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How to Stay Cool Camping in Hot Weather

Summer is the perfect time of the year to try out a new outdoor activity. However, if you are not well prepared, camping in hot weather can leave you exhausted. In order to have a good time, you will need to do some changes to adapt to the environment.


Sleeping in a tent in hot weather

I am assured that the majority of you have experienced and know how difficult it is to sleep in hot weather. That is very tough, uncomfortable and annoying, which is why you will need to do something to prevent it. So, let’s consider your options.

Tent material

Tents come in different versions and materials, so if you are able to buy one especially for the summer season, that would be a big plus. For summer camping, it is best to have a tent made of thinner material, like nylon for example. It would be a bonus if you can find a longer tent, possibly with windows, as they are much better for ventilation.


Additional equipment

To cover your tent from the sun, you might want to consider using a tarp. Tie the several tarpon trees around your tent and plan your space to get maximum effect. You should use a reflective tarp, as others will fail in creating 12ploa shade for your tent.

Tent placement

The first thing you should think of is where would you position the tent. An ideal location will be one that will provide you with a shadow, as days in the summer are very long. If you don’t position your tent right, it might get scorching hot until it gets dark.

It is possible if you can get your tent on higher land, to get the most out of the cooling effect. But notice one thing, you don’t want to be near the water, as high air humidity means higher chances of mosquito presence, and those insects can be very annoying.

Once you take care of everything mentioned above, it is time to choose the right sleeping bag.

Best sleeping bag for hot, humid weather

For hot and humid weather, you will need a lightweight, breathable and compressible sleeping bag. To help you with the choice, there are several bags that you should look at.

Naturehike Blue Sleeping Bag Ultralight

Designed for tall adults, this sleeping bag has a great design, allowing you to joint the left and right side together. The outdoor fabric is nylon, but the lining material is cotton, making it ideal for sleeping in the temperature range of 15-20 C.

Taller people might have issues finding a sleeping bag that will fit them, so if you are one of them, you should seriously check this one.

GEARUP Ultralight 50F Double Sleeping Bag

A single sleeping bag has normal dimensions, and it is designed in a way that the pillow is off the ground, making it more comfortable. It is made of polyester, making it lightweight and soft to touch.

You get two sleeping bags, although you can zip them and make a double bag. They are very practical and easy to carry, as you get it with a carry bag. You don’t need to worry about cleaning the bag afterwards, as they can be washed in a washing machine.

ChongQing TanXun Single Envelope Ultra Thin & Light Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag is the perfect choice for hiking or camping in the summer period. It is lightweight, thin, and extremely durable. You don’t have to worry about cleaning it, as you have the options to choose to wash it by hand or put it in the washing machine.

It is waterproof and weather-resistant which means it will prevent any kind of dampness. If you still didn’t make your choice, it is worth your attention.

Potelin Outdoor Sleeping Bag

Made of polyester fiber, this sleeping bag has great dimensions to offer you a comfortable sleep. It has good ventilation, and it is skin-friendly. It is extremely durable, and it doesn’t fade.

Since it is lightweight, it is easy to carry, and you get a compression bag for carrying it as well. If you are brave enough, you might even test this in colder temperatures.

ADSRO Camping Sleeping Bag

One of the best sleeping bags that you can find on the market- it is made of waterproof fabric, with no chances of getting cold or wet, while keeping the soft and comfortable effect. It is skin-friendly, waterproof and weatherproof, and you can use the zipper to adjust the sleeping bag according to your needs.

It is breathable and ideal for hiking and camping. You can pack it in the carrying bag and use it in different weather conditions.

How to stay cool while camping in a tent

With all of the mentioned things done, it is very probable that your tent will be cool enough for you to sleep. But, what if it isn’t? Well, in that case, there are several tips that can help you.


Tent down

Temperatures can get very high during the day, so if it is possible, disassemble your tent, as tents can absorb the heat. However, this isn’t necessary, and you probably won’t need to do this, of course, you have your tent placed in a good position, with a reflective tarp above.


Portable fan

Portable fans don’t weigh much, they are battery powered and can run at all times. It won’t cost you much to get one, but the benefits from it are amazing. It will last longer and will help you fall asleep faster at night.

How to cool a tent without electricity

In case you dislike the option with the portable fan, don’t be depressed, as there is much more you can do.

First of all, drink lots of water. Staying hydrated will help you deal with the hot weather easily. A high percent of your body is water, and it takes much effort to change the temperature of the water.

Next thing you can do, is to soak a towel in water and place it on your neck or on your forehead. This will help you in cooling your body off much faster.

The last thing you could do to cool off is to take a cold shower. This doesn’t really need to be a shower, as you can substitute it with a short swim in a river or lake.


Hit the water swimming or kayaking, paddleboarding, tubing, and then jump into the water for refreshing cool down.


Clothing for camping in hot weather

The biggest dilemma is whether you should wear clothes, or sleep naked? It may sound weird, but it will be much better for your body to wear a shirt, even during the day.

However, when choosing the right clothing, there are some rules you need to follow. Firstly, you should go for light-colored clothing, rather than dark-colored.

Dark colors soak up sun radiations, while light ones reflect them. Because of that, when preparing for camping, you will only need to pack light-colored clothes.

What about the material? It is best if you can use only clothes that are made of cotton or linen, as those materials are considered as light and breathable. Plus, it is better to sleep in clothing made of these materials, because believe it or not, they will keep you cooler.