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How Do You Grill Over A Campfire?

There is nothing more amazing than enjoying grilled food during a camping tour. But how to cook them on an open fire; especially when you don’t even have kitchen specific arrangement. Well, you need to know the tricks and tactics that people used during ancient times.

We understand that one cannot create a complete kitchen set up at the camping site. We have limited resources and need to make maximum out of those. But if you know some simple tricks from experts, it is possible to serve delicious grilled recipes to the family and friends on the site.

All that you need to execute this task is steaks, camping grill, sturdy and long tongs, leather gloves, salt, and pepper.

Tips to grill over a campfire:

You might have a better idea about the best shop to get beef in your area. Pack it in the ice bags when you are moving out for camping site; make sure it can be saved from attack of bacteria. In order to get best flavor, experts advise buying antibiotic-free, hormone-free, grass-finished, and grass raised beef. It will ensure best experience for the entire team on the camping site.

When you reach the camping site, search for the most appropriate location to build a fire. You may find an already build fire ring or make efforts to create your own at most preferred location.

Make sure it is built over sandy land, and the area is free from debris, falling branches, and fast blowing wind. These conditions create a favorable environment for safe campfire. Create a secure fire ring as per the size of the group on the camping site.

Now put your steak on the grill and allow it to heat for some time. Prefer to wear good quality gloves while grilling so that you can save them from excessive heat. There are two common methods to grill on woodfire. Either you hold the steak in one direction as long as it achieves the desired color and gets fully grilled from that side.

Another option is to keep both sides rotating time and again and let them acquire the desired golden brown color with time. Experts advise to wait for 4 to 5 minutes on each side, and it will deliver the best taste.

There is no doubt to say that wood grilling leads to the best taste in all recipes with the unique aroma and real flavor. Whether you cook vegetables, bread or meats; the campfire arrangements will always be memorable in terms of delicious food and loads of fun. Moreover, it is not that time consuming as gas grilling stations.

Experts advise using seasoned hardwood like hickory, ash or walnut to build a fire within the ring. You can easily find variety of camping grills in the market; they are small in size, and you will find them easier to carry to the outdoor adventure tour. The lightweight, stainless steel designs are the best option.

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