Do You Need a Special License to drive an RV?


RVing is fun and becoming a popular way to travel or go camping. Most people are picking interest in RVing and some people are looking forward to having their first experience with it. However, the thought of being restricted on the road can deter some people from achieving this dream.


You need a special license to drive a RV in some cases, it depends on the place, size, and situation.


What Is A Special License?

Special licenses can either be commercial or non-commercial. In some states, you can use your RV over a specified length or weight with a non-commercial license. In some states, you will be required to have a commercial driver’s license, [CDL], meant for heavy-duty and large vehicles.


Requirements for RV Driver License

There are some requirements you need to fulfill to get an RV driver’s license. All the requirements explored here vary from state to state.


The Weight Of Your RV

The weight of the vehicle will determine if you will need a license or not. If your vehicle weighs 26,000 pounds and below, you do not need any special license. However, if your rig weighs higher, you definitely will need a special license. For people who are seeking to buy an RV, do well to consider its weight and length before making any serious commitment. If you’re renting an RV, you have the choice to explore your chances before making any serious commitment.


Your State

Not all states require an RV license. In the following states, you will need a special license:



Washington, D.C.






North Carolina




In some states, you will need a commercial driver’s license, (CDL), to drive your RV around. These states are:

New York



South Carolina






You should note that the states listed here have different laws regarding weight and length, and even license classes.

In some countries, if you’re driving the RV for your personal use, and not as a chauffeur or a guide, a regular driving license can have you covered.


To avoid getting into trouble with the law, you can decide to use a small RV. Smaller ones are not likely to require licenses other than the regular driver’s license. In some situations where you do not need to meet any RV license requirement, some circumstances can warrant you to get one.


Before driving your RV, make sure to check your state’s laws to be on a safe side. In the US, basic rules and regulations guiding the use of commercial heavy vehicle licenses are the responsibility of the federal agency called FMCSA. You should check the website for ample information on your state’s rules and laws for using an RV before hitting the road. Where you cannot get this, you can ask your state’s policemen who can give you the right information.


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