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13 Essential Wilderness Survival Items (Bug-Out Bag-BOB)

Okay, so we are going to take a look at survival kits this time around. But instead of slowly easing you into the topic with a look at the lower end, pansy kits (we’re looking at you, BOB), we are going to take you right to the top.

Yes, that’s correct. Today you are going to learn more than you probably expected to learn about the big daddy of them all – the INCH.

But first, let’s get past all the acronyms. A BOB is a Bug-Out Bag. It is what we would refer to as your entry-level survival kit.

That doesn’t mean it won’t do the job for you. In fact, a BOB will keep you alive for a little while until you run short on supplies and have to fight off the zombie apocalypse at your nearby Wal-Mart in order to restock and reload.


The INCH is your I’m Not Coming Home kit. Oddly enough, we are not making this up. Your INCH bag is exactly as it suggests. It is the survival kit you carry when going back home for anything is no longer an option. Because we like the sound of that idea, we are going to breakdown what you need to survive when you are hauling around an INCH.

The Stuff You Need To Stuff In Your INCH


Although this is the mother of all BOBs, you still need to have some basic items to compliment the more um, complex pieces of luggage. So, with that in mind, let’s take a detailed look at all the things that will make your INCH the envy of all the others you encounter in those abandoned buildings that everyone goes to, to scavenge or otherwise network and get acquainted.


1 – The Roof Over Your Head


Your top survival priority should be shelter. That is of course, provided you are not in need of immediate medical attention or your security is not being threatened by a band of outcasts. An 8×10-foot camo tarp along with a one to two person camo tent and synthetic-fill sleeping bag will get you comfy. Add a couple of space blankets and some 550 cord and you’ll be stylin.


2 – A Little Something To Scare Away The Scum Bags


Even if you have the moves of Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris or Jason Stratham – depending on your age – you can’t win a gun fight without a gun. Plus, a trusty little handgun under the pillow will keep you and those in your pack nice and secure. Don’t skip a short barreled shotgun if offered, some ammo a few knives and even bear spray as they all can be useful.


3 – Think Of It As Your Own Personal M*A*S*H Unit

You are simply nuts if you’ve left home without some form of first aid supplies. You don’t need enough to stock up a small pharmacy, but you do need a lot of supplies just in case the burning pharmacy you do encounter in your travels has already been picked clean. Imagine being alone somewhere tending to a wound and build your first aid kit accordingly. Here is a list of the top 5 Emergency Supplies Kits.


4 – Remember To Always Stay Hydrated


Water is the source of life. However, that rusty brown goop flowing in the streets or where a river used to be is probably not going to be all that tasty or good for your health. With a water filtration system and disinfection tablets you may be able to turn that gurgling brook into something that isn’t going to churn up your guts and make you sicker than a dog.


5 – You Can’t Think Straight On An Empty Stomach

Food. You are going to need food and basically anything you can chow down on that doesn’t require cooking is going to be your best bet. Ready-To-Eat foods such as MREs won’t fill up much of the space in your survival bag that could be used for other, more important things. Plus, you may end up having to cache food in secret places as you won’t be able to carry much.


6 – Sooner Or Later You Are Gonna Crave A Home-Cooked Meal


Since most everything that has wings or four legs that you can easily catch on your own tastes more or less like chicken, you may want to shake up your diet of jerky and packaged food to get some added protein into your system. But you can’t really eat a mouse raw. So, think of cooking over fire and pack the gear you’ll need to make that happen – including waterproof matches. Here is a how to start a fire guide.


7 – Can You Hear Me Now?

Okay, if you are wandering the streets dragging your INCH behind you, cell towers are probably not going to be functioning. However, with solar-powered and crank-powered technology, you’ll be able to at least get a weather report with a radio that covers the weather bands. Whistles and mirrors can also be used to communicate with one another when separated.


8 – Stuff To Catch Your Next Meal With

Eventually you are going to run out of food. Or you are going to run out of places to raid for food. Either way, you’ll have to start hunting for future meals and that means trapping supplies. If you carry a couple dozen pre-assembled snare traps with you, there is a good chance you’ll be able to score a few meals on your very own trap line. The extra traps are for back up.


