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Are RVs Worth the Money? (8 Reasons Why RVs Are So Much Fun)

They are made for long trips and it takes some skill to pack properly for a lengthy holiday, but once you hit the open road and experience the freedom that comes with having an RV, you’ll never go back to that other way of vacationing.

Remember, RVing isn’t always sunshine and roses. There are times when it is anything but fun. However, if you do it right, or happen to be a master at improvisation, you’ll find that time in an RV as well, just time in a moving box.

Here are some of the reasons why RVs are so much fun:

1 – They Make You Appreciate That You Have A Big Yard Or Driveway

Unless your long-term goal is to live out of your RV full-time, which is not as crazy as it sounds you are going to use that recreational vehicle for a short period. On average, the typical RV spends no more than 28 days a year on pavement – moving forward.

In other words, you’ll get about one month of intense, cramped and uncomfortable closeness a year out of that massive, gas-guzzling small building partially parked on your driveway.

The rest of the time it will be either in the way, creating massive amounts of shade or living peacefully under tarps stashed somewhere in the back-40 rusting away quietly until you decide to take it on another edition of your family vacation. Renting it out as a small house is an option.

2 – They Bring Families And Friends Closer Together

Say what you want about spending oodles of money on separate hotel rooms just to have some breathing room. If that is not the way you holiday, then the long term effects of traveling extreme distances cramped together inside a moving apartment may be your best bet.

Nothing makes you see family members and casual acquaintances differently than sharing the same RV for days and weeks. It is a great idea if you are traveling with someone you haven’t seen in a long time. It also happens to be a great way to get to know new members to your family in a setting where none of you can easier disappear to get away from each other.

Tolerance is the key and RVs were designed to teach many lessons in this very valuable human trait.

3 – They Teach You Things About Yourself You Didn’t Know

Driving hundreds of miles in uncharted territory with the smell of a backed up RV toilet takes some getting used to. So does having to listen to the endless whining from relatives who suffer from motion sickness from the moment you release the parking brake.

Then there’s the high cost of firewood or matches or hot dogs at the ‘convenience’ store located on the same property as the private RV Park you are going to spend a night in. You also learn how to budget your fuel costs, how important it is to have all your prescriptions up-to-date and why onboard GPS systems are useless when not updated with current software and global information.

Yes, RVing is an experience, and you will learn how to manage by the time your trip is over.

4 – They Give You A Place To Store A Ton Of Crap When Not In Use

Considering you will have about 48 weeks of the average year when your recreational vehicle will not be doing much in the way of recreating, you can still get some use out of it as it sits idle. One reason why some folks like to purchase the biggest possible RV that they can is for what they do with it when it is not on the road.

Remember, if you have the right one, it will come complete with sleeping quarters, a kitchen and bathroom. All of this space can be converted to storage. This comes in particularly handy if your garage, crawlspace, and attic are already piled up to maximum capacity.

The extra room in the RV gives you the means to stash away some important items and have them under the added security of lock and key.



5 – They Give You Something To Look Forward To During Retirement

Okay, even if your retirement plans do not include a massive mobile home on wheels, no one else needs to know this. So, even if you are 20+ years away from retirement, you can play the game and let everyone at work in on your RV plans.

What this does is it gives you something to focus on even if retirement is not in your immediate future. In other words, you can fake it. Sure, you may not have even started a family yet, but to those around you, you appear to have your act together because you have this amazing, grandiose retirement RV plan.

Displaying such vision in the workplace is going to bring you several hidden benefits including a promotion and raise at the very least. Playing this game will get you ahead faster than not.


6 – They Give You Something To Bring To Your Neighborhood Stats

This is a variation on the old ‘keep up with the Joneses’ rule. In actual fact, and we aren’t too sure where we read this, but apparently, one-in-ten households in the USA own an RV.

All you need to do in order to keep that number intact is to go for a quick cruise around the neighborhood. Chances are that there are no recreational vehicles anywhere on your block. So, in order to set the pace, your next move is to take out a mortgage and shop around at all the best RV places in your region.

Once you find the one worth slightly more than your home, you’ll know you found the right one. After all, being the first on your block to own an RV puts you in a completely different category. All you need now is an outdoor pool, and you’re golden.

7 – They Are Also Available As Rentals In Case You Want To Go That Route

It wouldn’t be the first time we got stuck in traffic behind a fleet of rental RVs, so you know that they do exist. What makes this an attractive alternative to actually owning one is that at the end of your holiday you don’t have to find a place in your yard to hide this giant monster on wheels.

It also keeps you from grumbling each time you get a glimpse of your unit slowly rusting in your yard as you count the months before optimum RVing weather. The downside to renting an RV is that you lose the extra storage shed for your yard, but you will save thousands of dollars on fuel costs, so there is a trade-off.

Plus, if you really can’t stand being in the same moving room as some of your relatives, renting multiple RVs solves this particular problem.


8 – They Remind You That You Should Have Paid Attention In Shop Class

Sure, even the biggest RV has the smallest bathroom/shower known to mankind. Even with a decent sized kitchen area, the sink will be tiny. Then there’s all the electrical stuff and don’t forget that sooner or later the term ‘Sani dump’ is going to work its way into your vocabulary. Of course, there will be manuals, and if you have any kind of relationship with Google, you’ll be able to navigate your way through the maze of information that may actually help.

However, had you paid attention in school you wouldn’t be paying a mobile mechanic $150/hour for emergency clog removal. What we are trying to say here is that if you are not in the least a little bit handy outside of the bedroom, you might have to learn how to live without showering for days.

But There Are Also A Lot Of Good Things About RVs

Don’t take our word for it. The next time you see an RV pull up to someone’s house on your street, why not extend an invitation for snacks?

That way you can quiz them about how they enjoy the lifestyle that comes from having no forwarding address or property taxes to deal with.

The full-timers are the best ones to talk to about recreational vehicles. That’s because they are the ones who have truly been there and done that’ and will want to give you the sordid details of the experience.

There is no better way to determine whether or not RVing is for you than to get to know someone with one. If that doesn’t convince you either way, then your best option is to rent a unit for your next annual vacation. Just don’t forget your blood pressure medication.



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