How Do You Build A Warmth Fire?

Probably you love hiking or prefer to go out on camping tour with friends; that is why you are interested to know the best ways to build warmth fire outdoor. Well, it is always dangerous to face cold during a camping tour; one should learn the best ways to stay protected from adverse weather to keep everyone safe at the site.

In the cold weather, fire creates the major difference between life and death. It does not just provide you heat; at the same time, it allows you to cook something for survival. But not all people are equally experienced to build warm fires.

So, before you move out for the next camping tour, it is good to learn few tips and tricks to build a warm fire. Below we have highlighted few such tips to make your camping tour more memorable:

Here is how to build a warmth fire:

Use hardwood:

Well, it is high time to understand that some woods burn better than others and create more warmth. Also, when it is a matter of survival, you are not always left with a luxury to choose best type of wood; however, it is good to make efforts to pick the best one. Experts advise using hardwood such as oak and hickory to build a fire. These woods have ability to produce more heat, and at the same time, they burn for a longer time.

Build a long fire:

Instead of creating a traditional circular fire arrangement, it is better to create an oval or rectangle-shaped fire pit. It will help you sleep close to the fire so that you can keep your body warm for longer hours. At the same time, you need not make more efforts to break the firewood. But the only trouble with this arrangement is that it demands more firewood; it means, you need to make efforts to collect much of it.

Create a heat reflector:

Fire can lead heat in all directions, but there are few members on the campsite, chances are that you will sit towards one or two sides only and the heat on other sides will waste. In such situations, it is better to create heat reflectors, and it can be done by simply stacking up logs or rocks up to 2-3 feet from the fire pit. It will automatically reflect heat towards your side. It is the best way to save the heat that will be otherwise lost.

Second heat reflector:

It is good to make another heat reflector behind you so that it can reflect the heat that may otherwise be lost bypassing you. In case if the camping site has some natural stone or wall around, it is good to build a fire at a distance of 5 to 6 feet from it and sit in front of the wall so that you can feel warmth from backside as well. The natural wall will work like natural heat reflector.