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How Long Does an RV Last?

If you are conscious of the need to make smart choices in investment, then you will want to know how long a big vehicle, like an RV, will last. You might be planning to get an RV for yourself or rent one. A lot of considerations will go into it.


On average, an RV lasts for fifteen years or 200k miles whichever is first. Some only last 5 and others last for thirty years depending on usage and care. The RVs that can last for decades, if well maintained, is the Airstream campers.


Factors that determine the lifespan of an RV

It is difficult to say, categorically, the lifespan of an RV because several factors go into determining it.


How well the RV is maintained will determine how long it will last. The RV is a combination of several parts that work in harmony. To prolong the lifespan of the whole vehicle, you have to maintain every part of it.


The Engine: Maintaining your engine is paramount in caring for your RV. Once you acquire your RV, seek out a trustworthy and reputable mechanic. With his professional advice, both of you can work out a maintenance plan that will suit your RV. You should always keep to your maintenance schedule and get the vehicle serviced promptly. As typical with vehicles, when any issue arises, do well to address it on time. Overlooking a minor issue can make it worse.

If you’re a gifted mechanic or good with vehicles, you can decide not to enlist the service of a mechanic and take care of your vehicle yourself. Also how demanding was driving, constant mountain climbs will shorten life.


Roof: The roof is susceptible to leaks, although, RVs come with a white protective coating to protect it from UV rays. Fixing leaks as quickly as they occur will prevent permanent damage and prolong its lifespan.


If you are considering buying an RV, look for the ones that come with a roof warranty. Some roof warranties span up to fifteen years.

It is advisable to carry out roof maintenance once or twice yearly. This maintenance is although flexible, but it still depends on the kind of material your RV roof is made of – it can be rubber, fiberglass, or metal. The RV roof is somewhat delicate. When cleaning it, avoid excessive scrubbing and harsh chemicals.


Tires: Keep a watchful eye on your tires. Maintain tire pressure and take note of tear. Be sure to get new ones every 5 years or sooner if tread is low.


Battery: If the battery temperature is low, its performance will reduce but it will last longer. On the other hand, if the temperature is high, the lifespan reduces but its storage capacity will increase. Knowing this difference helps you handle your battery better. It is a good idea to replace them every 4 years.

Overcharging or undercharging can result in the sulfating of lead-acid in the battery.


Other Parts to take note of are the windows, upholstery, air-conditioners, etc. The inside will get torn up faster than the exterior.



If the engine of your RV is tired, you can change it. A good engine can smart up an old RV. Generally, your RV will last longer if you consciously care about it.

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