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21 Interesting Facts About RVs

1. 500k RVs are sold per year.


2. The search term RV has about 1.6 billion results in google.


3. The most popular place to visit is Yosemite National Park.


4. The most popular month to go Rving is April.


5. The most expensive RV costs $3 million.


6. The cheapest are under $10k.


7. The average RV payment is $600 per month.


8. Over 1 million people live in RV full time in the US.


9. The best selling type is travel trailers. Here is guide.


10. Rv owners drive 4500 miles per year on average.


11. RV owners use it 30 days per year on average.


12. Rvs can be financed over 20 years.


13. Most people bring their pets on trips.


14. There are 7k dealerships in the US.


15. Average age of RV owner is 49.


16. There are 9 million Rvs in the US.


17. Most Rvs are made in Elkhart, IN.


18. The name RV was created in the 1960’s.


19. The first RV like campers were made in 1910 called auto camping trailers, and they did not have bathrooms.


20. RV motorhomes depreciate in value every year. You can rent one for $200 per day plus expenses.


21. Downpayment is usually 20% but can be less.




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