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Car Camping 101 Checklist

The world of camping has endless possibilities. You mustn’t pitch a tent in a remote location before you can have an awesome camping holiday. After all, not everybody knows how to pitch a tent.


Oh! If you have ever felt like going for a camping holiday but can’t do it due to your inexperience in camping, you are not alone. If your parents never took you for a camping holiday, you are less likely have any of the skills.


Let me shock you a little. Car camping is a good alternative to the regular tent camping in a campsite. With proper preparation, you can still have mind-blowing camping experiencing when you camp in your car which is safe.


We aren’t disputing the fact that not everybody can live a van life. But spending a night or two in a car isn’t a bad idea. In the end, comfort is what you seek. And with adequate preparation, your car will be so cozy and offers you a near home comfort.


PS. Never sleep inside your car while the engine is still running. It is a risk and can cause life-threatening disaster.


Again, let me quickly correct an impression. Car camping is not just for beginners. Experienced campers can also explore this camping option.


During a car camping holiday, flat surfaces are better to park your car. But surfaces that are flat may not always be available. In situations like this, you must learn to improvise.


In whatever surface you park your car (whether flat or rough), ensure that the car is positioned in such a way that your head is above your feet when you sleep.


Before you start fantasizing about car camping, you need to know some of its essentials. Otherwise, you will have an awful experience.

Car Camping Essentials 101 – The Checklist


If you don’t want to have a bad car camping experience, there are certain things you need to put in place. We have identified them here, keep reading.


Package Your Food In A Cooler And Keep In Your Car


You obviously don’t need me to remind you that food is an essential thing to take for your car camping. It is not just about carrying food along. But you must pack it properly in a cooler so that it will remain fresh. I am sure you wouldn’t want to eat stale food after a long day.

If you can bring a portable refrigerator it would be awesome. After a stressful activity under a scorching sun, a very cold drink will make a difference.


Ensure That Your Electronics Are Fully Charged


The challenge people face in car camping is charging their electronics. While they can charge their electronics with the car during the day, they may not have such an opportunity at night.


Of course, you still need to keep your gadgets active even at night. So, you can carry a portable power device along to keep your electronics charged. Ensure your electronics are fully charged because a camping ground could be boring without your devices.


Get A Comfortable Bed


Investing in a comfortable bed is a great car camping essential you shouldn’t neglect. We recommend air mattresses for you. It will give you close to the comfort you get in your home.


Also, you can go with compact camping pillows or full-size pillows depending on your choice. Again, you need a blanket or temperature rated sleeping back. Who knows, cars can be as cold as tents at night.


Just be prepared and don’t leave anything to chances. Oops! That is the easiest way to disappoint yourself.


Download A Few Movies On Your Smartphone To Keep You Entertain At Night


 You definitely need to download a few movies to keep you entertain at night. Even if the camp is very lively, a time will come when you need to be alone. Your movie will keep you entertain in time like this.


Try to get these movies on your smartphone before you go for car camping. Some of these camping locations may not have enough service to download a movie.


Don’t Forget A Headlamp Or Hang Lanterns


Most times, the place you are using as camp may not be fully illuminated. You need a headlamp or hang lanterns to help you see around your car at night.


You may want to step out of your car and do some walking around at night, having a headlamp or hang lanterns will make this a bit easier.


Camp Stove


You still need a camp stove for car camping. You may want to cook some nice dishes after a long day of hiking.


As a rule, you must not use your stove inside your car. We all know the safety implication of that. Look for space (It should be far from your car a little), this is better and safer.


Again, when you have a stove with you, there will be flexibility in your feeding habit. After all, nobody wants to be eating junk food throughout your short epic holiday.


Dishes And Cooking Utensils


Since you are with stove, dishes and cooking utensils should definitely be part of the package.




Toiletries is another essential for car camping. You can use it to clean yourself after using the gent. Also, you can maintain basic hygiene with toiletries. That you are camping doesn’t mean you should look unkempt.




Whether you are going for regular camping in a campsite or car camping, you need an atlas. It will enable you to navigate through the camping environment without challenge.




You need bins during car camping. It will make you stay organize and keep the areas surrounding your vehicle clean.


Reasons People Are Passionate About Car Camping


As simple as car camping is, people are so passionate about it. It still baffles me when I see people exerting so much effort in preparing for car camping. Below are some of the reasons why people love car camping so much.


Car Camping Is Relatively Cheap


Unlike the regular camping, you don’t really spend much preparing for car camping. All you need is to get the few gears that will give you a little bit of comfort for a day or two.


Other than a sleeping bag or a duvet, you don’t really need to spend much during a car camping. You can take any other kit that will make you more comfortable.


Gives You the Freedom to Explore


In case you forget, camping is more of exploring. And car camping will give you the freedom to explore anywhere and everywhere without limitation.  


It Is Multi-Functional


Car camping is multifunctional. The same car you use for running your day to day activities can also be used for camping. Obviously, this is one of the reasons people prefer car camping to regular camping activities.


It is less complex, more economical and above all flexible. Depending on your plans, you can either make the car itself for camping or keep your gears inside the car while you camp around.


So, the multifunctionality of car camping makes it outstanding. If you have a relatively big car, you can give it a try. Trust me, it will give you a near home comfort in a typical weekend epic holiday.


Less Discrete In Your Camping Activities


Some people are relatively discrete. Yes, they want to spend quiet time alone with their family. And they don’t want other people to camp around with them. If you are one of these people, car camping will make a holiday to be discrete.


Car Camping Gives Real Adventure


Despite the fact that car camping is relatively cheap, it still gives exceptional and unmatched adventure. Since it allows flexibility, you can engage in a real adventure at a low cost.


From other campers experience, it is obvious that car camping will give you that fairly tale epic holiday you always crave for.  


Car Camping Preparation Tips For Newbies


As interesting as car camping is, newbies still find it difficult to adapt. Perhaps, it is because of poor preparation tips. Check out the tips below, they will guide you for your next car camping holiday.


#1. Pack enough things. It is always better to overpack than being stranded.


#2. Be economical in your spending. Again, if you plan well ahead of time, you may end up not spending much. And you will still have fun.


#3. Always prepare for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are always great concerns for most campers. From experience, mosquitoes and other bugs can turn an awesome camping trip into an awful experience.


So, it is always advisable to prepare for mosquitoes. You can look for devices or substances that will help keep mosquitoes away.


#4. Prepare for bad weather. You have to put bad weather into consideration during car camping. Once you prepare for bad weather, the camping experience will definitely be memorable.


So, go along with rain jackets, canopy tarp, extra games, and weather appropriate clothing. With this, you will still have an awesome experience irrespective of the weather.



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