Can I Make Money Renting My RV?

Perhaps you’re thinking of renting your RV to make some extra cash but you are wondering if it will be worth the work.


You can make some good money renting out your RV. If you have a newer class c then you can make $10,000 per year renting it out during high season. You can also make more but you will lose loss of use and have some wear and tear.


Several of these RVs sit unused for months. So, it is a great idea to rent them out. You not only earn extraordinary money buy you also prolong the lifespan of the vehicles. Keeping a vehicle unused in one spot is not advisable if you want to last long.

Here are some suggestions for you to help you earn a lot of money from your rentals.


List Your RV With A Rental Marketplace.

Listing your RV with a rental marketplace will improve your visibility. If you are renting your RV by yourself, you may be more visible if you use a well-known rental service. You still have control over what happens with your RV.


You can set your price and determine your availability. You also have the chance to decide who rents your RV and who doesn’t. You just sit back and receive money in your bank account. There are several good rental services providers.


RVshare is a great rental marketplace. They are widely known and reputable for customer satisfaction.They provide 24/7 roadside assistance to every RV on their listing. Outdoorsy is another peer-to-peer rental company you can work with. Outdoorsy goes the extra mile to protect you and your vehicle and generally takes the worry off your shoulders.



You may choose to rent out your RV by yourself. This is not a bad idea either if you go about it well enough. Your visibility is very important if you want to earn a good amount from it. Let people know you’re into RV renting. If you want to do it for a long time or as a passion, you can get a website to improve your visibility and accessibility. You can post on craigslist.


Ensure Your RV Is In Good Shape

Ensuring that your RV is in good shape cannot be negotiated. If your RV is in good shape, its life span will be prolonged, no matter how often it is used. If it’s fragile, then it will soon pack up and won’t fetch you that extra cash.


A well-maintained RV will attract more renters because they feel safe and secure knowing your vehicle is up and running. If you plan to rent your RV for a long time or frequently, you should schedule a timely checkup for it. Reputation matters.


Renting your RV will help you cover some ownership costs such as storage, upgrade, and maintenance. The money realized from this endeavor can go into taking care of your expenses, at least to an extent. Some RV owners earn more than $10,000. Some even earn up to $30,000 or more for bigger rigs.


Start marketing:

The task doesn’t end with listing out your RV online. You have to make some efforts to capture the audience attention towards your business. As soon as you are done with the listing, you should start promoting your RV on some social media channels as well. The most preferred options are Facebook, Twitter, email, and Instagram, etc. Also, prefer to tell your friends and relatives about your idea. Motivate them to spread awareness about your RV among their friends. Word of mouth marketing can bring more people to your platform.

Why consider renting your RV?

There are so many reasons people prefer to rent out RV; below we have listed a few of them:

Making extra money:

The biggest reason to rent out your RV is to make some extra income. After all, you have invested a great amount on buying your RV and if there is some way to make money out of it, why not give it a try.

Aiding maintenance:

When you consider RV rental, you have to be ready to bear its wear and tear. But the great news is that money earned through rental can easily support you for maintenance needs. It is probably one of the biggest reasons people consider a rental option. If you do not rent your RV and it stays in the garage all the time, in that case, also you have to spend on routine maintenance. So, why not look for a beneficial option?

RV upgrade:

Many people love upgrading their RV with some latest features. Well, the income earned from rental can be easily used for upgrading your travel vehicle.



With these tips, you sure can make rent your RV and make good money from it. The question now should be, would you want to?