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Camping Lanterns are Must Have

When packing the essentials for your next camping journey, don’t forget to take your camping lantern. You want to have bright memories from your camping trip, and the lantern will brighten the dark nights.

To emphasize the pros on one side and the cons on the other side, of having versus not having a lantern while camping, let’s imagine two different situations.


With one

A beautiful spent day in the woods, but it is getting dark. You leave your family in the tent, and you take the lantern to gather some branches for the fire. Although it is dark, you can look around as the lantern gives you great visibility and you easily find the way back.

You place the lantern near you, drink cocoa and play board games, or even cards as your lantern is powerful enough to light open spaces. The lantern doesn’t turn off, so you stay awake until late hours of the night.

Well, this isn’t something special, is it? Let’s imagine the same situation, but without having a lantern.


Without one

It is getting dark, so you decide to pick up some branches as it is getting very cold. Suddenly, you notice that you have forgotten to take the lantern with you. However, it is not a big deal, as you can use the flashlight instead.

Your flashlight gives you focused light, but you still manage to pick up the branches and go back. You missed the path, stumbled several times, but it doesn’t matter as you still got back safe and sound.

You all gather near your tent, and you got the idea to play cards or a board game. You try to turn the flashlight to lighten up the cards, but the light is not good for such things. Despite that, it is too early to go sleeping, so even with the struggle of bad light, you still put efforts to continue playing.

After about an hour, the battery is empty, and your flashlight turns out. You still don’t want to sleep, but it is completely dark, and you have no other options.

Now, apart from the convenience of use, the battery is also an important thing to consider.




Generally, lanterns use the same batteries as flashlights, with the only difference that the lanterns use much bigger batteries. Considering that, lanterns have longer lasting capacity because of the size of the batteries. Although it depends on the type of the lantern, you can use your lantern about 10-15 hours without changing batteries.

Rechargeable batteries are not the latest peak of the technology, as it is known that they are present on the market for a while. But from the huge variety of lanterns, the ones with rechargeable batteries are worth considering.


Camping lantern rechargeable

While being objective all the time, I would suggest considering buying one of these lanterns. They are very light, convenient, and can be used for more or less 15 hours, depending on the model.

However, this limit speaks about the battery, and in case your model doesn’t come with at least one spare battery, you should do that extra expense and buy one. Once your battery is empty, change it, and use another one, while you can charge the other one.

Many of you might dislike batteries as a power source, and I won’t go into details for your reasons. Rather than that, let’s take a look at other types of lanterns.


Propane camping lantern

This type of lantern will provide you with a steady light, great for camping and hiking in the woods. It lights with a match, and the great thing is that you can adjust the brightness at your will.

It is a very compact lantern, and you shouldn’t have any issues with lighting it up even in extreme weather conditions. Propane cylinders come in different sizes, which affects the time you can use it, although it can last up to 12-15 hours, depending on the model.

Both types of lanterns explained have a compact and modern design. But if you prefer the old-fashioned style, do not worry, as there is a solution for that too.


Vintage camping lantern

Believe it or not, this type of lantern is very similar to the battery-operated lanterns. It has the vintage design, but the LED lights work on the power they get from the batteries. These lanterns are very efficient, and the battery life is based on usage. Plus, this lantern has a ring on the top, which will allow you to hang it wherever you like.


Camping lantern gas

Similar to the camping stoves, you can find lanterns that are gas-operated. They can be adjusted to the amount of light you need, which affects the runtime. Compared to other types of lanterns, this one is the least effective, as you will get less than 10 -hour runtime with one tank of fuel.

If you did a bit of research on finding the right model, you would notice that Coleman is often included in the search results. So, let’s see what is so special about it.


Coleman camping lanterns vs. flashlights

Coleman is a famous manufacturer of lanterns of all types, and it is recognized as a symbol of durability. Their lanterns are manufactured in the US and sold all over the world.

Coleman lanterns vary in prices, sizes and abilities, but one thing is for sure – each one is built to last.

The classic lanterns from Coleman should substitute all of the others that use LED lights. There is nothing wrong with the LED lights, but they are good for one or two seasons, while the Coleman lanterns have a longer lifespan. If you are serious about camping, you should seriously consider this brand.

There is no other fact for the quality of a product, then its demand, and Coleman creates 1500 lanterns in one shift. Word of mouth spreads very fast and these lanterns that last for decades are sold easily. To learn more about their products and the process of production, take a look at this video.

Additionally, you might want to consider their flashlights. They also come in different sizes, brightness, and other characteristics, but fortunately, you can find one for general use, that would include camping as well.

Their flashlights are extremely bright, with great distribution of the light. Majority of their models work with standard batteries, so you won’t spend time searching for specific ones.

With all of this being said, it is time to choose a lantern. Which one would be your choice? If you still don’t have an opinion, continue reading to learn which are the best camping lanterns in 2018.


Best camping lanterns in 2020

Making a pick can be tough, which is why I created this list. Hopefully, some of these models will be a good fit for you.

5. HIPPIH LED Lantern Flashlights

Innovative design with collapsible handles makes it ideal for camping. This lantern is made of waterproof material, so you won’t need to worry about spilling water over it. It comes with a battery with a super long life, providing maximum brightness.

It can be used as a lamp, and it takes little space, so you don’t need to worry about storing it.

4. Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern

A super bright light, with a smart construction that makes it lightweight. It is extra durable and built with materials that are waterproof and can’t be destroyed in case of natural disasters.

It is very efficient and can provide up to 20000 hours of light. Amazing, right? It also has a foldable handle that can be used to hand it up wherever you want. All in all, a great lantern that you need to consider.


3. Etekcity 2 Pack Portable LED Camping Lantern Flashlights

Etekcity succeeded in manufacturing and delivering a great lantern, very durable and extra efficient. It has 30 LED bulbs, and it is built with military grade, which means you will be able to use it for many years.

It is lightweight, very convenient, and can light up to 12 hours. If you are still insecure about this model, the 10-year warranty should convince you that it is a quality lantern.

2. SUAOKI Led Camping Lantern Lights Rechargeable Battery

An innovative lantern and pretty unique – it can be charged directly from the sun or using the USB port. It is foldable and durable and can fit in your backpack.

It has three lighting modes and a smart protection chip, to protect the lantern from overcharging. It can be used for camping, but also as a lamp.

1. Etekcity 4 Pack Portable LED Camping Lantern Flashlight

If you are looking for an ultra- bright lantern, that is very durable and extremely convenient, this model is something you definitively need to check. It is compact, easy to carry, and has a low consumption.

You can use it up to 12 hours on one charge, which is pretty good for the brightness that these 30 LED lights offer.



In conclusion, lanterns are a very important part of your camping equipment. There are quite different from the flashlights and has proven to be very useful and efficient.

They come in many different types, so it isn’t easy to make a pick. Fortunately, in this article, you will learn the basics of each type, several models to get you started, as well as some extra information on the importance of having a camping lantern.

So, which type of lantern do you prefer? Do you have any experience with camping without a lantern? Share your opinion on the camping lanterns in the comments.



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