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How Much Does a Class B RV Cost? (prices of 24 models)

A class B RV costs $60k-$190k depending on make, model and options.

Class B RV price comparison:


1. Airstream Interstate, $80k-$190k

This particular company became popular because of their streamlined silver bullet trailers; however, the new version of the Airstream manufactures some of the most well-known and well-rounded Class B RVs out there. The manufacturer is adept at producing some innovative safety features which have made this RV one of the best on the market in its own category.

You’ll come across several Interstate versions for various types of motorhomes; however, all of them include several stylish features such as solar panels, leather seating, anti-fog windshield, tankless water heater, and so on. In case you’d like to go for a comprehensive Class B, then this one will be undoubtedly your best choice.


2. Winnebago Revel, $135k

Winnebago and RV go along with each other, and although the company is not as famous as it was before, it still manufactures a fantastic product. The Winnebago Revel is a glaring example of this type of motorhome. In fact, it is the best combo of luxurious as well as sporty features that one will get at this price.

As compared to the previously mentioned Interstate, this particular RV uses an innovative Mercedes Sprinter chassis for supporting a robust 4×4 drive. You will likewise come across a 140 cubic foot garage where you can store your fishing poles and kayaks, wet-bath, dinette, effective diesel-driven heating, as well as a comprehensive gallery within this compact motorhome. On top of this, a robust 3-liter double-diesel powertrain will carry you along with all these amenities anywhere you want.


4×4 version Winnebago Revel 4×4is is designed on the 4X4 sprinter chassis from Mercedes Benz, it also features off-road tires for rugged terrain. Heights of the tires offer stability and a good grip on the wet road. So, be rest assured that Winnebago Revel 4×4 is going to get you to your destination safely irrespective of distance. Below are some other features of Winnebago Revel 4×4.
• Heat tank
• Garage area to store winter safety and exploration equipment
• Insulated wall, roof, and floor
• Additional Overhead storage

Winnebago Revel 4×4 is a bit expensive, but you will get a value that worth your money when you buy it. The RV costs around US$170k



RV that was designed to offer enough space, environment, and mood for lovers. It is 24ft long and only accommodates 2 people. The interior is classy with vinyl walls of various patterns. The memory foam sofa is great in case you and your lover have a grudge with the queen-sized bed. Amenities in this cozy Recreational vehicle are Wi-Fi ranger, top-notch insulation (R-15), motion sensor, cup holders, programmable lightening, etc. other features include:
• Multiple USB ports
• 4 distinct floorplans
• Fog lamps and headlamps to light up the environment at night.
• Collision avoidance indicator
• Customizable interior vinyl wall
• Solar panel for generating electricity
• Outdoor and indoor camera
• Led TV with cable connection
• 4 point leveling system
• Water heater Truma Combi Furnace
Coachmen Galleria has various models that cost around US$200,000. You can check all specifications and pricing at





The motorhome also offers other impressive mechanical features such as a 32 gallon fresh water tank, 27 gallon grey water tank, 15 gallon black water tank and 24 gallon fuel capacity. The vehicle provides comfort and modern conveniences while ensuring reliability. This is very important as other brands of motorhomes are known to break down and cause issues down the line.

Living in a motorhome essential pays for itself as a result of the cut on bills and rent. Most individuals have to pay rent or mortgage payments on a monthly basis along with utility bills. With a motorhome, these costs are decreased or completely eliminated. The initial cost is payed for in time with a reduction of large living expenses. This is one of the main reason why living in a motorhome and or using it part time is a very popular choice. The Coach Patriot MD4D has highly rated reviews as a result of its complete package.

The motorhome is brand new and therefore comes equipped with top rated appliances and features for 2019. The Coach Patriot MD4 also features a luxury feel with the best accommodations. The seating area provides flexibility for guests and comfort. The double sofas are the easiest way to entertain and accommodate small groups of people. The kitchen area provides access to make your own meals. This is a major benefit as many do not come with a kitchen and sink area. These features help to make the motorhome feel like a standard home.

The bathroom area is also a major benefit that helps to mimic the feel of a standard home. Motorhomes do not always come with a bathroom area, however the Coach Patriot comes standard with a bathroom area for added convenience.The Coach Patriot features a reliable tank and system to ensure the motorhome is suited for everyday use. This is very important as it allows each and every passenger to enjoy the ride with convenience, durability and comfort.


6. RoadTrek CS Adventurous, $150k

This Class B motorhome from RoadTrek has been manufactured based on the immensely popular chassis of Mercedes Sprinter. The RV is a fantastic choice for any person who likes to take pleasure in RVing to various locations. Moreover, you’re going to feel comfy anywhere your RV takes you irrespective of the location.