9 – Here, Fishy, Fishy

One of the best things about moving water is that aside from all the garbage and toxic waste there could be some fish in there somewhere. Fish provide a great source of protein and are not so hard to catch or cook. Plus, hooks, line, lures, weights and other fishing gear won’t add too much weight to your INCH bag and will help you to keep your tummy full.


10 – A Guy Is A Nobody Without Some Tools

It’s not like you need to pack around your entire workshop because that would not only be impractical, it couldn’t be done even with the use of cartoon physics. However, you will still be useful in the wasteland if you have a few key tools with you. A multi-tool, hand saw, machete and hatchet will pretty much keep you in the game and show you have value.

More tools, lights, ponchos, evaporative hat, and cord are handy.


11 – Leave The Bikini And Shorts At Home

Your adventure calls for comfortable and durable clothing. Anything made with wool and synthetic fibers are going to be your best choices. Cotton underwear and socks are only going to last you so long but you may also stumble across a variety store somewhere that the raiders hit but for some reason left the clothing aisles mostly untouched. Good news for you.


12 – How Exactly Are Your Gardening Skills, Anyway?


Once you have all the above stashed into your INCH, you still need one more item. Seeds. You may be shaking your head in disbelief or nodding in agreement at this moment. Either way, if you happen to end up bunkered down somewhere for any length of time, it won’t hurt to start growing some of your own food. Seeds will give you that opportunity to do just that.


13 – Be Careful Who Your Friends Are

Assuming you are ducking and dodging your way either away from or into civilization following the nuclear detonation, you need to keep your wits about you. This means that you have to guard your INCH at all times. Don’t let that sweet hybrid of an android/girl try to convince you that both of you will make a great team. Be sure to have some way to identify your INCH.



So, What Do You Think Your Chances Of Survival Are Now?


There is no doubt that with your INCH, you stand a much better chance at making it through the nuclear winter than most. If you happen to find an uninhabited cave somewhere that you can establish as your home base, you’ll be well on your way to kick some zombie ass and have the strength to take on a few solo raids of your own. Just remember to keep your mind active.

Survival Item Cost in US dollars
Hand gun 400
Shotgun 600
Pepper spray 10
First aid kit 10
Clean water system 20
Dehydrated food 20
Fire starter 5
Radio 20
Trapping snare 10
Fishing hooks 5
Multitool 20
Seeds 5

A Few Final Words

Days. Nights. Happy. Sad. Cap’n Crunch. Frosted Flakes. You’re time out there is going to play a lot of tricks with you. Not only will your mind be getting a workout, so will your other senses. But at least with the essentials stuffed carefully – or haphazardly – in your INCH, you will be able to face whatever comes your way and either befriend it, defeat it or turn it into tonight’s dinner.

Whatever happens out there, you have our best wishes and guarantee that the list we have provided you here will be all you need in order to build the most bitchin BOB in existence. You’ll thank us after you fight off your first zombie raid.

Good luck out there.

Wilderness Survival Items

  1. Water bottle or hydration bladder
  2. Water purification tablets or filter
  3. Lightweight and durable backpack
  4. Map and compass
  5. Headlamp or flashlight
  6. Fire starter (matches, lighter, or fire starter kit)
  7. Knife or multi-tool
  8. First aid kit
  9. Emergency whistle
  10. Emergency shelter (such as a tarp or emergency blanket)
  11. Paracord or rope
  12. Duct tape
  13. Extra clothing layers (depending on climate and weather)
  14. Sun protection (such as hat and sunscreen)
  15. Insect repellent
  16. Bear spray (if in bear country)
  17. Food and snacks (such as energy bars, nuts, and jerky)
  18. Cooking equipment (such as a lightweight stove and pot)
  19. Eating utensils
  20. Water-resistant matches or lighter
  21. Signal mirror or signaling device
  22. Personal locator beacon or satellite messenger device
  23. GPS or smartphone or maps
  24. Solar or portable charger for electronic devices
  25. Emergency whistle or horn
  26. Water-resistant bags for storage
  27. Sun hat or bandana
  28. Extra socks and footwear
  29. Insect head net
  30. Sunglasses
  31. Basic fishing gear (such as a fishing line, hook, and bait)
  32. Water-resistant and windproof jacket
  33. Gloves or mittens
  34. Emergency cash or credit card.