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How do I get to Yosemite?

The best feature of Yosemite camping grounds is that it is economical. You can bring you how family for the adventure without worrying about the money.

How to get to Entrance to the Yosemite National Park:

Yosemite National park is a beautiful and alluring place with its countless captivating sites. It doesn’t matter if you are out camping for a week or just a single night.

Yosemite camping grounds are the best to provide you with the solitude and bliss you looking for. It will make your trip a memorable one. There are four major routes for entering Yosemite grounds. If you’re coming from the west side then taking Highway 140 should be the best route.

Highway 395 leads to Yosemite grounds from the Eastside, while Highway 41 from the South and Highway 132 via North. All these roads lead to the same destination. The main arrival point will be the Yosemite village, which is in the western part of the national park. 


Routes in Winter:

Due to snowfall in winter, some roads get blocked and unable to drive on. Therefore, you should contact the Yosemite office for the details. The Eastern route via Highway 395 is the longest route. Because of the single arrival point on the western side, you’d have to travel more distance if you’re coming from the Eastside.

In winter this road might get blocked due to heavy snowfall. So, make sure to confirm your route before leaving for the Yosemite camping grounds. Yosemite Camping grounds are open 24/7. You can contact us anytime you want.


Bring a Map with you:

Though Yosemite staff and management is always at your service, bringing your own map will surely help you. There are times when you get confused which is quite common in the deep forests. So, if you are equipped with the right equipment and have a compass and a map with you, you will never be lost. It will make your hiking much more interesting! 




Life is full of surprises. It never really goes according to your expectations. Different events happen and bring us Joy, sorrow, anxiety and bliss. It is the cycle of life. It is up to us whether we take our life for granted and waste it all up, or make the little moments count and live as lively and energetically as we can!

The best way to enjoy life is by engulfing your mind and soul into nature. It is one of the most pleasing and comforting methods. Camping is very beneficial for you and has many positive physiological effects. It can increase the efficiency of your mind, enhance your concentration and focus and also increase your coronary health. It has countless advantages on your mind and body.

Yosemite National park is the best choice for relaxing camping and backpacking trips. It has so many soothing places where you can make beautiful memories with your family. Yosemite ground is filled with captivating vistas and mountain views. It also has a wide range of natural habitats which will develop your interest.

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