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Where do you put a tent on a backpack?

As much as the idea of backpacking seen fun, preparing for it is definitely a tricky task to complete. You have a bag with limited space inside and a huge list of items to be placed inside. What to take and what to leave behind? The decision surely a tough one!

Backpacking is all about roaming around your favorite place like a free spirit. You might meet up groups on the way, but most of the time you are own your won. You have no definite place to stay and at times, camping in the open may seem the best of available options.

So what things should you take along on backpacking? Here are few things that shouldn’t be missed out:


1.    Sleeping bag

2.    Tent

3.    A few extra pairs of clothing

4.    Universal travel charger

5.    Canned food, beef jerky, water


These are just a few of the important items that you should ensure is packed in your bag. And because at times you’d want to camp out in the wild, under the dark sky filled with bright stars, a sleeping bag and a tent are necessary items to carry along.


But how can you carry a huge tent inside such a small bag? The trick is to intelligently position and pack everything. And because you wouldn’t want to miss out on your tent, where should it actually be packed? Here are a few things that you need to consider first.


·         The size of the bag

If you are going for hiking or climbing mountains, a tent is a must have in your bag. This is why choose a bag with a bigger internal frame which give you more space to position the tent inside the bag along with other essentials.



·         External positioning

You wouldn’t want to strain your spine by carrying way too much load on your back. This is why it is important to distribute weight around the bag and back equally. If you’re carrying a tent and sleeping bag, the idea is to strap them in vertically. Place the sleeping bag on the top and roll the tent and strap it in the bottom or in the middle, distributing the wright equally along your back.



·         Making a smaller fold

Lay the tent on the floor and roll it in. fold it and place it inside a plastic carrier and then either place it inside your bag or strap it outside conveniently. Roll and fold it in a way that it takes up less space, leaving behind room for positioning other important items.


Well if you’re planning to go backpacking, purchase a tent that will fit your inside easily yet is super light in weight. You do not want to carry it in your hands or put extra pressure on your shoulders. Simply roll it, tightly wrap it inside a plastic carrier and strap it to your bag the way you find it comfortable. A tent will surely keep you safe during travel so do not miss it out!

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