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What food should I bring camping?

Comfort food that is easy to prepare, easy to eat and wholesome is what should be carried along while camping out. Because you cannot pack a stove and cutlery along with plates and napkins in your backpack, taking traditional food along is definitely not a good idea.


Camping is all about hunting in the wild for food, gathering wood for campfire and roasting marshmallows or meat over it. You wouldn’t want to spend hours only on setting up a stove and cooking family meals rather munch down quick bites and move ahead to enjoy the beauty around.


For people who have no experience and wish to step out for the very first time on a camping trip, here are 7 items that you should bring along:


1.    Flat bread

Easy to slip into a backpack, flatbreads can easily be paired up with anything and everything. Put on some mince and ketchup, roll it up and enjoy a hearty meal. And the best part is, it will keep you energized all day long, giving you the push to walk miles down the depths of forests and have fun! And even better is that there are no worries of flatbread getting spoiled, so easy storage and quick preparation time is what makes it a great camp food for now.


2.    Dehydrated and tin food

You may think these processed and packed food miss out on the flavor point, but to one’s shock, there are a few brands out there which actually offer great taste. These half prepared meals are easy to pack, wouldn’t spoil no matter what the temperature is and best of all, will cook within a few minutes. Just open up the pack, through it on the campfire and enjoy!

Dehydrated food is nothing but the fruits and vegetables which are dried out completely and stored without moisture in it. These kinds of food will have no problem with leakage, spoilage, and other stored food issues. They also maintain the energy level of your body and strength. If you are going for two-day camping, this choice will help you out.


3.    Nuts and Bars

A lot of walking down the rugged trails can make you lose energy. If you think you need a quick energy boost and do not have time to sit and cook something for yourself, nuts and energy bars will help you keep going. Unlike chocolates, these things do not melt away so whenever you feel hungry, just grab a handful of nuts and munch while walking in serenity.

Nuts are the best snacks that could give you the energy that of a whole meal when taken in right ratio and variety. People even in the army camps are even served with nuts and dry fruits when they don’t have time for a meal during a war.


4.    S’mores

Going out for camping and not taking s’mores along? A sinful act indeed! Roasting marshmallows over the campfire, sandwiching it between biscuits and some chocolate adds much more fun to your whole camping experience.


5.    Tea bags and coffee

If your morning is incomplete without a cup of hot tea or coffee, slipping in some tea bags and instant coffee is something that you would want to consider.


6.    Eggs and rice

Boil some water, through in your eggs and rice, and voila! Your meal is ready. These food items do not take much space but yes, while packing eggs in your backpack, you need to be careful so they do not break on the way.


7. Beef and Turkey Jerky

While camping out, it does not necessarily mean you cannot enjoy meals and foods. Just remember to take food that is easy to slip inside the backpack, wouldn’t spoil the whole time and most importantly will cook within minutes.

8. Instant Food

There are plenty of instant foods available today. They also don’t need any kind of preparation before intake. Just add a cup of hot water, that’s all that you will need. If you are a lover of noodles or cheese, sitting with any of these of your choice and enjoying the camp can make the moment, the happiest of your lifetime. These are different from pre-prepared foods, scroll down to see what are they.


Bring lots of water and some survival items as well like knife, firestarter, etc.

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