The big frameless windows, the awnings found in the exterior of the RV, and the super-cool ground effects provide optimum comfort to the people who are on board the motorhome. The interior of the RV will provide enhanced seat-down or stand-up shower, an innovative in-floor radiant heat, adequate space for slumbering for as many as six individuals, and so forth. In fact, it will seem to you that you are checking in a sophisticated resort while you are walking into this particular RV.

I recently rented a RoadTrek for a weekend getaway and it was an experience like no other. As someone who loves to travel and explore new places, I was excited to try out this type of vehicle and see what it had to offer. I had heard about the convenience and flexibility of RV travel, but I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

The rental process was straightforward and easy, and I was able to pick up the RV and hit the road in no time. Once I got behind the wheel, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to drive. The compact size of the Class B RV made it easy to maneuver through traffic and navigate tight spaces, while still providing plenty of space and amenities for comfortable living on the road.

One of the first things to consider when selecting a Class B RV is the size and amenities. Class B RVs are compact and typically range from 16 to 22 feet in length. I found that Class B RVs were generally more affordable than larger RVs, but prices still varied quite a bit.

I made sure to read the insurance options carefully and ask questions to make sure I understood what was covered and what wasn’t. I also checked with my personal car insurance provider to see if they offered any additional coverage for rental vehicles.



7. Hymer Aktiv, $85k

8. ModVan CV1, $77k

9. Carado Axion, $75k

10. Free Bird, $40k

11. Glampervan, $30k

12. Off Grid Adventure Van, $60k

13. Roadtrek Simplicity SRT, $75k

14. Roadtrek Zion SRT, $90k

Have you ever seen one inside? It really is worthwhile to check one out. The Zion SRT is truly impressive and the fact that it is constructed on a Ram Promaster chassis makes it a strong and reliable vehicle, which has been truly decked out by Roadtrek for all your travel needs.

The center isle inside the motor home is ideal for packing golf clubs, hiking gear or even some bicycles. Your next adventure awaits you in comfort and style when you have a Zion ZRT that allows you to travel whenever you need to or want to, even at the last minute. Thus, this motor home is highly convenient with no need to book expensive hotel rooms that could already be booked up when you need a place to stay.

The good thing about the well designed Zion SRT is that it has a heater for cold weather and it even has an air conditioner for your maximum comfort in hot weather. Therefore, this motor home is ideal to use in various weather conditions.

The interior of this motor home has the amenities and comfort of home, but in a compact and convenient size. You will never have to leave your motor home in search of a bathroom when you are on the road due to a sink, shower and toilet all in their own designated space in the motor home.

The galley kitchen area is spacious for when you want to cook a meal. It has a sink and a microwave. But you do not have to only have microwave meals, as there is a cook top with two burners. Note that the cook top functions on propane. This motor home comes with a roomy refrigerator as well. In addition, it provides a lot of storage space, such as cabinets with several shelves and also a large roll out drawer for storing pots, pans and other items.

If you are off the road after a long day of driving and just want to relax, you can enjoy the flat screen television and two comfortable lounging sofas. For dining convenience, there is a table that can fit between the sofas. Or there is a table that can be placed between the two seats at the front of the motor home.

One sofa converts into a double bed. The other sofa can sleep another person. Thus, this motor home can comfortably allow for three sleeping accommodations. For driving, it can accommodate five passengers.

The Zion SRT is 19 feet long for your convenient maneuvering. You will be able to drive on the road with relative ease and the compact size of this motor home also makes parking free of hassles.


15. Roadtrek E-trek, $160k

16. Roadtrek 210 Popular, widebody, $130k

17. Winnebago Touring Coach Paseo, $115k

18. Winnebago Touring Coach Travato, $95k

The RV is specifically designed for two people but can accommodate one more person when the Flex Bed System is utilized. The advantage of Winnebago Travato 59G accommodating a fewer number of people is that it has more space for more amenities. The RV is one of the most equipped Class B RV on the market, and the idea is not to let you get out of the RV to look for other things. This is the reason why it is great for winter trips; you have everything you need indoor. Noticeable amenities in Winnebago Travato 59G are a larger wet bath with a hot water system, big kitchen, big sofa, Television/sound system, overhead storage, vinyl floor design, etc.
Winnebago Travato 59G has two floorplans and costs around US$95,000.00. You can see more details here;




