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How to Get Best Spot Camping by Lake(with Reservations and Map)

Camping is a wonderful activity, but camping in a park with a lake is something much better, something that you definitively need to experience it.

You can usually reserve the better spots on lakefront by calling ahead and making reservations. Have a map of the campground and ask for the spot you want before you get there.

You will learn how to choose the right campground for you and your friends/family, how to behave when going on a trip like this and additional information that you might find it useful.

Choosing the right campground

People have different preferences, which makes it clear why it is so important to find the right campground. By this, I mean that not every campground can or will offer you the things you want.

For example, some families prefer to park their vehicle at one spot and stay there for a couple of days. Others might want to change many spots and move more often. Moreover, some people prefer quiet and peaceful places, while others prefer crowded places.

Choosing a campground that doesn’t fit your needs means that you will need to spend your precious time not the way you wanted to do. To prevent that, here is what you will need to do.

What do you prefer?

What would be your style of camping? What activities do you prefer? This should be your starting point when choosing a campground.

Campgrounds have pros and cons, so not each of them can offer you exactly what you want. Nowadays, most of them will offer you some basic things like water, power, or toilets, but in case you are looking for something extra like golf fields or sailing, you will need to search more.


Do you have a company for camping? Or are you in touch with people that often go camping? Ask about their opinion and suggestions. Where they went, what they did, it is better to be prepared before you pack yourself.

Another thing you should consider doing is online research. Most of the campgrounds have websites, so you will find out more about it this way. You will learn about the benefits of each camp and see photos that can help you to decide. Plus, you can make a reservation online.


Camping can be divided into four main types:

Walk-in tenting

As you might have guessed, these are sites that you can access by walking. For example, you park your vehicle on the parking, and the distance to the site is so small that you can go there on foot.

Equestrian camping

This is a special type of camping, and the campsites have many different facilities that you can access with your vehicle.

Winter camping

This is considered as a different category mostly because not every campground offers their services in the winter. However, there are such campgrounds that do that, which was the reason for an additional type of camping.

Comfort camping

There are many different types of campers, so this type of camping is for those who want an easier option, that is very close to regular camping, but gives you more comfort.

Long lake campground reservations

A perfect spot to spend a day or even a week with your friends and family. The campground is located in Long Lake Provincial Park, and it is full of trails all around the park. Additionally, you have access to the beach and many more benefits.

There is not much you need to take with you – just your family and a will to have a good time together. This campground has tap water, power, laundry, flush toilets and showers, so you won’t need to worry about your basic needs.

Additionally, there is a grocery and fast food concessions, and you don’t need to worry about a lack of firewood, as you can get that too. However, notice that for some of the amenities you will need to pay extra.

Plus, it is also wheelchair accessible.

Kids can be bored unless they are entertained with some activities, and the playground is definitively an interesting thing for them. It has several fish cleaning stations, as well as a boat launch.

Wabamun lake camping

An amazing place that is worth a visit – located in Wabamun Lake Provincial Park, this campground has plenty of treed sites, both unserviced and powered.

Same as the previous camp, Wabamun campground will offer you power, tap water, showers, and flush toilets. There are marked fire pits, and in case you are out of wood, firewood is sold too. In case you don’t have a phone and you need to make an urgent call, you can get that extra option too.

Just like the majority of the campgrounds, this one is also wheelchair accessible.

Plus, as a bonus benefit in case you decide to make a picnic, you will have shelter. So, are there any other activities that you can do?

Lucky you, as this campground has much to offer. It has hiking and biking trails, as well as a big beach. You can use the lake for swimming, but also boating.

There is a playground for children, or they can join the adults to play golf together, or do other activities near the lake.

Gregoire lake provincial park reservations

Still didn’t find what you are looking for? Check this out! An amazing campground located in Gregoire Provincial Park, with sites placed in the forest, but also near the lake. The sites are good for both tents and RVs, so you can choose what would be better for you.

Apart from the regular benefits, like tap water, power and showers, this campground offers many more interesting activities like boating or canoeing. If you don’t fancy that, you can swim or take a walk around the lake. As usual, there is a playground for the children.

In case you are looking for a bigger adventure, you can try biking, and I am not talking about regular, trail biking, but mountain biking. Plus, you can take your fishing equipment with you, as fishing is not forbidden.

When it gets dark, you can gather around a fire pit and in case you need more firewood, you can buy there too.

Cold lake provincial park campground reservations

Whatever type of camper you are, this campground is suitable for you. Located in northern Alberta, this campground has three main types of sites: power, power and water, and walk-in tents. Each type has a different price, and you can make a reservation online.

Apart from the regular amenities like power, tap water, shower, and flush toilets, there is a wide range of activities you can do. It has a beautiful beach and great forests, ideal for relaxation.

The beach has a pier, and a boat launch, so you go fishing, boating, sailing, or just enjoy the beautiful view. There are some extra features that you might want to consider like a grocery and fire pits, and you can buy firewood as well.

Sylvan lake camping reservations

You can have all the basics – power, tap water, showers and toilets, which is not very different from the other campgrounds. But why the Sylvan lake has been such a popular destination for campers of both Canada and the US?

