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What size backpack do I need?

When planning a trip to the mountains or the deep wilderness of nature, carrying the right accessories and supplies becomes crucial. From water supply to food, from clothing to medicines, you need anything and everything in your backpack to survive through the trip.


But then the question arises, what kind of a bag do I need to buy?


The size of the bag? The fabric? Should it be big or a small one?


Here are the sizes of backpacks of varying types that will need depending on the length of activity:


1.    DayPacks

These bags are designed for climbers and hikers who wish to keep on the move all the time. The bag has ample space to fit in all your essential items especially a tent and a sleeping bag so you do not have difficulty in sleeping under the bright stars at night.


These bags come in a variety of sizes but all are good enough to accommodate supplies that would easily last up to a few days. The bag is pretty much light in weight and with pockets and loops created in a way, making everything thing easily accessible.


2.    Multi-day Backpacks

If you’re planning a trip that will last for a few days over the week then this is one bag that you would want to have. It has ample space both inside and outside to hold essential items including food, tent and sleeping bags. The supplies it can carry will allow you to survive through the longest of days and coldest of nights pretty easily.

Even with all the goods it can hold, this bag is super light in weight and easy to carry around on, without straining your back.


3.    Expedition Backpack

Are you a professional mountaineer? If yes than the expedition backpack is your thing. This can hold a huge supply of food, water and gear, making your climb up the mountains worth it!


The size of backpacks is measured in two ways. The first way to measure the volume liters or cubic inches, reflecting how much weight can the bag hold within. The second way is to go by the measurements of height, length and width, giving you a closer look at what things can easily fit inside it.


An important point to remember while purchasing a backpack for your trip is to consider the length of your vacation and the destination of course. If you’re traveling to place with little human interaction for a week than you’ll definitely want to carry extra supplies of everything ranging from food to clothing with you for which you’ll surely need a bigger and spacious backpack.

Comparison chart:

Backpack Size Weight Packed
Daypack 15 lbs
Multi day pack 25 lbs
Expedition Backpack 40 lbs

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