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21 Best Waterproof Tents for Camping

Do you want to stay dry on your next camping trip?

Camping sure sounds fun but you need to have the right accessories to make the most of your exciting travel spree. A good waterproof camping tent is not your typical tent in the market with a standard brand tag. The degree at which a tent offers waterproofing and warmth for your tarpaulin will largely depend on the type of brand you select.

Whether you are searching a multipurpose spacious tent with multiple rooms for a family or a compact version for a solo adventure, here’s what you should consider before finalizing the best waterproof tents for camping.

Tent Stats Price Sleeps Weight Height Waterproof
Teton Mountain Ultra 1 $75.00 1 4.5 lbs 39 inches Y

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person

$250.00 2 3.5 lbs 39 inches Y
Coleman Sundome 6
$155.00 6 59 inches Y
Eureka Copper Canyon 4 $230.00 4 18.5 lbs 84 inches Y
Coleman Done Tent $110.00 6 21 lbs 69 inches Y
Amagoing 3 Person Tents for Camping Automatic Pop Up $40.00 3 3.5 lbs 51 inches Y

TOMOUNT 5-Person Tent

$130.00 5 21 lbs Y

Zenph Automatic 3 Persons Camping Tent

$84.00 3 7 lbs 43 inches Y
Oileus Pop up Tents Camping 4 $105.00 3 8 lbs 51 inches Yes
Peaktop 4 Person $90.00 4 78 inches Y
HENGTONG Camp Tent 3-4 $55.00 4 47 inches Y


$80.00 2 5 lbs 43 inches Y

NTK Oregon GT 8 to 9 Person

$160.00 9 19 lbs 72 inches Y

Qisan Happy Deals 4 Person

$110.00 4 51 inches Y

Best Waterproof Tents for Camping – Buying Guide

Here’s a list of the key features that you should consider before investing in a new camping tent.

Water Resistance: The highlight of a quality tent is water resistance and its ability to be fully watertight. For a camping tent to save you from a drenched sleeping bag and a soggy & dripping tarpaulin, make sure the brand you choose offers a high level of water protection. Top brands usually manufacture tents with a waterproof fabric, created to offer resistance against penetration. To check the water resistance, find out how much rainwater it can protect you from and the amount of dryness it can deliver inside.

Aesthetics, Size & Room – If you’re looking for something colorful with an aesthetically pleasing design, then look for your desired hues along with the room’s layout in select brands. The size and amount of space usually depend on your ad-hoc requirements. You can find 4-person domed styles, 8-person cabin style vertical tents, single room tents, and multiple room concoctions. Other features you may want include extendable porch sections, storage compartments, sleeping quarter space, and vestibules. Before investing in one, make sure you have a clear idea of your camping needs.

Air-flow – Since waterproof camping tents are built to offer leak prevention & rain resistance through sealed seams, these can actually lead to unnecessary condensation, especially when there’s little ventilation. A camping tent with sealed seams can affect proper ventilation, particularly when you have more than one person sleeping in it. A good idea is to buy a tent equipped with dedicated ventilation points that you can keep open without water seeping in. For better air-flow inside, opt for a tent with zippered mesh panel windows & doors.

Protection: Aside from waterproofing, you need to have a camping tent that offers good protection against inclemency and undesirable weather conditions like blizzards and storms including cold temperatures. Before buying, make sure your tent’s stakes, poles, and guy rope system are strong enough to tackle difficult camping conditions. Opt for a hardcore three season tent offering cold temperature resistance and that can withstand moisture levels. For summer & spring seasons, go for 2-season tents. They provide much warmth during nights as well as good airflow.

Best Waterproof Tents for Camping

So, which particular brand you should choose for your camping adventure? Here’s a roundup of the best waterproof tents for camping in 2019.

1. Teton Mountain Ultra

This one is my favorite. The 4.75 pounds Teton Mountain Ultra is another best waterproof tent for camping featuring a sleek look appropriate for backpackers looking for a minimalistic design. It is lightweight, portable, highly efficient and easy to assemble offering accommodation for 1-4 people. Its impressive slew of features include 4 different sizes, highly durable 66D Ripstop, PU coated nylon with a 3000mm rating, bathtub floor, and 150D Oxford polyester footprint and mesh construction for the inner layers. The highly durable tent offers great protection against harsh weather conditions. Additionally, the profound mesh top with waterproof rainfly featuring built-in cut away vents, add to its ability to provide good airflow for seamless camping.  https://tetonsports.com/product/mountain-ultra-2-tent-w-footprint/


·        Great waterproofing

·        Buying options include 4 sizes

·        Lightweight, portable and compact

·        Durable construction


The design does not include any windows;

Limited colors.


