What Is The Best Time Of The Year To Buy An RV?

Are you interested in getting an RV and wondering what time of the year it would be better to go for it? Well, so many people are asking the same question.


The best of the year to buy an RV will be in the winter when demand is lower. The 2nd best time is when new models arrive when dealerships need new but now a year old vehicles to go so they lower the prices. The 3rd best time is around the holidays due to sale discounts and promotion.



Consider Buying In Winter

One of the best times of year to buy an RV is in winter. Why? You may ask. Consider this situation. Winter is finally over and spring is here.


Everyone wants to go camping and get out there, after the winter hibernation. You want to buy an RV but discover that the prices are high and the dealership is crowded. So you see, this may not be the best time for you to buy an RV.


You will feel a lot of relief and save money if you had got your RV some months earlier. Not only would you have got it for a lesser price, but it would also have been less stressful. During the spring, when camping is on the high side, the rush for campers and RVs is higher.


In turn, this demand leads to inflation in the price. With dealerships crowded, the attention you will receive will be less. And you know, if you want to get an RV, you will need to ask questions and check it out properly.


Getting an RV in winter sure comes with its challenges, though. You might need to store it up for some time, say a month plus, for it to get warm. But the advantages outrun the stress it might pose. First of all, you will get your RV for a fair enough price. In early winter or late fall, most people usually store their RVs while many decide to sell theirs. There’s usually a high rate of sale, and of course, this means a lesser price.


Consider Buying During The Holidays

Another time of year to buy an RV is during the holidays. Dealerships often have discounted sales during the holidays. You might want to take advantage of these holiday specials and save some bucks.

You can also get your RV during seasonal sales. Dealerships offer seasonal sales from time to time which may be worth the wait. If you don’t know when sales will be coming up, you can surf the net to find out or ask the dealership.


When A New Model Is Out

You can also buy your RV when a new model comes out. Usually, when a new model of a car is released, the previous model is put on sale. You may have eyes for the new models, but it may not be all that different from the previous one. If you want to buy an RV for a great price, keep an eye on the dealership to know when there’s a new model and they want to clear out old stock. That there is a new model does not imply that the previous one is outdated, it may just be a year old.









What is the best month to buy an RV?

December and January are the best months to buy an RV!

Fewer sales are being made so dealerships run promotions or offer discounts to clear out stock.

Discounts can be expected until mid-February.

Preparation and knowledge

If you’re looking for superb deals, preparation is a very important part of the process, therefore equip yourself with as much information as possible.

You can determine the value of your RV by looking it up within the blue book value for RV’s.

Don’t visit dealerships on weekends

Some dealerships tend to be much busier on weekends and so you might not get the service you desire.

By visiting your local dealership on weekdays, it can save you time and money; they might have reduced prices and even spend more time chatting about your dream RV, concerns, and more.

Most buyers today, visit dealerships and buy RV’s on weekends ensuring lower sales rate on weekdays.

Fuel costs

Most people tend to sell their used RV’s when fuel prices are high.

Higher fuel prices can feel like a burden, therefore make sure to browse through local online RV sites for the best deals and discounts.

The demand and supply of recreational vehicles increases, while demand for RV’s decreases.

RV Trade shows

Dealerships work on a monthly or yearly sales schedule and must meet their quota by the end of each month or year.

They host a trade show at the end of their sales season and in most cases, they sell the RV’s that was showcased, because transporting back to the dealerships can be very costly.

You can get great deals at these shows, but make sure to only communicate on buying, after the show – you’ll get a lot more discount.

RV season ends in the middle fall.