19. Winnebago Touring Coach Era, $125k

20. Pleasure Way Ascent TS Class B Motorhome, $135k

At a length of 19ft, Pleasure-Way Ascent has only one floorplan and can accommodate 2 people. Obviously, the RV is very small, but it offers great amenities for the two occupants to enjoy. Inside the RV you can still find a fridge, comfy-style sofa, etc.
Pleasure-Way Ascent has fewer expansion features but some of the furniture is convertible to create more space when needed. Below are other features that are present in the RV.
• Power sofa
• Hardwood cabinet doors
• Digital touch screen control
• Inbuilt 24-inch television
• Furniture with leather finishing
Pleasure-Way Ascent is upgradable. Take a video tour of Pleasure-Way Ascent at The RV sells at a minimum price of US$135k

The statement “winter is coming” shouldn’t send a chill down your spine as it was portrayed in the popular movie; Game of Throne. it should spark up excitement and makes you anticipate an adventure like never before. The only reason why people dread camping or traveling in winter is because of the ultra-low temperature. However, with the following Class B RVs, you need not be afraid of cold, because things you need to survive out there has been provided.


21. Pleasure-Way Tofino Camper Van, $70k

22. 5 Mars Imagine, $95k

23. Midwest Automotive Designs Passage 144, $130k

24. Dolphin Motor Coach Dolphin, $130k

25. Pleasure way lexor, 150k

Though Pleasure-Way Lexor is one of the cheapest RV out there, it offers the maximum comfort needed for romantic trips. This vehicle features only 2 floorplans and cannot accommodate more than two people. The two floorplans are almost similar, and they sell at the same price. Either of the floorplans has a maximum length of 20ft, though small but highly extendible with slide-outs, a glance at the interior images and videos will impress you with the extendibility.

Pleasure-Way Lexor comes with comfy furniture and excellent cookware; the BTU Domestic furnace that it features is rare in Class B RVs. Another important feature that makes Pleasure-Way Lexor great is the voice command function; everything about this RV is luxurious and convenient. Below are more features of Pleasure-Way Lexor.
• Vinyl floor designs
• 2 different floor plans
• Touchscreen control panel
• Auto-ignite domestic furnace
• Hill start assistance control for cab convenience
• Inflatable airbed

You can take a video tour of the two floorplans available for Pleasure-Way Lexor at The RV sells at a minimum of US$119k
• Pleasure-Way Plateau; it gives you a truly luxurious experience. This is another Class B RV from Pleasure-Way and it is suitable for romantic trips. Pleasure-Way Plateau comes with 2 different floorplans and can accommodate three people at a time. The vehicle spans 22ft in length and comes with great furniture such as maple cabinet door, hardwood sofa, vinyl flooring, and so on.

Pleasure-Way Plateau is well insulated; it will not radiate heat in
hot weather and will maintain the internal temperature in cold weather too. Other noticeable features in Pleasure-Way Plateau are listed below.
• 7-inch HD control panel and display
• Inbuilt refrigerator (2 doors)
• BTU auto-ignite furnace
• Fiberglass insulation interior walls
• Awning-style slide-out windows



26. Airstream Tommy Bahama Interstate 19

This RV was popularly known for summer camping, people who take it on winter camping have good things to say about it too.
Coziness is put in mind while designing this particular RV; everything ranging from the coach to the walls, floor and ceiling are designed to conserve the indoor temperature. This implies that all you have to do to maintain indoor temperature during winter is to heat up the interior. The RV also features enough storage facilities both inside and outside its structure; you can always take whatever you need or might need along with you.
This one costs around US $170k



27. Leisure Travel Unity

2 – 4 people, Leisure Travel Unity has more than enough space for just two. This RV spans 20 – 25ft in length and has different floorplans you can choose from. It comes with a comfy bed; the type that is suitable for a romantic purpose. The walk-thru bath can take two people at a time; ideal for couples’ bath. Another prominent feature in Leisure Travel Unity is its driving assistance; this makes mobility an easy task even for rookie drivers. Below are other features of Leisure Travel Unity:
• Telescopic steering wheel
• Cruise control and tilt
• Collision prevention assist
• Vinyl floor design
• Multiple floorplans (6 designs)
• Hard surface countertop (Corian)

Released in the year 2014, a newer version was reviewed earlier for its suitability for romantic trips. Well, it is also suitable for traveling in the winter. Packing everything you need on a winter trip is very important for survival, and the more extensive storage feature of Leisure Travel Unity makes it suitable for this purpose. In addition to the internal storage which is sufficient, there is additional external storage. So, you can pack more coats, boots, your skis for winter sports and every other stuff that you may need on your winter trip/camps. In addition to the features of Leisure Travel Unity U24TB mentioned earlier, below are more features.
• All around insulation
• Hot water system in the bathroom
• Inflatable mattress
• A Separate shower also with a hot water system
Leisure Travel Unity U24TB costs US $95k. You can check out the full specs of at




How much you need to spend depends on the kind of camping are you planning to do.

