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What RVs Have King-Sized Beds?

RVs that come with already installed king-sized beds out there.



1. The 2018 Winnebago Vista 27PE Class A Motor Home with a King Size Bed.

If you remember we talked about motorhomes so, please don’t expect to tow this baby, you have to drive it yourself!

This baby comes with awesome outside LED lights that are sure to light up your camping site, I even have a feeling that you won’t be needing the campfire anymore. It also has a large speaker that lets you listen to some music. Plenty of some storage pockets at the side coated with E-coat to protect it from corrosion.

Now, this unit comes with a back camera, next to which there is a ladder going up to its top. At the back, you will find a sweet 4000 power generator. It even has a LED TV armed at the side for outdoor watching.

Inside you have a leather couch with a LED screen at the side, a booth that can fold into a bed, many many storage compartments and at finally at the back a king-sized bed with a TV.



2. The 2017 Keystone Cougar X-Lite 21 RBS Travel Trailer With King Size Bed.

This bad boy weighs in at 5240 pounds, with a lot of outside storage, bright LED lights and an outside speaker. It also has an outside shower and a solar plugin. You have a back-up camera too.

At the front you get a full king sized bed with a big TV on the arm, you have a stainless oven and microwave with an again a lot of storage compartments in the kitchen.



3. The 2018 Keystone Cougar 21RBS Couples’ Travel.

This is one of the bestselling RVs out there. Also, know was the couples RV. This has a lot of storage with large storage compartments at the back and front. The compartments are also magnetic with the body of the RV, insulated to fight back heat and cooling loss.

It also has outside LED lights and outside speakers. This is just a masterpiece. Its slide-out are sealed tight to prevent water from getting. It also has an underbelly cover that prevents critters, debris and slapping water from getting into the cabin.

It has a nice package light on the inside, where they have separated the bedroom lights from the sitting room light. Not only is the bed king sized but can be lifted to offer more storage space.

They have a big double-based kitchen sink and a stainless steel microwave and fridge.


4. The Keystone Cougar X-Lite.

This RV has everything you would expect from an average Cougar RV without all the tonnes weight. It goes an extra mile by not only offering a king-sized bed but also a cool fireplace. It has awesome exterior LED lights that will make the night seem like day around the RV, in fact even better than your home would ever be.

It has further solidified its premium quality by offering USB charging ports for your phones, hard-wood cabinet drawers, and shelves and finally a blue-tooth stereo with MP3, DVDs, and CD player.


Can You Have a King Sized Bed in an RV?

RV Versus Tent Sleeping

Camping in the wild doors might be a great opportunity for you to enjoy nature, smell the flowers, share the land with the wild beasts or even do self-searching. You have to make however sure you are well equipped to enjoy this life-changing experience. Whether you are going to camp locally or far away in some unknown lands then it’s crucial you get some sleep and enough rest before the actual day.

So now for the great question, should you use a tent or an RV? Let me show you just give you a comprehensive comparison between the two then you will decide.

I would first start by acknowledging the old tent, and it has been around for a way too long ever since the days of fast, from leather-skins to now polyester. As compared to the RVs, tents are more portable and save on more time, all you have to do is pin the pegs down set it down, sleep then in the morning you remove and carry.

But unlike the days of leather, nowadays tents have been upgraded to be more effective against harsh weather and harmful elements. So if you are the kind of the person who enjoys sleeping on the hard ground and just being simply co-joined with nature, then a tent is for you.

But once in a while, you shouldn’t feel guilty to indulge yourself with modern day pleasure with worries that somebody might call you a coward. When it comes to the RVs, these are the best ways you can get to enjoy the luxury life away from home.

The electricity, utilities, and luxury of the RVs come with a very high price tag and will require a lot of maintenance.

Bed Tips For RVS

First, would you prefer an RV with a king-sized bed which is towable or the motorhomes? Mind you that when it comes to buying and owning an RV, it can be as expensive as buying a house. For you to choose the towable RV, just make sure you have a powerful towing vehicle, and you are comfortable with driving one. Motors are a better choice but can be way more expensive.

Secondly, would you prefer a new RV or a used one? New RVs are less prone to breakdowns whereas a used RV can be quite hard on you in terms of repairs and services despite being way cheaper.

One important thing you should also note about RVs is that they are very much customize-able just like your usual house. You might start out with a somehow low-end RV but over time as your budget allows you, upgrade it to a high-end luxury RV. You can upgrade the bed too from the normal size to the all luxurious king-sized bed.


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