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5 Tips for Camping on Texas Beaches

An awesome beach camping holiday in Texas is a fantasy most people crave for. Little wonder we see an influx of campers trooping into Texas now and then.

With the right location and guide, camping in any of the Texas beaches will be interesting. However, if you decide to choose a location without proper research, trust me, your experience will be horrible.

Again, you should know that not all beaches in Texas are perfect for camping. Before you decide on any of the camping Texas beaches, there are certain things you should look out for.

Once these things are in place, you will surely have an amazing camping experience in any of the Texas beach sides.


Things To Look Out For When You Decide To Camp In Any Of The Camping Texas Beaches

The Topography

The topography of your location is something you shouldn’t compromise. I always advise campers to choose a location with a flat surface.

When you pitch your tent on a flat surface, you are going to get a comfortable night rest. Well, there are instances when you will have no option but pitch your tent on a slope.

If this is the case, ensure that you pitch it in a way that you can sleep with your head on top of the slope.


Check The Surface If It Is Safe

Even though you want to have fun, you shouldn’t do that at your own risk. The safety of the surface you are camping is an important consideration.

When you have things like rocks, roots, branches, rubble, etc in a beachside, camping in such location wouldn’t be a good idea. This will make your night uncomfortable and stressful.


Watch Out For Trees

Camping in beach sides with several trees (Especially coconut trees) poses a lot of threats. We have heard of situations where campers were rushed to the hospital after coconuts fell on their heads.

Again, I have had first-hand experience with a coconut fruit. It fell down in the middle of the night and wrecked our tent. Luckily, no casualty was recorded on that fateful day.

When it comes to choosing a camp location, don’t give room for chances. Otherwise, the entire exercise could be ruined. After all, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.


Beware Of Environmental Hazards

Let me remind you that environmental hazards are real. They are found in some camping location. Oh! I don’t mean to scare you, but to sound the trumpet of warning.

Before you decide on any location, always check out the potential hazards around it. Look out for the possibility of rock falls, flash floods, high tide, etc.

When little considerations like these are neglected, it could be disastrous. Be fully aware of the local environment.

These are the things you should watch out for before you choose any camping Texas Beaches.

Also, you have to confirm if you need to make reservations in advance. Since there are several people who may be interested in the location you have in mind, you should make a reservation in advance if possible.

We have seen situations where campers got stranded in a campsite because the location is already crowded. To avoid this, you need to check if advance reservations are made.

If you have a pet, ask if you can come with your pet. It is better to know some of these things in advance.

Again, when you are deciding on a cool beachside camping location, remember that good campsite aren’t made. Rather they are found.

After all, the reason we go camping is to explore nature to the fullest. We may not be able to enjoy nature’s glory and beauty if we try to make campsite ourselves.

Hope you have known what to look out for in a camping location now? I guess yes is the answer. See these top 5 camping Texas Beaches that you can go in your next camping trip.

Top 5 Camping Texas Beaches 2019

When it comes to camping in the United States, Texas is always on the forefront. So, If you ever think of camping in any Texas beach during 2019 summer, below are our top pick to choose from.

#1. SEA RIM State Park (Port Arthur)

Sea RIM is an awesome place to camp in Texas. The camp life in Sea RIM is similar to some of the things we see on Hollywood.

Someone once told me that camping at Sea Rim would bring all your camping fantasies to reality.

It may interest you to know that this awesome location has 15 campsites with electricity. These campsites are close to the beach. You can actually sit down by the beachside at night and observe nature.

Sea Rim has what it takes to bring your fairytale camping experience to reality. In the various campsites, you will see facilities like; picnic table, outdoor grill, water hookup, tent pad, etc.

#2. Mustang Island State Park In Corpus Christi

Mustang Island a secluded and awesome camping Texas Beach. The environment is eye-catching with several natural features. Its seclusion and exceptional environment make it a perfect camping location.

It is a well-planned tent camping location with 50 primitive sites and 48 sites with electricity. I like describing Mustang Island beach as a home away from home. You know why? It has most of the things that will make you comfortable.

Let me make it clear now; if you are opting for an electricity camping spot, you may be a bit far ( about 50 yards) from the beach. Also, if you are passionate about wildlife, we recommend that you camp between April and July.

During this time, you will see Sea Turtle laying their eggs on shore. It is always a wonderful experience. I think your kids will be happy to see a sea turtle in its natural habitat.

#3. South Beach and North Beach On Padre Island

There are several nice beaches on Padre Island Seashore. The island is several miles of lovely coastlines.

It is one of the most beautiful camping beaches in Texas. Also, both south and North beaches are more of primitive camping. This means that you can pitch your tent anywhere you like. But you must pay a fee at the park headquarters before pitching a tent.

Beaches on Padre Island are always very crowded. However, when you go camping in this location during May or September, the crowd is relatively less.

#4. Matagorda Bay Nature Park

Matagorda Bay Nature Park is a great location for beach camping in Texas. There is never a boring moment when you camp in this park.

It has a primitive campsite at the docking area. And you will also find barbecue pits, fire rings as well as several shades to keep you comfortable.

In case you want to take a shower, there is a shower and bathroom facility nearby.

The camping Texas beaches we mentioned above are exceptional with great facilities. They are relatively safe and offer near home comfort.

All the things you fantasize about beach camping holidays can come to reality if you prepare very well.


How To Prepare For Beach Camping In Texas

Preparation is important when you are going for beach camping in Texas. Most of the beach campsites are primitive camping, and they may not have facilities like running water or electricity.

When you are going to a location like this, you have to plan yourself according. It is not a bad idea if you carry more bottled water, a gas grill, flashlights with backup batteries.

Again, don’t forget to deal with elements like wind speed and extremely hot weather. These elements are very rampant in Texas.

Mosquitoes and other insects are unavoidable in Texas beaches. Try to get repellants to ward off mosquitoes from your tent. And if you love swimming try to call people in charge of the beach to know the current condition.


Beach Camping Necessities

Beach camping is completely different from other camping holidays. You have to bring certain things with you to avoid being stranded. Whether you are in a primitive campsite or a campsite with modern facilities, you still need some camping gear.

Below are some beach camping gears you need during a camping holiday;



Peg hammer and extra tent peg

Tent Sponge and Brush

Lanterns and Flashlights

Clothing pins



Sleeping bags or mattresses

Blankets and pillows

Cooking utensils

Stove or grid for fire (Depending on what you need)

Fry pan, kettle, plates, plastic glasses, and mugs

Can opener, cooler, Dishwashing liquid, Dishtowels

Salt, Pepper, cooking oil, oven mitt,

Mosquito repellent


Sun Hats

Wading shoes

Beach clothes/swimming suit


Beach camping in Texas is great! You will always have an exceptional experience. However, proper planning is key.

When you have all your activities mapped out before time, you will always explore your camping holiday to the fullest.

But if you fail to plan ahead and decide to just jump into beach camping, you will have a heartbreaking experience. In fact, you will regret ever camping on a beach.

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