? Hotels typically offer more physical comfort, while camping can be a comfortable escape from the hustle and bustle.

  • What are the advantages of camping over staying in a hotel? Camping lets you connect with nature, cook your meals over a fire (s’mores, anyone?), and see more stars than a Hollywood premiere. Plus, there’s no check-out time in the great outdoors.

  • What are the advantages of staying in a hotel over camping? Hotels offer convenience and amenities like clean sheets, Wi-Fi, private bathrooms, and sometimes a mini-bar. It’s also less likely you’ll be visited by a curious raccoon in the middle of the night.

  • What if I don’t like bugs or dirt? If you’re not a fan of Mother Nature’s little friends or the idea of getting dirty, a hotel might be more up your alley. Remember, bugs are less interested in five-star hotels than five-billion-star forests.

  • What if I don’t like small talk with strangers or room service? Camping tends to be more solitary, especially if you’re off the beaten path. In the wilderness, the only small talk you’ll have to make is maybe with a squirrel.

  • Can I have a luxury experience while camping? Yes, it’s called glamping (glamorous camping). Glamping usually includes things like a nice tent, bed, and sometimes even electricity. It’s like the VIP lounge of the wilderness.

  • Can I experience nature while staying in a hotel? Depends on the hotel. Some are located in beautiful natural settings and offer outdoor activities. But you probably won’t have the same immersive experience as camping.

Rving vs. camping

According to me the two are almost similar but let me point out some few distinctions. Driving campers could be very stressful especially when there is nowhere for you to pack, but the good thing is that you have your entire house with you including your pets.

Setting up a tent in a camp could be very hectic especially when dealing with a new tent that you’re not familiar with, but on the other hand, it could be of great fun. Cleaning utensils are very challenging as opposed to a camper.


Nothing reunites a busy family than camping, and it bonds the family. You get to explore as you adventure. This as it is amazing, you should be prepared to face the challenges that you’ll have to face like mosquitoes, lack of bathrooms and discomfort while sleeping.

Camping vs. hotel is a debate that seems endless. In my opinion, I think one is the opposite of the other and the best thing to do before deciding which one is best for you, evaluate your personality and likes. This will help you know where you perfectly fit.