How Much Does A Pop-Up Camper Cost? (7 Examples of Popular Models)

A new pop-up camper will cost $13,000 on average, it can be anything from 5,000 to 20,000 dollars.


Here is a chart listing prices of some common models:

Camper model Price new
Coachman RV Clipper $8,000.00
Forest River Rockwood Premier $10,000.00
Forest River Rockwood Hardsides $10,000.00
Forest River Flagstaff High Wall $11,000.00
Coachman Clipper Classic $15,000.00
Jayco Jay Series $12,000.00
Forest River Flagstaff HS $14,000.00


You can get a used one that is 5 years old for about 50% off the cost of new.

You will also have to pay campground fees unless you find a free spot.


A pop-up camper is the most basic type of trailer. Therefore, they tend to be cheaper than a travel trailer or a motor home will be.


Depending on the features of your pop-up camper, the price keeps increasing. A pop-up camper with luxuries like heated mattresses or front desk storage is usually more expensive than the basic pop-up camper. There is also a difference in the prices of used and new pop-up campers. However, what is the average prices of pop-up campers?



The Average Price Of Pop-Up Campers

The two factors that determine the price of a pop-up camper is its newness and the features. Here are the average prices of pop-up campers based on its newness and features.

The New Basic Model

This pop-up camper’s features are usually a bed or beds, a small dinette, an icebox/mini-refrigerator, and some cooking appliances.


A New Larger Model

A large pop-up camper with features like a heater, air conditioner, outdoor shower, portable toilet, cable TV hookup or slide-out, and better cooking appliances than you would find in the basic model. The price range of this model usually ranges from $8,000 to $20,000. The more expensive ones have an indoor bath or shower stall with a furnace.



Used Pop-Up Campers

A used pop-up camper can serve you just as well as a brand new one, if it had been maintained well. Used pop-up campers cost about 20% to 75% less than the asking price of a new model with the same features and the price drops about 20% per year. The condition of the pop-up camper and the state of its attendant appliances determine the price at which the camper will be sold. You can fix up a used one.


Whether you buy a used or new pop-up camper, there are some basic features you should look out for in the pop-up camper.


The Basic Features Of A Good Pop-Up Camper

Some basic amenities should be found in a good pop-up camper before it can be considered good value for your money. These features are the basic things that your pop-up camper should be able to do.


Your pop-up camper should contain all that you would need for large group camping. If you elect for a basic model, you might have to bring in some amenities for your comfort. However, amenities like a bed should be contained in the pop-up camper you choose.


The pop-up camper should be able to fold down to tow. A pop-up camper that folds into a relatively small size is very desirable for the look and also the ease of towing and note how much it weighs.


Your pop-up camper should not take too long to set up. Anything within 15 minutes to an hour is acceptable. If it is your first time setting up a pop-up camper, it might take longer. However, as you use it more frequently, you will get conversant with it.