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How can I reduce my backpack weight?

Packing light is a skill that one gains over time and through experience. If you are new to traveling, you’ll be tempted to pack extra stuff that might not be needed at all but just because you have no prior experience of backpacking, what to take along and what things to leave behind may become a difficult decision to take.


Planning to go for backpacking in the near future?


Here are a few good tips that will help you keep the weight light, making traveling easier, comfortable and fun:


1.    Limited Wardrobe

As much as you would love to carry extra pairs of everything, DO NOT do so while backpacking. The trick is to remember that you have a small bag with limited space and it needs to be filled with things that are important without increasing the weight of it. A pair of t-shirt and trouser is good enough to make you last for a few days. Yes, you can definitely carry an extra pair of socks with you in case the traveling gets wet on the way.



2.    Light weight Sleeping bags

To maintain the level of energy and enthusiasm, one needs to get proper amount of sleep every night even while traveling. Thanks to the advancement in technology and science, now you can easily get hold of sleeping bags that are foldable, super light in weight and most importantly, well insulated. So rather than carrying a heavier bag on your shoulder, buy a sleeping bag that is light in weight.



3.    No boots

Boots may come useful for traveling but are extremely heavy to carry while backpacking. Instead, use trail runners which are easier to carry, are highly comfortable and easy to wear.



4.    Carry no dishes

Using cups, glasses and plates is a great idea when going on a family camping trip. But when traveling alone, it is much more feasible to eat right out of your pot and through it away. You can either carry canned food or a small pot for cooking which can also be used as a plate.



5.    Water bottles

Carrying huge water bottles will only weigh you down. When going on backpacking, do a little research and plan ahead. If you’re traveling to place with streams and lakes, carry only that much of water which will help you reach to the point and then re-fill.



6.    No gadgets or heavy electronic items

As much as you would be tempted to carry a fancy DSLR or tabs, these will only put a burden on your shoulders. If you wish to capture the beauty of the places you visit, your cellphone can do a pretty decent job as well. Carrying expensive items will not only keep you on guard 24×7, ruining all the fun but also stop you from climbing high mountains and enjoy trekking due to the heavy weight.


A traveler who wishes to enjoy backpacking to the fullest, packing a bag intelligently is definitely the key to wholesome adventure and fun.

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