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10 Best Parks for Camping in Oregon

If you want to explore beauty and camp to have the best time in your life, you should camp at the coasts of Oregon. Some of the best places to camp in Oregon are mentioned below:

  1. Walton Lake Campground

This is one of the best places to camp in Oregon and is situated at the central portion of the Oregon or Ochoco Mountains. It is very famous and one of the most popular places to visit. Therefore, you must make prior reservations to enjoy the beauty of nature.

  1. Metolius River area

The river area consists of many campsites and campgrounds. It will also give you extraordinary views of South Sister or Broken top. The area offers a remote feeling in the back of the countryside where you can enjoy quality time with your family and friends, far from the busy life. This place offers you with activities such as swimming in the Devils Lake, beaches and beach festivals at times, mountain lakes of the Olallie Scenic area, paddle sports, kayaking in the Horseshoe Lake and warm springs in the Breitenbush Lake.

  1. Alvord Desert

The Alvord Desert offers you with the scenic beauty of sunsets and beautiful landscapes, with the amazing views of Steens Mountain. Mann Lake is situated in this area which serves for a great recreation spot for fishing enthusiasts. This lake holds the water for the whole year and makes the Alvord Desert more beautiful for camping.

  1. Wallowa Lake State Park Campground

It is one of the best places to camp in Oregon and lets visitors explore the beauty of the Wallowa Mountains. This state park offers exciting activities like hiking and backcountry skiing. The Wallowa Lake State Park Campground is ideal to camp with your partner and enjoys the mountain views with exciting recreational activities.

  1. Hood and Klickitat River Area

This area provides you with both mountain ranges and a beautiful riverside. It offers four campgrounds namely, Kinnikinnick Campground, Trillium Lake Campground, Frog Lake Campground, and Lost Lake Campground. You can reserve any of these campgrounds to enjoy the mountain views and several other activities like that of paddling. You can get an excellent and best mountain view from Trillium Lake Campground. This campground even has good services for families. All of the Campgrounds offer immediate access to the lake.

  1. Willamette Foothills

The Fish Lake Campsites situated in the Willamette Foothills is a wonderful place to camp. This spot offers paddling, biking in the mountains, and fishing. Another “must visit” campground is the Cedar Lake Campground. This campground is very popular and remains pretty busy. It serves with river trails and adventure options for visitors. But if you want to enjoy some private moment with your partner, you must camp in the Blue River Reservoir, Mona Campground. This particular Campground provides more privacy to you and it has comfortable services.

  1. Honeyman State Park

The Honeyman State Park is situated on the central coast of Oregon and a few miles away from Florence. This is a perfect place for camping for the person who loves sand dunes. There are even two lakes with fresh water which are popular for boating and swimming.

  1. Nehalem Bay State Park

This campground is situated on the northern coast of Oregon. The area is unique because it provides access to the Pacific at one side and sand full of Nehalem Bay on the other side. The State Park offers some recreational activities such as biking and hiking.

  1. Fort Stevens State Park

The area is very popular for the union of Columbia River with the Pacific. It offers with an old military fort for visiting and exploration, biking, and a long beach which is perfect for a romantic walk. You can easily find accommodation here without many trails.

  1. Alfred A. Loeb State Park

This place is located on the southern coast of Oregon. It is famous for the Redwood trees. A unique characteristic of this place is that this place often remains warm and dry in cold summer mornings when the southern coast remains very foggy.

There are several other places you can visit and camp in Oregon, but if you visit Oregon you should try camping for at least two to four places mentioned here.


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