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What are the parts of a Kayak?

Here are the most basic parts of a kayak:


        The topside of the kayak is called Deck, while the bottom piece is called Hull.

        The compartment from where you get in an out of kayak and control it is called cockpit.

        Inside the footwell there are adjustable strings to control the rudder for better tracking that are called Foot Braces.

        Coaming is the boat peak area at the edge of the cockpit.

        Thigh braces are the one that are present ton the cockpit and hug the thighs for better fit and easiness.

        Scupper holes are used to drain water that splash across the deck and prevent water to enter cockpit.

        The wall inside the kayak that prevent water from enter the storage compartment is called bulkhead.


        The are where all the luggage and gear is kept is called hatch, it can be on both front and rear part of kayak.


        To keep going on the straight line a tracking Rudder or skeg are used. These are adjustable drop-down and flip-down fins.


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