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10 Reasons to Camp in Lubbock Texas

Lubbock is one of the most popular Cities in the U.S State of Texas. The city nicknamed “Hub City” is every camper’s dream location. Also, it is the 11th most populous city in Texas.

The way Lubbock has suddenly grown into a vibrant and camp worthy location over the years is surprising. And campers are attracted to this city due to its low cost of living and rich history.

If you are looking for a camping location when you will get real hospitality from the people, Lubbock is the location.

If not for anything, its art exhibitions, award-winning wineries, live music, a theatrical performance is enough to make you consider Lubbock for your next camping holiday.

Lubbock gets millions of campers every year. And I am certain of the fact that it’s thriving and diverse art, as well as its cultural scene, makes it a dream location for everybody.

Reasons You Should Camp In Lubbock Texas

Every camper who has heard the tales of Lubbock wants to see for themselves. I keep asking myself, “what is in Lubbock that attracts millions of campers and tourists annually”?

Below are some of the reasons you should camp in Lubbock during your next camping holiday.

#1. Great Hospitality

The people of Lubbock are known for their endless hospitality. The Lubbockites are very hospitable and treat tourists and campers with love.

The native of Lubbock will always lend you a helping hand and show you around. In fact, the way ‘Lubbockites’ will relate with you during a camping holiday, will make you wish you could extend your holiday.

#2. The Arts Scene

Basically, art is a way of life in Lubbock. The city has been into art from time immemorial. Little wonder the city was one of the first cultural districts recognized by the State of Texas.

So, when you camp in Lubbock, be rest assured that you will see gallery exhibitions as well as performing arts.

When it comes to artistic showcases, every finger always points at Lubbock. The city is outstanding among other cities in Texas. The way art is admired and supported by the people of Lubbock, you will be forced to believe that art itself came from Lubbock.

There is this art movement that takes place in Lubbock the first Friday of every month. During this day, you will see people walking the art trail of the city with food trucks, galleries, and live musics.

Again, any camper that wants to see the local art of this city should participate in the first Friday art trail. It is a perfect way to see what Lubbock has to offer in terms of art.

#3. Lubbock Houses The Best Wines In Texas

Lubbock is the home wine. Some of the best wines in Texas are from the city of Lubbock. About 80 percent of Texas grape wines are from this city.

Also, five award-winning wineries are from Lubbock. Do, if you love wine or passionate about grape growing and winemaking process, Lubbock will provide answers to your curiosity.

The city celebrates at least five annual wine festivals. So, if you are a wine lover, Lubbock should be your next camping location.

#4. It’s The Original Live Music Capital Of Texas

The nightlife is Lubbock is great. There is always an aura of joy in Lubbock at night. Perhaps it’s because of the live music, and original tunes played every night.

Your passion for live music will increase after a weekend camping in Lubbock. The locals of this city give real definition to music, this is why some people call Lubbock the music hub of Texas. It is a fantastic name for a great city.

#5. You Get To Enjoy A Delicious Chicken Fried Steak and Barbecue

The delicious chicken fried steak and barbecue at Lubbock attracts people to the city. With over 1000 restaurants with experienced chef, you will have the best menus to choose from when you camp in this city.

Just before you start salivating, let me remind you that you will get world cuisine in the various restaurants in Lubbock including; cultures like Thai, Latin American, Native American, Traditional American, and Tex-Mex.

With the mouthwatering menu found in the various restaurants in Lubbock, a short weekend experience may seem like a lifetime adventure. Again, with different wines and delicious menu from the various restaurants, campers jokingly refer to Lubbock as the food Paradise of Texas.

#6. Paddle On Lake

Hey! Don’t think a weekend camping in Lubbock is all about Music, wine and food. Oops! This is not true at all. Paddling on a lake is one of the fun activities you can engage in as a camper in Lubbock.

It is has become a home for paddling board. You can decide to rent a stand-up paddleboard and paddle across Dunbar historic lake. Paddling across the Dunbar historic lake is an experience you should have. It is awesome! Just try it and drop you experience in the comment box below.

#7. The Stars Are Bright At The Drive-In Theatre

The drive-in theatre in Lubbock is another interesting experience for campers in the city. You can either decide to sit under the stars and watch interesting movies or do it in the comfort of your car. The choice is completely yours to make.

The Stars & Stripes drive-in theatre happens to be one of the best in the United State. It is family friendly and a great place for a romantic date night…

#8. Play Golf In One Of The Best Golf Courses In Texas

If not for any other thing, the thought of playing golf in The Rawls Courses at Texas Tech (One of the best Golf courses in Texas), is enough to make spend your next camping holiday in Lubbock.

The golf course is designed with a challenging layout that will bring out the best from your game. Let me remind you again, and it is a top-notch public golf course in Lubbock. Playing at this course is a rare privilege, and you could be among the privileged ones if you camp in Lubbock.

#9. Opportunity To Explore The History Of Agriculture, The World War II Glider Pilot Program and More

Camping in Lubbock is all about exploring and seeing things. With the hospitality of the people and their willingness to show you around, you are going to have an exceptional and fulfilling experience.

The agricultural activities in Lubbock are not limited to ranching, but also includes cotton. In fact, about five percent of the world’s cotton comes from the Bayern Museum of Agriculture in Lubbock. This happens to display one of the pedal tractors in the United State.

Oh! Sorry for boring you with too many technical details, just want you to know that if you are passionate about Agricultural related activities, you can explore in Lubbock.

Lest I forget, Lubbock is also the home to the Silent Wings Museum. You must have heard of the Silent Wings Museum. Well, a visit to Lubbock could be an opportunity to see it.

The Silent wings museum is a public institution that preserves and promotes the Military Glider Program Used in World War II. So, the Silent Wings museum creates an environment for collecting, documenting, interpreting, and exhibiting artifacts and information for public education “blah blah blah”…

#10. Opportunity To See Prairie Dogs

Have you heard of Prairie dogs before? If no, you need to see this amazing creature. They are herbivorous Burrowing rodents that are native to North America.

They are like a ground squirrel that you see mostly in the United State, Canada, and Mexico. Lubbock houses Prairie Dog Town which is located in Mackenzie Park.

As a camper in Lubbock, you can decide to go and watch these little creatures in their natural habitat. You will see them play and skitter about, listen to their distinct bark and how they share a kiss, etc.

When you are camping in Lubbock for the first time, you are definitely going to fall in love with the city. The campgrounds have great amenities including; snack bar, propane, cable TV, Wifi, etc. In fact, they have all the things that will make you stay very comfortable.

Still Not Sure Whether To Camp In Lubbock? See these facts about Lubbock that Will change your mind.

Some Facts About Lubbock Every Camper Should Know

Lubbock has more music venue per capita than any other city in Texas.

Texas Tech University is located in Lubbock, and It has a museum. It may interest you to know that the museum houses over 5 million objects.

Do you know why Lubbock is called “Hub city”? I guess you don’t know, don’t worry, I will tell. It is because it is surrounded by five major highways. This gives the city a hub on a wagon wheel appearance.

Again, the city has more neighborhood park than any other city in Texas.

Oh! This one is very interesting… Seventeen different songs have been written about Lubbock so far (Still counting..).

Lastly, the city was named after a former Texas Ranger- Thomas S. Lubbock. And he was killed in the Civil War.

So, camping in Lubbock is awesome. Stop hesitating; consider taking your family there for your next camping trip. Guess what? You will love it.

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