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27 Things to Never Do: Unwritten Rules of Camping Etiquette


1. Do not make a mess. You should follow the leave no trace rule. No one wants to clean up after you. Put everything back when you leave, and keep it tidy.


2. Do not keep your outside lights on all night. Be respectful of others who like to see the stars at night.


3. Do not let your Dog run free. Keep an eye on your pets at all times. Remember not everyone likes dogs so keep the pet on a leash.


4. Do not block the roadway longer than needed.


5. Never play music really loud. Respect Quiet Hours and keep tv and boombox sounds to a minimum.


6. Don’t Use Your Fire Pit as a Trash Can


7. Don’t Dig Trenches For Your Tent



8. Don’t Bring Your Own Firewood


9. Do not Park RV in the front. You should park in the back of a parking lot.


10. Never drive in the left lane unless you are passing. This is annoying and illegal in some states.


11. Do not arrive and setup after 10 pm at a campground. Otherwise, you are bothering other campers.


12. Do not smoke cigars near others as they are very stinky and annoying. You may not notice, but non-smokers can smell it 1000 feet away.


13. Do not park next to another camper if spots are available in other areas. Doing so is just creepy. Spread out and give everyone a buffer zone.


14. Never leave a campfire unattended. Put your fire out to prevent accidents.


15. Don’t cut through campsites.


16. Do not take your unburned firewood. You should leave extra wood for the next campers.


17. Don’t feed the wildlife. There many reasons for this like attracting rodents and making them rely on humans. Note that wild animals can get their own food just fine.


18. Do not let your Children run free. You need to supervise and control your children


19. Do not hike on your own path. You should stay on designated hiking trails


20. Never wash dishes in the bathroom


21. Do not connect sewer the wrong way.


22. Do not break the Campground Rules. You should read them on arrival and obey. Take special note of quiet hours.


23. Do not wander into other campers area. This is rude and annoying to others. Stay Off Occupied Campsites


24. Don’t overflow your space. You are given a specific region for a reason, so it is best not to go over your line.


25. Don’t wash RV at the campground.


26. Do not start a campfire without asking if there are rules or burn bans. Always ask if the campfire is allowed


27. Do not run your generator at all times of the day. Be respectful.




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