7 Tips for Camping At Texas Motor Speedway

Texas is the home of a mind-blowing camping holiday in the United States. In fact, there is no limit in Texas camping experience. Once you decide to embark on a camping adventure in Texas, expect to get the best out of your holiday.

In recent time, camping at Texas Motor Speedway is something most campers look forward to. It is actually located in Fort Worth. It is one of the most sought after camping locations in Texas. Whenever there is a race weekend in TMS, several campers usually do short camping in the location.

Other than the weekend race challenge, Texas Motor Speedway has several excitements to offer to campers. A weekend camping at Texas Motor Speedway is a good way to feel rejuvenated again.

Furthermore, we recommend you take your family to this location. It offers endless excitement and a memorable experience to them. But I must warn you, the experience from camping at TMS is addictive.

After your first experience, you will always want to repeat it again and again. This didn’t just happen, but it is due to the exceptional services you tend to enjoy during a race weekend at Texas Motor Speedway.

A weekend camping at Texas Motor Speedway will make you live every moment as if you were at home. You will enjoy the following;

There is a dump station on the property.

There is also a waste truck that drives through the camp areas to collect waste and replenish your water supply. But this goes for a token. Again, the fee is not too much for such great comfort.

The Texas Motor Speedway offers five different camping areas. Each of these areas covers different needs and campers requirements.


The 5 Different Camping Areas At Texas Motor Speedway

Hellmann’s Reserved Infield Camping

This is a great campsite at Texas Motor Speedway. Camping in this site enables you to be in the middle of the action during a car race weekend.

There are several reserved spaces that will make your weekend camping amazing. There are walls, interiors, and paved paddock.

Camp life at Hellmann is one of a kind. I don’t want to sound promotional, but every camper at Texas Motor Speedway has a tale to tell. The facilities are cool, and you will not have any reason to miss home when you camp at Hellmann Reserved Infield.

Blue Ox VIP Camping

The Blue Ox VIP Camping is a great campsite in Texas motor speedway. It is somewhere between Allison Avenue and Labonte Lane on the South end of TMS.

The VIP reserved camping spot is not like other regular camping activities. It comes with a lot of mind-blowing perks. This makes it relatively expensive than other spots, but it worth every dollar you spend.

The spot is very spacious with a 24 hours security, a perfect location close to the main grandstand, nearness to restroom and shower facilities, electric and water-hookups. VIP camping spots are on high demand and strictly on a first come, first serve.

Blue Ox Campgrounds

Blue Ox campgrounds is an exceptional campsite in Texas Motor Speedway. It is relatively close to the race venue. Although this location is not as luxurious as the VIP camping spot, it is still a good place to camp.

It has a good view of the racing event, and you can still have fun.

Tent City

If you are the tent camping lover, we recommend tent city campsite for you. It is also in Texas Motor Speedway. But you need to come with your camping gears when you opt-in for tent city.

The location is a bit spacious, and generators are not allowed. Since generators are not allowed, you can come with flashlight and lantern. They will help you illuminate your tent environment.

Unreserved Camping

There is also unreserved camping at the Texas motor speedway. There are about 1,700 sites available for first come, first served basis.

Camping at Texas motor speedway is something we all look forward to. But the whole excitement can be ruined if you don’t have enough information before time.

However, if you don’t want to camp at the track, you can also camp in any of the nearby campgrounds. Some of the popular campgrounds close to Texas motor speedway are;

Northlake Village RV Park

If you love topnotch campgrounds like me, Northlake Village RV park is perfect for you. It is about 3 minutes from Texas Motor Speedway. This location actually brings you close to the race action. But you may not be on top of it.

Northlake Village RV park provides all the facilities that will make you feel very comfortable. In fact, it will interest you to know that this campground provides facilities like laundry, a clean bath house with a private shower, fitness center, etc. It is basically a home away from home.

Wait, don’t go yet! They also offer wifi, wide paved roads, on sight management to ensure that your comfort isn’t compromised.

Don’t get it wrong. Northlake Village campgrounds are not for VIP alone. They have camping facilities that you can afford. But we are certain of the fact that a weekend in Northlake village, worth every dollar you spend.

Avondale RV Park

If you are all about the traditional and quiet campsite, Avondale RV park is a campground for you. It is actually a short drive from the speedway, and you can come with your pet as long as they are on a leash.

Have you heard of Eagle mountain lake? Avondale RV park is close to the lake. Also, there is a golf course, alliance airport, and several restaurants with a mouth-watering meal. Hey! Stop fantasizing and start planning a trip for a weekend in Texas motor speedway.

Destiny RV Resort

Destiny RV Resort is north of Texas motor speedway. With over 170 campsites surrounded by shady trees, it is definitely a good campground to speed a race weekend.

Destiny Resort has facilities to deliver you an experience that will linger in your memory for a while. The pool, spa, propane, laundry facilities, recreational hall all give you the feeling of being at home.

There is playground equipment that your kids can play with. Your family will have fun if you camp at Destiny RV resort during a race weekend.

Texas Motor Speedway Camping Rules

There are certain rules guiding camping activities in Texas Motor Speedway and its environ. You need to know these rules before your next camp trip at this location.

Camping at Texas Motor Speedway is allowed in certain areas only. Infield camping, VIP camping, outside reserved and unreserved camping; are the only areas where camping is permitted.

Camping spaces at TMS are strictly for personal use. Corporate, commercial, hospitality activities, etc are not allowed.

No outside caterer is allowed on speedway property for any reason. All catering related activities must be organized and coordinated via Levy Restaurants Sports & Entertainment.

Only vehicles displaying appropriate event tags and stickers will have access to the camp areas. Again, campers will only get two camping permit per spots. You have to understand this rule perfectly before you proceed on your trip to Texas motor speedway.

Campground spaces that are not occupied may not be roped off for reservation purpose. Also, all spaces have to be paid for at the time of occupancy.

No advertising is allowed in any of the camping areas or speedway grounds except Texas motor speedway advert.

Open pit campfires and open flames aren’t allowed on speedway property. But campers can use charcoal or gas grill in the camping areas only.

Pets are allowed on the property. Every pet must be on leash and campers must clean after their pets to keep the environment clean.

Be informed that no ATV or personal golf cart will be allowed.

You can’t set up a stage or come with a stage light, Live band or Live DJ.

At all time, you must conduct yourself for safety reasons. Observe basic safety rules, and it will help you stay healthy.

To ensure compliance with the set rules and regulations, all camping areas will be patrolled by speedway security and city police personnel.

Box trucks aren’t allowed on the campground. Again, cruising will not be allowed in any of the camping areas.

A noise curfew of 1 am always enforced in all campgrounds. For family campground, the curfew starts by 10 pm. However, generator noise is not included in the curfew.

Lastly, the operation or flying of unmanned aircraft or drone is not allowed on Texas Motor Speedway property. Whoever violates this rule, such aircraft or drone will be confiscated.

While you have fun around the TMS property, ensure that you keep to their rules and regulations. There are penalties for breaking these rules and TMS management seriously frown at the violation of their rules.

Outside their rules and regulation, Texas motor speedway camping is cool. You tend to meet people from different places, and your camping experience is always wonderful.

The last time I went for a short weekend camping at TMS with my family, I didn’t want to go back home.