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15 Amazing Tips for Camping in the Rain


  1. Seal up the tent
  1. Dig a trench around tent
  1. Watch for lightning
  1. Bring ready to eat food
  1. Keep firewood dry
  1. Bring gas stove
  1. Bring games
  1. Stay warm in wet clothes
  1. Bring waterproof matches
  1. Cancel
  1. Watch for slippery wet rocks
  2. Bring many tarps
  3. Pack waterproof clothesline
  4. Bring lots of waterproof bags
  5. Look forward to the rainbow


No one wants to go camping when it rains, which is why every good camper checks the weather forecast before even thinking of the journey. Timing is crucial, and the key to a well-spent time camping is in the planning. However, no matter how good a planner you are, sometimes you can’t escape from bad weather, which is why you need to learn to deal with it.

So, what can you do in case you went camping, and it rains? Keep reading to find out.


Camping in the rain checklist

The weather can change in minutes, and you can’t run away from it. If you are caught unprepared, even a little rain shower can spoil your enjoyment.

There is a saying “what can go wrong, will go wrong,” so it is the best to have your waterproof gear ready anytime. Your gear should include:

Waterproof jacket

Think for yourself first; it is crucial to stay dry and including a waterproof jacket shouldn’t be a problem even if you expect good weather.

Waterproof pants

Same as the jacket, this will help you to stay dry at all times.

Waterproof Tent

If you have a waterproof tent, you can hide in there and wait until the rain stops. Hopefully, this would be fast, but maybe you will need to wait for hours or days, so a waterproof tent is a must-have.

Not just buy a waterproof tent, but also learn how to find the ideal position for it. If you don’t use it right, it is pointless to take it.

You need to find dry, elevated land and place your tent there. Opposite of this, you don’t want to place your tent on the flat, muddy ground, as in case of heavy rains, your tent will be filled with water, and you will need to sleep on mud.

Waterproof backpack

The things you carry with you need to be dry too, so waterproof backpack or some sort of waterproof cover for your backpack is a necessity.

Extra accessories

Although it is not obligatory, I would suggest taking a waterproof flashlight, extra pair of socks and footwear, as well as food that can be eaten without cooking. You don’t want to get lost in the dark, stay with wet feet, and it will be impossible to start a fire or use your camping stove in case of rain.

Eating cold food might not be what you prefer, but you should never try to cook food inside your tent, as this can be very dangerous.

There are no strict rules of what should you take with you, and these were just the basics. If you like playing games or writing a diary, you can take that too. Adventurous people like to walk around with their waterproof jacket, while others like to stay in their tent. Whatever you decide, don’t let the rain affect your enjoyment.

Rain shouldn’t ruin your joy, so here are several hacks that could allow you to have a great time camping even in cases of bad weather.



Camping in the rain hacks

First of all, planning is crucial, so the best tip you can get is to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario that could happen. This includes getting the needed equipment and following the hacks given below.

Next, you will need to know how to deal with the rain. Imagine a situation like this – you followed every step, but somehow you are all wet now. What can you do?

Using a clothesline, you will be able to dry your clothes easily. It is simple to use it, just put the wet clothes on it and make sure that it is placed under your tent or any other place that is dry. To speed up this process, you might want to start a campfire after the rain.

Also, you can use a waterproof box to keep your phone, wallet or any other valuables that you want them dry.

Furthermore, taking towels will be of great use, especially if you use liquid-absorbing ones. You can use it to wipe different surfaces, and this type should be your choice as it dries very fast.

I already mentioned the importance of the positioning your tent, so learn to do that in the right way. Find elevated and dry (if possible) place, so your tent won’t leak water, and you won’t sleep in the mud.

RV camping in the rain

Although RV camping is not ideal in the rain, that doesn’t mean that you can’t practice it. But in order not to ruin your camping experience, there is something you need to do.

Firstly, take towels as you will need to keep your outdoor equipment dry. You might consider taking ground mats as well, so you can make a dry path.

Plus, you may want to take an awning, which is not a must have, but it would be of use for a lighter rain.

Camping in the rain activities

Raining is limiting the activities you can perform. So, in case you went on camping, but the weather is not as planned, what is your option?

Having a positive attitude will always make things better, and here is a list of things you can do.

Camping in the main things to do

Board games – board games under your tent is a great thing to do while outside is raining. Gather your family and/or friends around you, pick up a game and start.

Hiking – this is not a stupid idea as it may look. In case you want to go hiking in the woods, that can be quite interesting, just make sure you are wearing waterproof clothes.

Coffee/cocoa/tea – once you are back from your hike, it is time to warm yourself with a cup of hot cocoa, tea, coffee or other beverage you like.

Book – rainy time is always a reason to grab a good book, relax and read.



As soon as you notice that it will rain soon, you need to go to a dry place, which will usually be your tent. Bring your equipment inside, or at least most of it. The rest of the equipment that won’t fit could be covered with a tarp.

Anyway, what can you do in heavy rain, thunder, and lightning? Read the section below to find out.

Thunder and lightning

When there are thunder and lightning, there aren’t many places where you are safe to hide. Unless you can stay in a building nearby during the storm, you won’t be 100% safe.

However, there is something you can do to reduce the risk of potential harm during a storm, and that is not to place your tent near:

Isolated tree



With that being said, remember one thing – your tent is not a safe place during a storm, and the following are just tips for reducing the risk. If there is a big storm, try to find a building to hide, or don’t even go camping.



camping when it rains is possible, but only if you are well prepared. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to prepare yourself for being in the rain.

Follow the checklist, get the necessary waterproof equipment, which combined with the hacks for camping when raining, will transform rainy days into an unforgettable experience.

You will learn how to stay dry, keep yourself warm with a campfire, and spend a great time under your tent with a variety of activities.

Finally, camping in the rain isn’t something that should spoil your enjoyment. By following this article, you will be more than ready enough to deal with the issues you might face when camping.

What do you think about camping when it rains? Are there any specific activities you like to do? Share your opinion in the comments.




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