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Do Pop-Up Campers Have AC?

Camping in the summer can be such a hot affair. While you want to enjoy the adventure of camping, you also want to have the luxury of cool that you can get at home. This need brings about the question of if pop-up campers have an air conditioner(AC) or not.


The answer to that question is No! Pop-up campers generally do not have air conditioning. Pop-up campers do not come with air conditioners because of their lack of insulation and small size. However, you can still get an air conditioner added to your pop-up.



Can I Get Air Conditioning In My Pop-Up Camper?

While most pop-ups do not come with air conditioning, you do not have to sacrifice for comfort. At a price, you can get an air conditioner for your pop-up camper. There are three types of air-conditioners that you can get for your pop-up.


The air-conditioners are:

Portable Air Conditioner

Window Air Conditioner

Rooftop Air Conditioner


Before you decide on any of these three types of cooling units, you need to know what makes each one great or not.  You also need to know the size of the air conditioner that your pop-up needs to stay cool.


Portable Air Conditioner

Portable Air Conditioners are stand-alone appliances that be placed anywhere in your pop-up camper. They resemble tall dehumidifiers and they usually contain a fan to help spread the air. Portable ACs are small, light, and easy to move around the camper. Their prices range from $150 to $600. These ACs units are notoriously loud though and you would have to keep it near a window because of the vents.


Window Air Conditioner

Window ACs are easy to install and mount. They also do not make as much as the portable air conditioners because the compressing and cooling components are outside. They are also easily plugged into a wall receptacle. It might, however, be a hassle to keep mounting and dismounting the air-conditioner as this AC needs to be uninstalled every time you are on the move.


Rooftop Air Conditioner

These air conditioners are the most popular types of ACs used in a pop-up camper. This AC is box sized and mounted on top of the pop-up camper. Rooftop air conditioners are strong and at the least, can cool 10 feet by 20 feet. The air-conditioners can be quieter than other types and you do not have to remove them when towing. However, these cooling units are more expensive, need to be professionally installed, and consume more energy than others.


What Size Of Air Conditioner Should I Get For My Pop-Up Camper?

You might have decided on the type of air-conditioner you want but might be unsure of the size you should get. The BTU needed to cool your pop-up camper determines the size of the air conditioner you need. BTU stands for British Thermal Units. You can easily calculate the needed BTU of your air conditioner by multiplying the square foot area of the camper by 40. The higher the BTU of an air-conditioner, the stronger and cooler it is.


Ensure you do not get an AC that too weak for your pop-up by calculating the needed BTU for the camper. Note that campers have little insulation so will be hard to keep cool.


Here is a chart showing models, btu, and prices:


Air-conditioner Model BTU, and price
ASA Electronics Roof Top 13k btu, $550
Advent Rooftop Air 15k btu, $650
Coleman Airxcel 13k btu, $750
LG Electronics window 6k, $220
GE Mechanical Air 5k btu, $140
Artic king 5k btu, $110
Toshiba 8k btu, $290
Frididaire 10k btu, $600



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