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I Went Camping with my Cat(never again)

As I walked towards the building where I lived, I noticed something that I had seen before: vehicles that were parked where they shouldn’t be. I figured that perhaps some people were making quick visits to one of the apartment buildings in my area.

I greeted the security man of my building, and he gave me a strange look which I couldn’t decipher. I didn’t stop to chat much since I had just been coming from work where I had worked for hours. I just wanted to get home, climb on the bed and sleep till the next day.

I opened the door to my apartment and walked inside. I switched on the light and called, “Dawn! Dawn?” She didn’t answer. Dawn was the cat I owned and which I had been taking care of since she was a kitten. We had gotten through many things together.

Even though she could not really speak like humans, I have poured out my mind to her several times, and I always had a feeling that she could understand me by the way she always reacted. She was close to a best friend.

Now as I walked around the apartment, I could not see her anywhere. Usually, she would have launched herself on me as I walked inside. She always did that whenever she was in a happy mood. Whenever she was in a sour mood, especially whenever I came home late, she would only hiss and walk away.

I thought she was in a sour mood today so I walked towards the storage unit to get her the cat food she loved to eat with passion. That was what saved my life. A bullet went past my head as I bend to pick up the food. It was even later that I knew it was a bullet. The window in front of me broke into pieces.

I turned around in surprise, and I saw three armed men pointing their guns at me. They were all dressed in a suit and had masks on their faces. I saw a movie of my life in my mind as I saw the guns. Just before they could fire and put me down, Dawn suddenly launched herself from nowhere and jumped on the men’s faces.

As they screamed in surprise, it gave me a window of opportunity to escape. Without thinking, I dived out of the window, and a few seconds later, I landed in a dumpster. I had just jumped from seven stories above.

I got out of the dumpster and ran towards the closest telephone both and called 911. I hid where the shooters could not see me. Thankfully, the police officers arrived quickly, and after brief gunfire exchange, two of the men were apprehended while the third died.

It turned out that they had been sent by my great nemesis, Mr. Grey Fallon, the man who was bidding to be a senator but he was a very corrupt man with lots of skeletons in his cupboard, skeletons which he would kill for so that they would not be exposed.

Being a journalist, it was my job to make sure people knew who they were voting for and knowing all his secrets didn’t sit well with the would-be senator. As a result, he planned to have me killed. After his men were captured, he was arrested and charged to court where he was sent to prison.

A lot of media men began to look for me for a series of questions. I was invited over to several interviews, and after the last one, I decided that enough was enough. I had to escape these people. One idea that came to my mind was to go camping.

I didn’t want to go alone, and I also didn’t want to leave Dawn behind so I decided to take the cat camping along with me. I figured we could chat and have fun together. I began to prepare. I visited the store and got things like tent, poles, sleeping bag and pad, and all other accessories and personal items. My plan was to spend three days, and I prepared for that.

I got clothes and enough food to cook. I got a gas cooker and not to forget Dawn who gave a bitter look as I packed, I remembered to pack all the things that she was going to need also.

We are going to have a lot of fun,” I told her.

She only stared at me and yawned while also making a little cat sound. I interpreted that as she was saying that she would believe it when we got there.

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