2. MSR Mutha Hubba NX Waterproof Tent

This 4 pound MSR water-resistant tent is Ultra-lightweight and perfectly portable, built to offer comfortable overnight stay for at least three people. The Mutha Hubba NX is a freestanding tent that is more spacious with a profound floorplan. It will allow you to manage your living area well and easily get access to stored stuff and doors. A quick assembly camping gear, this particular tent is equipped with stay dry doors, built in rain gutters, excellent waterproof features, and a cross-ventilating rain fly. Built with a canonical design, it boasts a unified hub, improved headroom and pole system with color-coded clips along with increased ventilation feature. A must-have for trekkers and hardcore travelers! https://www.rei.com/product/896095/msr-mutha-hubba-nx-3-person-tent-2018


·        Excellent waterproofing abilities

·        Sturdy construction and quick assembly

·        Lightweight, efficient and portable

·        Spacious rooms that accommodate up to three campers


·        A bit expensive

·        Does not include storage compartments



3. Coleman Sundome 6 Dome Waterproof Tent

I own this tent, it is roomy, perfect for 1-2 people with lots of stuff. I can set it up solo in 15 minutes.

Another best waterproof camping tent, 10 square foot, this 6-man waterproof gear is a highlight of Coleman’s colossal collection. Having won the Best Value badge of honor by GearHungry, this includes spacious accommodation for 4 campers featuring the brands popular WeatherTec System, welded & sturdily constructed 1000D PE floors, high-quality waterproof fabric and durable 1000D polyethylene. It also comes equipped with a discreet and secure zippered electrical access point along with a 59” center height. The tent weighing 1.36 kg is built to keep your space dry and offer good ventilation even with 3-4 people staying in for a great camping adventure. With its patented ventilation system designed with Cool-Air vented ports and Vari-Flo ventilation, you do not have to stress about any water leaks or soggy sleeping gear. https://www.coleman.com/sundome-6-person-dome-tent/2000024583.html


·        Zippered electrical port panel for plugging in devices for charging

·        Internal storage compartments

·        Strong welded floors and lightweight construction


·        Rain fly partially covered

·        Half meshed doors, not much privacy on 2 sides

East – West has mesh screen walls you can see through. North – South has full covering for privacy. I guess you can add the rain fly for privacy.



4. Eureka Copper Canyon

The Eureka Copper Canyon is a cool vertical cabin style tent that can accommodate up to 4 campers easily for a perfect family camping holiday. With a large 7 feet of tent height and 13 foot by 10-foot floor space for living, Zippered E! Power Port for internal electrical supply and Vertical calls organized for enhancing internal space, this is your go-to tent for a family camping trip. With a cabin style, the tent boasts all features found in a usual three season gear. Weighing 23lbs, it includes the Stormshield polyester fly for the roof cover, High-stash pockets to store belongings off the floor and overhead hammock-style mesh storage to easily access your stuff. Appropriate for novice campers, this quick assembly tent offers peaceful stay and living.


·        Features near-vertical walls that provide resistance & good space

·        A good height & floor area measurement

·        Durable construction with a steel frame


·        Weighs a lot heavy for backpacking

·        Does not include internal sections



5. Coleman Evanston Dome Waterproof Tent

Another great camping product by Coleman, this durably constructed tent includes enough living area to accommodate at least 6 people. Aside from its impressive patented Weather Tec system with welded floors and a rainfly that takes 15 minutes only for assembly, it boasts a bug-free lounge space. Weighing 20.9 pounds, it is great for beginners and experts alike. The meshed windows & doors, weather-proof cuffs that protect the zippers from getting wet and durable aluminum alloy poles help offer great ventilation and water resistance.


·        Expansive porch space

·        Quick assemble rainfly

·        Meshed windows for good ventilation

·        Patented Weather Tec system


·        Does not include features for inclemency



6. Amagoing 2-3 Person Tents for Camping Automatic Pop Up Waterproof Tent


7. TOMOUNT 8-Person Tent – Easy & Quick Setup Camping Tent, Professional Waterproof


8. Zenph Waterproof Pop Up Tent


9. HENGTONG Camp Tent 3-4 Person Family Tent Waterproof


10. Bravindew Waterproof Tent X-Large Instant 5-6 Person Pop Up Dome Tent


11. ALLBEYOND Ultralight 3 Season Waterproof Backpacking Tent


12. Bessport Camping Tent 2-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent Waterproof


13. Dream House Luxury Outdoor Waterproof Four Season Family Camping


14. BATTOP 3-4 Person Tent for Camping Double Layer Family Camping Tent


15. Victostar Instant Pop Up Family Camping Tent,Double Layer Waterproof


16. MIER 3 Person Camping Tent Lightweight Outdoor Backpacking Tent with Footprint, Waterproof


17. Qisan Large Dome Tent Camping Tent Waterproof


18. Hewolf Camping Tents 2-4 Person [Instant Tent] Waterproof


19. NTK Oregon GT 8 to 9 Person 10 by 12 Foot Outdoor Dome Family Camping Tent 100% Waterproof


20. Weanas Professional Backpacking Tent 2 3 4 Person 3 Season Weatherproof


21. Toogh 5-6 Person Camping Tent Waterproof Backpacking Tents


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