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I Rented an RV and Drove Across Utah with Dog

If Hazard were not such a cool guy, perhaps I would have taken in a whole lot of Utah in the one week vacation I planned for the two of us. But he would come to me many times as I drove through the adjunct of the city, complaining about a thing or make me understand once more that he didn’t like to desecrate our living space; since it was our living space I definitely could not be angry with that, so I had to oblige his calls.

Besides, each time he did that, I seem to find something that would interest me or appeal to my curiosity. One time I saw a group of people staring at a far desert rising at the wake of a whirlwind, the red sand dancing with the twirling of the wind with a golden glow.

What a lovely view,” I said to Hazard, who stood beside me, watching after taken a pee. He seems to be glued to what was happening before him. We watched till the wind settled and when it did, Hazard did a dance only he could do.

Another time, we found a snake and a scorpion fighting in the red sand. We waited and watched as they fought with so much tenacity according to their intelligence, each trying to be careful with the other. When they found out none of them was going to give up, they called a kind of truce and departed.

We went back to the RV and started back on our trip. I told him he was slowing us down with his call to a stop now and then. And for some time he didn’t call for a stop. At least not until the event at route 12.

Route 12 gave Hazard and me a good scare that made us think we would be ending our little journey their. I think I should be blamed for getting distracted as I was driving. The road is famous for it scenic view all through the drive. Red rocks are forming the view on both sides of the road. And apart for these scenic views, the road can be dangerous because of the bends and slope that is famous with the road. One cannot take his eyes off the road for too long. Or let himself get carried away by the views.

I got carried away, and almost paid for it with our lives. I promised Hazard it would not happen again. I told him I would wait until we got to our first stop of the plan. He nodded, but he won’t stop peeing at intervals.

Hazard is my favorite guy in this whole world, only that he was not a human. Hazard was a dog I saved from the sewage as a little puppy some years back and raised. He had since become my best buddy, and we shared almost everything, except for some things. He gave me the company and loyalty I did not enjoy from any other creature, even humans.

Although we spend most of our time indoors, and only take a walk in the mornings and late in the evenings.

We seldom go on trips, so much that we had been spending too much time at home and Hazard was becoming so restive. I decided to rent an RV so we could go on a little trip, driving around the city of Utah for some days. I guess he could tell what I was planning because he became excited the moment I made the phone call to book for the RV at the Daley & Daley Auto Dealer.

I had surfed the internet and found a good way to plan an eight days trip around Utah’s best scenic views. We started our trip off at the Salt Lake City, through the picturesque peaks of Wasatch Mountains and headed for the red desert landscapes of Arches National Park. We took a walk through the access trail to take in the view for some moment before we continued our journey towards Canyonlands National Park, skipping the RV KOA at Moab. Although the camp promised a lot of comforts, we were not just getting wearied yet. I was sure at that moment I could speak for Hazard too because he was very excited to see the new world.

We decided not to spend much time at Canyonlands National Park, because that was where Hazard’s incessant call for time out started. But not before we saw the river carved canyon and the monument basin spire view from the roundtrip trail of two miles. We then headed for the Monument Valley. We wanted to see where they said lots of western movies were shot. And also the largest collection of petroglyphs just on our way over there at Newspaper Rock State Historic Monument. The petroglyphs were said to have been carved by American Indian civilizations over 2,000 years ago.

After we took a jeep tour which I did not enjoy very much, courtesy of Hazard, we retired at the monument KOA camp, where there was a dog park. I put Hazard with the other dogs hoping that seeing creatures like him will make him feel better, but he seemed impassive about them, then I knew something was wrong with him other than fear. I met this veterinary doctor who was on a camping road trip with his family and their dogs.

He examined Hazard and advised me to go for a proper check up on him as soon as we rounded up our trip.

For me, the rest of the trip was like passing through and from Capitol Reef, to Bryce Canyon National Park, to Zion National Park, spending as little time as passing through and sleeping over at their KOAs and moving off the next day. I took the trip back to Salt Lake without noticing much of the scenery as much as watch Hazard becoming so restive and weak.

We headed home and straight to the veterinary doctor who quickly rushed Hazard to the emergency ward. X-ray showed that he had cancer and had but only a little time to live. I cried for a long time, but at the end promised that the rest of the time for him to live will be the best he ever lived.

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