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Class A Motorhomes Pros and Cons

Which RV should you buy?

There are different types of RV available in the market which comes with different kind of features.

First, let’s have a look at what benefits you can experience by buying a Class A Motorhome.


Pros of Class A Motorhomes

Class A Motorhomes come with several unique features that give the rider an exotic journey experience. Here is the list of benefits:

Spacious Interior – Well, if you are looking for a family-friendly motorhome that will be spacious enough to accommodate a family of 10 people, class A RV will be the best option for you. It comes with a unique open interior that makes long trips comfortable and not crowded. There are several Class A Motorhome companies out there.

Choose the one with a larger interior. A lot of storage option- Not only the interior is spacious, but these vehicles come with a lot of storage capacity. You can carry almost everything with yourself when you are on a long journey. You can carry your clothing utensils, gear, accessories, food and many more things on this vehicle along with your journey. You can even get a customized version of the vehicle if you pay some extra bucks.

Ensures better visibility- as the height of the vehicle is quite high, it ensures a better view of the road. There is a huge glass in front of the steering wheel that helps to get a better view. The main benefit of the vehicle is the large panoramic windshield which provides the unobstructed view of the road.

Some high-class versions also come with back up monitor which provides the full picture of the surroundings. Once you sit on the driver’s seat, you will see and feel the difference. Extra Power- they come with great towing capability which ensures added push to travel on Steep Mountain. It’s a king of the road with extra power.

Ensures smoother rides – The class A Motorhomes provides a smoother ride on harsh roads. There is computerized driveshaft, front rear, jounce bumpers reduce the bounces and eliminate sway while traveling on difficult roads. A lot of Amenities- The vehicle comes with a lot of important amenities such as kitchen amenities like microwave, refrigerator, oven stove and bathroom amenities such as toilet, showers, etc.

Better security – As the entire vehicle is enclosed, when there is danger knocking at the door, you can simply drive off. It’s really difficult to steal a closed Class A Motorhome since its completely packed up. If a vehicle has a portable generator, it’s more likely to get stolen. Class A comes with an in-built generator.

What are the cons of Class A Motorhome?

Though Class A Motorhomes are quite spacious and ensures a smooth exotic journey, yet it still has some drawbacks. Let’s see what problems you can face:

Expensive – In compared to other RV vehicle, the Class A Motorhome vehicles are much costlier. As these are exotic high class customized vehicles, everyone cannot afford it. A cheaper version is the Class B and Class C. Higher Motor Maintenance- The more the amenities, the more will be the maintenance. In compared to other vehicles, the Class A Motorhome needs a lot of maintenance cost.

You need to spend extra bucks on maintaining the vehicle as it comprises several bathrooms and kitchen amenities. For example, you need to have a separate dryer set & a dishwasher to keep things clean from inside. Higher insurance cost- The more expensive the vehicle will be the more will be the insurance cost. This is a known fact. So if you are ready to spend those extra bucks, go for Class A Motorhome.

Another drawback of Class A is you need to tow another car to make the local travel easier. Not so good floor plans- As the motorhome has a spacious driving area, there is not much option for designer floor plans.

Class A Motorhomes are the best option for you only if you can afford the maintenance and total cost of the vehicle. If you agree to pay those extra bucks, you own one of the most convenient and exotic vehicles of these times.




gas vs. diesel

If you are having a problem to decide between a gas and a diesel motorhome, you should not be worried anymore, this article will be able to guide you through, you should also know that deciding on the two is quite easy. This is because neither of the two is better than the other; your choice should depend on the lifestyle and where you intend to use them. Below is a brief comparison between the two; this should help you decide on the one that you think will work best for you.


Many people would first consider price when they are about to buy a new motorhome. Price is the main difference between gas and diesel. Gas motor homes usually are cheaper than diesel motor homes. If you want to save more money, you should go to this high-end gas model.

Fuel economy

Diesel can get better miles than the gas rv. Despite diesel being expensive, in the long run, it proves to be cheaper. This is because it only requires fewer stops to refuel. However, if you are not planning for any long trips, using the gas motorhome should be your ultimate choice, while diesel is better for long trips, it is very difficult to find at the gas stations that are located in remote areas.


All engines of the two require maintenance. However, servicing a gas engine is cheaper than servicing a diesel engine since many people find it very easy to do gas engine maintenance on their own. On the other hand, many people are not comfortable handling diesel engine maintenance on their own hence opt to seek the help of professionals even though it requires less maintenance.


Gas motorhomes usually house the engine at the front of the coach; this means that a lot of noise will be heard as one drives down the road. While for diesel engines, they are located at the rear of the coach, this, therefore, means that with diesel engine, one can achieve a quieter journey. Diesel motorhome also provides a smooth ride because of its air ride feature.


Diesel engines are designed to go for longer miles than gas engines. And they also have more substantial parts which are designed to help in handling the higher torque. This, therefore, means that diesel engines can last longer than you expect; in fact, they can last longer than your coach. However, this does not rule out the longevity of the gas engine, and it can also last longer but with proper and regular maintenance.

Resale value

Diesel motorhomes usually have a better resale value than the gas motorhomes. This is mainly because of the reasons that have been highlighted above. As already discussed, diesel has greater longevity than a gas one, apart from that, a diesel is quieter than a gas motorhome, and it also has more storage than gas. These are basically the reasons why it’s resale value is higher.

Purchasing a motorhome will require to be very keen, there plenty of things which you will need to look for. You will be driving, cooking, sleeping and living in a motorhome. So you need to look more than just the driving part of this very large transportation machine.

But do not be discouraged by this minor complication because we have provided you with some of the best tips on buying.

Imagine your family inside the motorhome, they are not made just to accommodate one person. So when you see one that interests you picture out you and your family inside it. Will it be crowded or will there be enough space for things like cooking, sleeping and watching TV? This shows the importance of movable space inside and should be prioritized.

Check the roof and sides

Since you are going to spend the night on motorhomes be sure to check out for leaks on the roof and the sides. It will really ruin your experience if you end up wet while you sleep because it rained during your vacation trips. And leaks can also ruin the appliances inside.

Check if the appliances inside are working

Motorhomes come with like a generator, air-conditioning system, heater, and a gas range. And these should all be in working conditions. When you go for brand new one, these appliances should also be brand new. If you opt for second-hand ones, then you need to know if most of the appliances are still in working condition, especially the generator.

Test run the generator

You will be using the generator when you use your motorhome. This means that you may need it running when you are sleeping. And you would not want a loud generator during such times. So test runs every generator in all the motorhomes you come by.

The engine

A motorhome that does not start up is worthless. Unless you know how to install an engine and find a replacement, then there is no point in buying a very old motorhome just so you can save money. So make sure that the engine is working.

The overall look

It would be really great to have a second-hand motorhome that looks nice and clean in the outside. And you also need to consider the bodywork with a much banged up exterior.

As I said earlier, your choice should basically be based on your preference and what you think will be beneficial for you and help you meet your needs. For those people who are very much concerned about quiet rides as well as consistent gas mileage, they would prefer to go for diesel, while as for people who do not mind at all about the noise and would not want to spend more can go for the gas.

Do not rush into making decisions, look keenly at each rv and determine the type that you think will be best for your needs, you should ensure that you go for one that you can afford.

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