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How To Cook On Campfire?

One of the most amazing parts of a campfire trip is burning woods in the fire ring and gather around with your friends and family. People love to enjoy delicious campfire cooked meal; the fact is that it uses to have much better aroma as compared to the food cooked on modern age cooking equipment.

Some of you might have created several memories of campfire made toasted marshmallows after a long, tiring hiking day. We must say that a campfire arrangement makes camping tour more awesome.

There is no doubt to say that humans are using fire for cooking their food from millions of years. It is a natural way of cooking, and the most amazing part is to eat delicious food while sitting around the fire ring. Some of you may even love to read in the light of campfire, and others love to sing and dance around.

Every beginner on the camping tour can cook on campfire safely and easily with tips below:

Choose the right gear:

Once you are ready with the fire ring and have arranged the woods inside, it is time to choose the right kind of utensils for cooking. Experts advise using utensils that are designed to serve the outdoor cooking needs. At the same time, an additional layer of protection must be added by using heavy-duty leather gloves. A nice pair of sturdy and close-toed shows is also necessary.

Select the right cooking method:

You may find several ways to cook delicious food over a campfire, and the selection may usually vary as per your specific food choices. In case if you are interested in roasting some hot dogs and marshmallows, it is better to start with old fashioned skewer cooking activity. Those who are more interested in enjoying a barbecue can use metal grill grate on the flames. Some people prefer to use Dutch ovens to enjoy long term stationary camping.

Decide your recipes:

Campfire cooking is quite different as compared to home-based modern cooking. Foods that have an ability to create drippy fat such as steak bacon and dusk breast may cause some flare-ups; hence, they must be avoided. The Dutch ovens are more suitable for frying food during campfire.

Safety from danger zone:

It is not always possible to have a good freezing arrangement for your poultry or raw meat during camping. It is important to keep the food in some ice package until the grill time so that some harmful bacteria couldn’t grow in it. This arrangement is more important between the temperature ranges of 40 to 140-degree Fahrenheit.

Once you are done with cooking, make sure you pack the leftovers carefully and do not leave the unwanted things behind to harm the beauty of nature. Allow your kids to provide some help in cleaning so that they can also learn good habits.

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