This is the most important thing while you are searching for RVs. In case you prefer to go for primitive camping or like to use your RV for hiking or climbing, a basic Class B motorhome will deliver the goods. Class B RVs can be available as either basic or fancy according to your preferences.

For instance, a couple will be just fine in a Class B RV, and they can even upgrade the vehicle in case they want. In case you’re planning to live in the RV permanently, or you want to bring the entire family along with you, you should go for a bigger Class A or Class C. In fact, bigger RVs will provide you with more glamorous features including roomy living areas, dryers, washers, as well as in-vehicle office stations.

 Where you want to go camping?

The type of motorhome or RV that you want to purchase will depend to a great extent on where you want to go camping. In case you are interested in camping in open areas, national parks, or even boondocking, you should go for a Class B motorhome. This is because you will not find it challenging to park any Class B and they are also easily maneuverable. As a result, they would be permitted in the majority of the campgrounds and national parks out there. On the other hand, Class A and Class C RVs are going to be more restricted to RV parks along with the features and amenities because of their big size.

 What should be your budget?

Used as well as new RVs can demand a substantial price range. Make it a point to figure out how much you want to invest for the RV since this will enable you to restrain yourself in case you become too much enthusiastic after coming across an attractive motorhome out there.

Bear in mind that used RVs often come in a decent condition. In case you are searching for an RV which you will use for your summer travel or on the weekends, it would be prudent to go for slightly used Class B RVs. However, a brand-new RV will be appropriate for you in case you have decided to spend your whole life on the road.


Essential queries to ask while getting a used Class B RV so you can save some money:

Trailer Frame – Try to find out whether there is any obvious indication of damage to the frame of the RV that might indicate a collision. Also, verify whether there is any sign of rust in the RV. The presence of rust will indicate that the RV is not in proper condition which might entail expensive repairs as well as maintenance expenses in the future.

Brakes – This is a very important thing that you must consider when looking for any Class B RV. If you want to go for a vehicle featuring a drivetrain, it is vital to be sure that the brakes are in proper condition. It is a fact that the RVs are quite heavy, and therefore it is important for the brakes to be strong enough to make the vehicle come to an abrupt stop if required.

Leaks – Make it a point to verify the floors and the ceilings of the RV for any leak, soft spot, windows, or any insulated doors. It can be quite expensive to repair the leak, and this must be taken into account while looking for an RV.

Inverter – An inverter will be required to convert the DC power to the AC power for the appliances while you are traveling on the road. Ensure that the RV which you are planning to purchase features an inverter which is in proper working condition.


What is it imperative to know regarding the Class B Motorhomes?

Unlike the Class A motorhomes, the Class B RVs are much more compact and smaller in size and they resemble outfitted vans which provide the nickname of a conversion van or a camper van to them.

Class B RVs are much bigger as well as taller as compared to a regular full-sized van which offers adequate room for sleeping as well as residing. On most occasions, Class Bs happens to be the most compact of all and provide the minimum number of features unlike the other types of motorhomes out there.

A plethora of benefits are provided by the Class B motorhomes out there which might be difficult for you to come across with other kinds of rvs at present.

1. Maneuverability and size

Class B RVs, as mentioned earlier, happen to be the smallest types of motorhomes out there. Although this might seem to be a negative aspect, it provides lots of benefits all the same. Apart from being mobile, Bs are also maneuverable. This implies that any beginner in terms of driving an RV can come to terms with it after driving only several miles. Can be well concealed.

This likewise indicates that Class B will be able to go just about anywhere which any standard automobile can and will also consume the same amount of parking space as well. In case you have forgotten something after arriving at your destination, there is no reason to worry because you can drive back to the local outlet without any problem at all. Since they are small they get better gas mileage than class A or C.

2. Price

It is a proven fact that Class B RVs are costlier as compared to a regular van. However, they are usually not as expensive as the other motorhome options on the market. In fact, class B RVs are more inexpensive at the pump since they are lighter in weight and usually come with much better fuel economy as compared to the other motorhomes on the market.


Drawbacks of Class B Motorhomes:

1. Features and Size

As mentioned earlier, Class B RVs happens to be the smallest in size amongst all the different types of motorhomes out there, and size can prove to be a major issue in some cases.

The Class B RV might not be a prudent choice for taking out the entire family. In fact, it is intended for a limited number of individuals where five happen to be the maximum. This compact size likewise implies that the passengers would be struggling to outfit the Class B RV with loads of amenities and features.

