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How do you pack a backpack for camping?

Experienced travelers or campers are quick at packing their backs because they have everything ready with them. If you’re planning a hiking trip for the very first time:


Here is how do you need to pack a backpack for it so that you have everything important placed inside it:


·         Manage the layers intelligently

A backpack can swallow a great deal of items if packed intelligently. To position all your things perfectly inside it, one needs to understand the basic layers of backpack. Firstly there is this “bottom zone” that should be used for packing bulky items such as tents, sleeping bags and hiking gears. You can either strap in the bags outside of the bag or place them within the inner pocket of the bag.


Than comes the “core zone” which can be used for positioning heavier items such as water bottles, food cans and some extra clothing. by placing heavier items in the center stabilizes the bag, making it easier to carry around. But remember, before you place your water bottles inside the backpack, check for the caps and tighten them if you wish to keep your things safe and dry.


Next it is time to pack your jackets, hoods and toiletries. Because these weigh less, place them on them, also making them easy accessible.


Rather than carrying bigger supplies of toothpaste and sunscreen, squeeze a little in disposal bags that are smaller in size and easy to place inside the accessories pocket. From your headphones to pills, pack smaller items in the accessory pocket so that they are easy to reach out.


Can’t find a place to fit in your gears and climbing poles? Use the external straps and loops for the purpose. Just strap in your gear and get ready to move forward.



·         A Tricky Skill to Learn

If you’re planning to go for camping on your own, you won’t have am access to a car trunk that could easily be filled with supplies that would last up to a few days. All you have is a backpack thrown over your shoulders carrying all the essentials.


Before start filling the bag with stuff, make a complete list of what things you wish to carry and in what quantity. This will allow you to manage things properly and pack in a better way. The idea is to stuff the backpack so much only that it is easy to carry around and doesn’t way you down!


Setting up a tent under the open, blue sky and searching the surrounding for food, camping is all about enjoying the wilderness and learning the skills to survive through the night.

The idea of making your open campfire and roasting hunted meat over it definitely seem a fun one, but planning a trip down the wild is not as easy as it sounds. Miss packing out on one essential item in your backpack and survival can become a question for you.

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