Well, one thing is the lake itself and its beauty, as well as the service you will get.

The camp has endless recreational activities, including swimming and fishing, but also volleyball courts for ones that fancy this sport. If you prefer playing golf, you can do that too.

In case you are looking for adrenaline, you can try boating, sailing, or some other similar water activity they offer. Plus, the town is nearby, so you can visit some of the local festivals if you come at the right time of the year.

However, notice one thing – you can’t take your firewood, but your hosts are there to help you with whatever you need.

Camping in the park with a lake is an unforgettable experience and something that you definitively have to try. It is quite different from regular camping, and it is a chance to try new activities like sailing, boating or playing a new sport.

It is crucial to find out what are your camping preferences and then do good research in order to find the campground that can satisfy all your needs. In this article, you will find information on what should you do to find the campground you need and understand the types of camping.

Additionally, there are several campground recommendations that you might consider visiting. For each of them, you will find out what are its amenities and compare them with your personal preferences.

I Brought My Dog Camping by the Lake

I’ve never been the more outdoorsy person ever. But I’m in good enough shape. However, can I really survive a weekend of camping and hiking at a local park? That’s about to be seen.

The thing is, I’ve been working walking dogs for a few weeks now. Somehow I got a little too involved with it. How do you get a little too involved with walking dogs, you might ask. Well, I’m not sure. But the thing is that I befriended dozens of dogs and occasionally their owners as well. This got me a decent job at a pet shop, a recurrent job as an assistant for a veterinary, a volunteering place at a rescue center and even a few jobs at dog events, like talents or looks or anything about dogs that happened in our city… I was there.

This, in turn, gave me a lot of friendships. When I finally got a dog of my own, a cute little mutt that I adopted at the same rescue center where I was volunteering, things got even more interesting. It was like unlocking a new level with my dog’s friendship. I’m not only talking about the dogs, but also the people. I got invited to hangouts, for coffee, for walks in the park, online group chats, all of it. I was the new popular kid, and I loved every minute of it. Toby, my little guy, was also enjoying all of it. He was a super social puppy.

Our fun was interrupted, though, when I got invited to a weekend camping in the mountains of the state park that was closest to our city. As I finished the call, Toby stared at me with his small head tilted and his ears awkwardly standing up, as if sensing I had news. I tried every polite excuse I could think of to get out of the compromise.

Toby might get nervous,” I said, but people just laughed at me, considering there was obviously nothing that Toby loved more than attention, adventures, and the company of other dogs.

I am nervous!” I should have said, but I didn’t. So, one week later, there I was, standing before the hiking trail. I was thinking, what if I get tired, what if I get injured, what if I embarrass myself, what if I get scared, what if and what if and what if. What surely would have been embarrassing was people listening to my thought right then.

But then something of the most wonderful things I had ever experienced happened. Since Toby was a good dog, well trained and well behaved, when we arrived he wasn’t wearing his leash. So as soon as we were there, he just sprinted into the trail. His tail was shaking wildly, his ears flapping against the wind and he looked just so happy. It immediately brought a smile to my face, and I thought, I’d do anything for this little boy. However, Toby abruptly stopped. He looked around as if lost and I got worried about him, until he finally spotted me, paralyzed at the start of the trail. My dog came running back towards me and sat down beside me as if saying “wherever you go, I’ll go. I won’t leave you for anything.” If didn’t break down crying right there and then it was a miracle. I understood that we were in it together, we were there for each other, Toby was my little friend, and we would have the time of our lives in there, no one could stop us, not even me.

I started the hike and eventually warmed up to it. Just seeing Toby enjoy the hell out of it all was a good enough prize. But I started to enjoy it by myself as well. All the other people involved were genuinely my friends as well, they were all nice, friendly, we all had something wonderful in common. And come on, let’s be real, who could be having a bad time when you were surrounded by a dozen of dogs? Plus, a good company and a beautiful place? I couldn’t help but enjoy it.

The hike was pretty enjoyable, and when we got to the camping site, it was even better. It was a small mountain, so we got there relatively early. There was still more than enough sun to pull a few games before settling down. And let me tell you, if you ever find yourself at clearing in the middle of the woods, surrounded by a dozen of fiends each one with at least a dog, it will be the best time of your life. Dogs just bring so much happiness and excitement about every little thing!

The dogs didn’t help to put up the tents, though. That was a shame because it had a little bit of a hard time with that. In fact, the dogs kept stealing essential pieces of the structure of the tents. But that only made everything all the more hilarious.

The bonfire did give me a little bit of anxiety though. It seemed that more than a few dogs were interested in attacking the fire. We ended up having to tie down the dogs, keeping them by our sides, because God knows those silly angels could have jumped into the fire accidentally and we all would have died right there and there. Once we avoided the tragedy, it was time for more and more fun. SItting by the campfire, we all shared our favorite dog stories and even got the dogs to perform their best tricks, receiving an overwhelming amount of treats for their efforts, since we all loved them so much.

At the end of the night, everybody cuddled with their dogs, and we fell asleep with smiles on our faces. I couldn’t believe I ever felt anxious about it at all. Maybe camping wasn’t my specialty, but as long as I had Toby with me, I knew I would have a great time.

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