For this, it would be a sensible idea to go for a kitchenette rather than a regular kitchen, and in case you like to go for a toilet on board, it would be advisable to opt for a compact-sized wet bath. Thus it is evident from the above information that the Class B RV is not ideal for any individual who is looking for plenty of space as well as features.

However, it is going to be a fantastic choice for those individuals who don’t like to shell out an excessive amount of money for purchasing a motorhome and do not require too many features and amenities so as to remain satisfied. They have the propensity of traveling with only a small family or maybe with only their sweetheart. The most authentic way to figure out whether a Class B is ideal for you would be to discuss with other individuals who have used this sort of motorhomes in the past.


What can be expected from a Class B Motorhome?

Despite the fact that no two Class B motorhome is identical, there are some particular features which you’ll find in almost every model out there. Some of these have been mentioned below:

Awning: Your living space can be extended with the help of an outdoor awning which is found in almost every type.

In-Couch Bed / Murphy Bed: Murphy, as well as fold-out beds, will be able to fold into the furniture or wall when none is not using them. This will help to save space eventually.

Galley/Dinette Kitchen: You will not find any room for a kitchen (of full size) in a Class B motorhome.

Compact Stovetop: You will seldom come across in excess of a couple of burners in a Class B RV; however, two burners will be adequate for most of them.

Wet-Bath: This is a combination of shower or toilet stall and is the most effective manner to clean yourself while you are on board a Class B.

Sleeps 2-4: We have already mentioned earlier that Class B happens to the smallest type of motorhomes at present, and therefore, it might not be possible to bring the entire family.

Front-Wheel Drive: You will seldom come across an all-wheel-drive Class B motorhome at present although a 4×4 option is offered by some rugged mortals out there.

Fuel Efficiency: Traditionally speaking, Class B RVs happens to be the most fuel-efficient RVs at present.




Let us hope that after going through all these above-mentioned guidelines on purchasing a Class B RV, you will not find any difficulty to pick the one for your requirements. However, do not forget to make research and look at the online reviews which will give you a fair idea on this matter. You might likewise ask your known individuals for recommendations that have used these sorts of vehicles in the past.




photos of older and newer models



Q: Is financing available for Class B RVs?

A: Yes, many dealerships offer financing options for Class B RVs. Some people also choose to secure a personal loan or use home equity to finance their purchase. Just be sure to factor in the cost of interest when considering this option. It’s like buying a house, only on wheels and with the freedom of the open road!

Q: Can I rent a Class B RV before buying one?

A: Absolutely! Renting a Class B RV can give you a feel for its size and amenities. Companies like Outdoorsy or Cruise America offer RV rentals by the day or week. Consider it a “test drive” to see if it’s a good fit for your lifestyle before making the big purchase.

Q: Are there additional costs I should be aware of when buying a Class B RV?

A: Definitely. Remember to factor in costs such as maintenance, insurance, storage, and campground fees. Plus, don’t forget about fuel—these are vehicles, after all! It’s a bit like adopting a pet; there’s the upfront cost, but also ongoing costs to keep them happy and healthy!

Q: What’s the deal with Class B RVs? Are they like tiny homes on wheels?

A: You could say that! Class B RVs are like the Goldilocks of the RV world—not too big, not too small, just right! They’re compact, cozy, and perfect for those who want the convenience of a mobile home without feeling like they’re driving a cruise ship down the highway.

Q: How many people can fit in a Class B RV?

A: Well, it’s like solving a puzzle! Class B RVs are typically designed to accommodate 2-4 people, depending on their layout and size. Just remember, the more people you squeeze in, the more you’ll feel like you’re competing in an Olympic gymnastics routine! The ones I have been inside feel crowded with 2 peeps.


Q: Can I impress my friends with my Class B RV’s parallel parking skills?

A: Absolutely! Parallel parking a Class B RV is like a magic trick—it seems impossible until you nail it! Show off your skills and watch your friends’ jaws drop as you squeeze into those tight city parking spots. It’s all about the finesse and a little bit of wizardry!

Q: Can I have a cooking show in my Class B RV?

A: Absolutely! With the compact kitchen in a Class B RV, you can whip up some delicious meals and host your own culinary masterpiece. Just remember to keep the cooking show drama to a minimum when navigating those narrow spaces. It’s like Gordon Ramsay meets Tiny House Nation!


Q: Do Class B RVs come with a secret button that activates a secret room?

A: Well, that might be a bit too James Bond for your typical Class B RV, but you never know! Some RV owners have gotten creative with hidden storage and surprise features. It’s like being the star of your own action movie—minus the explosions and high-speed car chases!




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