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How Do You Roast Hot Dogs Over A Campfire?

Whenever you move out for some camping trip, cooking becomes the most amazing experience. Campfire cooking can make your outdoor adventure tour full of fun and happiness; especially when you eat your campfire roasted hot dogs.

There are so many ways to cook hot dogs; you can roast them on a stick, put them on the grill gate, add into the pan, or take help from a roasting basket. Just carry your buns on your tour along with basic condiments that can help you get desired taste. Here we are going to talk about roasting hotdogs on the open flames of the campfire.

Make sure that the meat is kept at a cold place before you begin cooking. Never forget to carry roasting sticks on your tour along with other essential ingredients. You should buy some extra since a few few may get burned or fall into the fire.

Now follow these simple steps to cook your delicious hotdogs over a campfire:

Step 1: First of all, collect some dry wood from the camping site and put it inside the fire ring. You need to remove unwanted debris and foliage from the area to ensure controlled burning. In case if you are not able to dig the ground to a sufficient level, it is good to use some rocks and bricks to provide a shield from wind. Arrange the dry wood in the middle of the pit and light the fire.

Step 2: pocket-like stuff the meat into hot dogs; you need to slice the hot dogs from the middle. Create a pocket-like opening through which you can add all the ingredient.

Step 3: It is time to place the hotdogs on the sticks or the skewers. The meat must be pressed very well so that it doesn’t fall on the woods below. Make sure you are not going to lose some of your hot dogs due to wrong handling on the fire.

Step 4: Now start cooking your hot dogs on the fire and keep the stick rotating from time to time. It is important to ensure even burning of the hot dog. Note that, hot dogs usually come in pre-cooked form, so there is no need to cook them for longer duration; just four to five minutes are enough. As soon as the hot dog achieves brown color and starts creating some bubbles, the roasting task is over. Make sure you wear gloves while roasting your hot dogs to avoid burning your hands.

Step 5: Take the hot dogs out of the flames now and use a fork or knife to slide them out from the stick. In case if you are carrying a bun, place the hot dog inside that. People love to serve them with some delicious toppings of condiments. The mustard and ketchup can lead to the most delicious taste.

Never ever leave your fire unattended while roasting hotdogs; they may get burnt or lose the actual taste. Continuous movement is necessary to ensure even cooking. Once you are done with the food, extinguish the fire using water.

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